The 615C Series II Elevating Scraper is a versatile, fast machine with a two-speed elevator drive and high hydraulic horsepower for maximum hauling and loading performance.

Flywheel Power: Tractor/Scraper 197 kW (265 hp)
Tractor Engine Cat® 3306
Net Power - Gears 1 - 2 265 hp
Net Power - Gears 3-8 265 hp
Gross Power - Gears 1 - 2 279 hp
Bore 4.75 in
Stroke 6 in
Displacement 638 in3
Net Power 265 hp

Scraper Bowl
Scraper Capacity: Heaped 17 yd3
Rated Load 40800 lb
Capacity Struck 14 yd3
Depth of Cut - max 15.8 in
Width of Cut, to Router Bits 9.5 in
Ground Clearance - max 17.3 in
Depth of Spread - max 16.3 in

Top Speed (Loaded) 27.6 mph
1 Forward 2.2 mph
2 Forward 3.6 mph
3 Forward 6.2 mph
4 Forward 10.2 mph
5 Forward 17.5 mph
6 Forward 27.6 mph

Total Operating - empty 56450 lb
Front Axle 37250 lb
Rear Axle 19200 lb
Total Operating - loaded 97250 lb
Front Axle Weight - loaded 50010 lb
Rear Axle Weight - loaded 47240 lb

Length - overall 146.5 in
Width of Flight Face 6.89 in
Length of Flights 77.7 in
Spacing of Flights 16.22 in
Number of Flights 18

Height - Overall Shipping 141.3 in
Length - Overall Machine 457 in
Width - Overall Machine 120 in
Height - Top of Cab 127 in
Height - Scraper Blade Maximum 19.5 in
Width - Inside of Bowl 103 in
Width - rear tire center lines 83.25 in
Width - Outside Rear Tires 120 in
Front of Tractor to Front Axle 116.75 in
Wheelbase 274.75 in
Rear Axle to Rear of Machine 55.9 in

Width - 180° Turn 31.5 ft
Steering Angle - Right 90 Degrees
Steering Angle - Left 85 Degrees
Hydraulic Output 50.99 gal/min

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 105 gal
Crankcase 6 gal
Transmission 9.5 gal
Differential 16 gal
Final Drive (each side) 16 gal
Cooling System 17 gal
Hydraulic Reservoir 42 gal

Bowl Cylinder Bore 5 in
Bowl Cylinder Stroke 22.6 in
Floor Cylinder Bore 5.5 in
Floor Cylinder Stroke 26.8 in
Ejector Cylinder Bore 4.3 in
Ejector Cylinder Stroke 43 in
Steering Circuit 51 gal/min
Scraper Circuit 36 gal/min
Relief Valve - Steering Circuit 1000.76 psi
Compensator Settings - Elevator Circuit 1000.76 psi

Brakes Meets SAE J1473 & ISO 3450 stds

Caterpillar 3306 Engine
The Caterpillar 3306 engine is field-proven for maximum reliability, durability and economy.

The Caterpillar 3306 engine has a four stroke cycle design for long, effective power strokes and more complete fuel consumption.

The planetary power shift transmission has single-lever, on-the-go shifting for easy selection of the optimum speed range throughout the work cycle.

Elevator Mechanism/Bowl
The elevator mechanism/bowl is used in general earthmoving applications to finish work with work-alone capability.

The two-speed elevator drive and high hydraulic horsepower provide maximum loading performance over a wide range of material conditions.

Elevator Flights
Elevator flights break up the material during the loading and unloading process making the fill area workload reduced.

Material Ejection
Retracting floor, bulldozer ejector and reversible elevator provide clean, quick material ejection.

Bowl Design
The low-profile bowl design lets loaded material flow to the rear of the bowl letting the new material enter with less resistance.

Cutting Edge
The wide cutting edge allows a large volume of material to enter the bowl.

The angled top plate on ejector helps retain loads for maximum productivity and minimum haul road spillage.

Durability and Reliability
The retractable floor is a roller mounted design that reduces the chance of binding.

Segmented elevator drive sprockets allow exchange without removing the chain.

Cutting Edges
Caterpillar cutting edges help you match the machine to job requirements.

Reversibility extends the life and lowers your G.E.T. cost.

Operator's Compartment
Logical, convenient control placement and exceptional operator comfort promote fast, confident machine operation for top productivity.

The cutting edge enhances finish work capability and overall loading and dumping effectiveness.

The multi-adjustable seat with air/hydraulic suspension offers shift-long comfort.

Steering Wheel
The tilt/telescopic steering wheel enhances operational comfort and allows easier entrance and exit.

The modulated, variable-flow steering makes maneuverability precise and low effort.

The controls are easy to reach with low operational effort.

The resiliently mounted engine and cab/canopy minimize vibration of the operator's compartment.

Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)
The canopy is included in the standard arrangement.

Electronic Monitoring System
The Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) has three stages of alert notifying the operator of varying degrees of required action to avoid possible damage or failure to components/systems.

Less time spent on maintenance gives you more time on the job.

Diagnostic Connector
The diagnostic connector (located in the cab) with the aid of a service tool, allows quick analysis of the starting and charging system.

With the increasing use of electronics in today's machines, the quality of materials and design is having a greater effect on machine availability.

Final Drives
Outboard, planetary final drives can be removed independently of wheel mounting and brakes.

Check Points
Hydraulic pressures can be obtained quickly and easily.

Ground Level Access
Transmission fill and check, hydraulic fill and check, manual fuel check (gauge in cab) fill and a majority of grease points can be obtained quickly and easily from ground level access.

There's maintenance platform access to the engine oil check and fill, engine coolant level check and fill, front brake reservoir, hydraulic system filter and the secondary fuel filter.

Customer Support
Total customer support is unmatched in the industry.

Time spent waiting on your parts directly affects your bottom line!

Whether in the dealer's fully equipped shop or in the field, trained service personnel using the latest technology and tooling will keep your equipment working.

Exchange components for quick, yet cost effective repairs with minimal downtime.

Machine Management
Cat dealers help manage equipment investments with vehicle systems analysis to match the right machine to your job conditions and effective maintenance programs.

Extensive operation and maintenance manuals, parts manuals and other support information help you get the full value out of your equipment investment.

Through CAT financial or an alternate source, your dealer can arrange attractive financing or leasing on the entire line of Cat equipment.



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