The G-Series 613 carries on a unique tradition of clearing, cut and fill, and finish grade earthwork with a new emphasis on operator comfort and performance. The tractor frame has been redesigned to support a spacious new cab with a Cat Comfort seat that rotates 30 degrees for ease of loading. The cab is standard and comes with air conditioning and heat. Performance improvements - primarily in the cut - are the result of a new power train that features the Cat C6.6 with a horsepower increase and new torque converter. The result is more rimpull that when combined with more hydraulic flow to the elevator yields 13% faster loading. Order the machine with indicate-only AccuGrade and you’ll move dirt more efficiently and profitably.

Flywheel Power: Tractor/Scraper 135 kW (181 hp)
Tractor Engine Cat® C6.6 ATAAC
Bore 3.94 in
Stroke 5 in
Displacement 403 in3
Net Power 181 hp

Scraper Bowl
Scraper Capacity: Heaped 11 yd3
Rated Load 26400 lb
Capacity Struck 8.9 yd3
Depth of Cut - max 6.3 in
Width of Cut, to Router Bits 95.7 in
Ground Clearance - max 17.7 in
Cutting Edge thickness 0.87 in.
Hydraulic Penetration Force 62946 lb
Depth of Spread - max 22.5 in

Top Speed (Loaded) 24.4 mph
1 Forward 2.1 mph
2 Forward 3.5 mph
3 Forward 5.6 mph
4 Forward 8.9 mph
5 Forward 12.8 mph
6 Forward 24.4 mph
Reverse 3.6 mph

Total Operating - empty 37229 lb
Front Axle 24641 lb
Rear Axle 12588 lb
Total Shipping 36653 lb
Tractor Shipping 24434 lb
Scraper Shipping 12219 lb
Total Operating - loaded 63629 lb
Front Axle Weight - loaded 33364 lb
Rear Axle Weight - loaded 30266 lb

Length - overall 96 in
Width of Flight Face 6.9 in
Length of Flights 66.1 in
Spacing of Flights 16 in
Number of Flights 15

Height - Overall Shipping 125.6 in
Length - Overall Machine 410.2 in
Width - Overall Machine 95.7 in
Height - Top of Cab 125.6 in
Height - Scraper Blade Maximum 22.5 in
Width - Tractor 95.7 in
Width - Inside of Bowl 86.7 in
Width - rear tire center lines 70.8 in
Width - Outside Rear Tires 95.7 in
Rim radius 25 in
Front of Tractor to Front Axle 115.5 in
Wheelbase 246.6 in
Rear Axle to Rear of Machine 48.1 in
Ground Clearance - Tractor 14.4 in

Width - 180° Turn 29.3 ft
Steering Angle - Right 90°
Steering Angle - Left 90°
Hydraulic Output 25.4 gal/min
Ground-Driven Secondary Steering System 4.23 gal/min

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 95 gal
Crankcase 5 gal
Transmission 9.2 gal
Differential 5 gal
Final Drive (each side) 1.5 gal
Cooling System 10.2 gal
Hydraulic Reservoir 33.8 gal

Bowl Cylinder Bore 4 in
Bowl Cylinder Stroke 16.5 in
Floor Cylinder Bore 5.1 in
Floor Cylinder Stroke 24.6 in
Ejector Cylinder Bore 3.5 in
Ejector Cylinder Stroke 36 in
Steering Circuit 25.4 gal/min
Scraper Circuit 85.3 gal/min
Supplemental Steering Circuit 4.23 gal/min
Relief Valve - Steering Circuit 2756 psi
Relief Valve - Implement Circuit 2502 psi
Compensator Settings - Elevator Circuit 2498 psi

ROPS / FOPS ISO 3471-1994, SAE J1040-MAY 2003; ISO 3449-2005
Brakes ISO 3450-1996

Operator Station
A spacious new cab, standard, offers room to operate more efficiently.

Operator Station

Operator Comfort
  • Air conditioning and heat standard
  • Hand holds and room to enter and exit freely
  • Fully adjustable steering wheel and seat accommodate operator sizes, rotates for easy loading, durable yet soft cloth surface, adjustable seat suspension for hauling
  • Arm rests, left foot rest for support and reduced fatigue
  • Ergonomic, low-effort controls with auto-kickouts and detents improve efficiency and speed
  • Radio ready

  • AccuGrade™ ready
  • Cab mounted display for accurate material placement
  • Excellent visibility to cutting edge facilitates fine grading, with more glass than 613C II
  • Rotating seat for viewing the cutting edge and loading
  • Fatigue-fighting comfort in the seat, roomy interior
  • With all-new hydraulic system, implement and steering controls are quick to respond to operator input
  • 76 dB(A) operator sound levels

  • Improved visibility to the work site
  • Steering disabled when operator is not in seat and machine speed is zero
  • Low cab sound levels reduce fatigue
  • Integrated ROPS protects the operator when combined with seat belt use
  • Primary and secondary braking systems hydraulically actuated eliminates the air-over-hydraulic system
  • Parking brake with 304 mm (12 inch) drum has more slope holding ability
  • Front and rear windshield wipers

  • Simple gauge cluster is easy to read
  • Backlit switches are close at hand
  • Messaging alerts technicians and operator to service needs

Power Train
Cat® C6.6 and torque converter deliver horsepower and rimpull gains.

