Performance and comfort you can feel, delivering strong breakout force, fast cycle times, and smooth shifts for optimal productivity.

The 950G II provides more power, excellent fuel economy, and reduced maintenance.


Powerful Performance
The 3126B ATAAC diesel engine delivers net power of 136 kW (183 hp), and meets EPA Tier 2 emissions standards. Its advanced fuel system keeps fuel at low pressure in the lines until it is injected into the cylinder. Fuel pressure is created hydraulically in response to a signal from the ADEM™ III Electronic Control Module.

Electronic Control Module
The Advanced Diesel Engine Module (ADEM III) fuel system is a