Power Train

Cat C6.6 Engine with ACERT™ Technology
  • Net power increase from the C6.6 engine (135 kW/181 hp)
  • Electronically controlled for quick load response and emissions control
  • Common rail fuel injection facilitates emissions compliance through pilot ignition and control over injection timing and pressures
  • 500 hr engine oil and oil filter change intervals
  • Easy access fuel filters
  • Modular cooling package with swing out cores facilitates maintenance

Torque Converter
  • New torque converter, proven in the D6N, increases rimpull by 11% in 2nd gear and shortens load times
  • Efficient at delivering power to the ground converting fuel dollars into more dirt moved
  • Built tough for constant directional changes typical of track-type tractor applications

  • Planetary powershift manual transmission
  • 6 speeds forward / 1 reverse
  • Design proven for the application

Differential Lock
  • Foot activated differential lock evenly distributes power, minimizing wheel spin
  • Improves traction in slippery underfoot conditions

Newly updated hydraulics enhance 613G performance and serviceability.


Primary, secondary and tertiary braking is hydraulically controlled without the need for an air system.

  • All new routings avoid rubs and facilitate service.
  • New service port on the bowl side improves access to hoses reducing service time.

Hydraulic Tank
• New tank offers simpler construction, better accessibility, greater capacity, low oil turbulence and aeration with reverse flow filtration for cleaner oil.

Pumps, Motors, Valves
  • All new pumps work more efficiently and are sized for performance improvement.
  • New elevator pump provides higher flow and turns the elevator at slightly faster speeds.
  • New implement valve offers faster response to operator input.
  • Steering disable valve engages when machine is in Park, operator is absent from the seat and ground speed is zero. Eliminates unwanted articulation when entering or exiting the cab.

AccuGrade™ Grade Control
The 613G offers factory-installed AccuGrade options.

AccuGrade™ Grade Control

  • The 613G offers indicate-only AccuGrade system.
  • The AccuGrade system is cross slope, single GPS technology.
  • AccuGrade allows the operator to manually place or cut dirt exactly where it's called for.
  • This system is accurate and efficient, allowing the 613G to work on stake-less job sites.
  • For easy mounting of the satellite receiver, the 613G features purpose built platforms and hand-holds assembled and durability tested at the factory.
  • These platforms align for safe removal of the GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver when the machine is articulated 90 degrees to the right.
  • The system, along with the mast, is purpose built to work with the 613G's cutting edge.
  • Each component has been designed and validated to withstand scraper applications and life expectancies.

All new harnesses, routings and lamps improve availability and visibility.


Key Updates
  • LED lights offer superior life and reliability on the rear of the scraper.
  • HID lighting options available on flood lamps offer 6X the output of conventional halogens.
  • Front head lamps feature low and high beam settings with directional lamps for roading.
  • An optional air horn gets respect under all job site conditions.
  • Polyurethane coated harnesses, found across the hitch, are weather resistant and improve durability.

The 613G is easier than ever to service, monitor and inspect.


  • Accessibility to filter and fluid sight gauges are either at ground level or have platforms with anti-skid plate.
  • Thoughtful hydraulic hose routings reduce wear and improve accessibility.
  • Electrical wiring harnesses over the hitch use weather resistant polyurethane jacketing.
  • Smaller harness sections are easy to replace and resist pinching and stretching.
  • Cab tilts for access to left side of the engine.
  • Fuse and breaker box located in the cab for easy access.
  • Recessed battery reduces the opportunity for damage.
  • Electric priming located on primary fuel filter.
  • Grease point for elevator pivot joint located outside the bowl at ground level.
  • New elevator rollers include grease fittings for longer life.
  • New, clean fuel tank design reduces fuel contamination risk.
  • Fold out radiator cores make cleaning fast and simple.
  • Fault code messaging through the Electronic Monitoring Center simplify service.

Standard Equipment

  • 8 m³ / 11 yd³ heaped
  • Elevator
  • Backup alarm
  • AccuGrade ready option weldments
  • Alternator, 80 ampere
  • Electrical system, 24 volt
  • Batteries (2), 70 ampere hr.
  • Lighting system
  • AccuGrade ready option wiring
  • Starting/charging receptacle
Operator Environment
  • Tractor
  • Tractor
  • Scraper
Other Standard Equipment
  • Tractor
  • Scraper
  • Tires, Rims, & Wheels
  • Antifreeze

Optional Equipment

Ground Engaging Tools
  • Teeth, GET, Long set of 4
Antifreeze, -50°C (-58°F)
  • NOTE: Standard machine is protected with Extended Life Coolant to -36°C (-33°F)
  • Domestic Packing
  • Export Packing
  • Additional Packing
  • Custom Product Ordering Instructions
  • Lights, 5x5 flood, Work Lamps
Guard, Powertrain
Other Attachments
  • Tractor
  • Scraper
  • AccuGrade



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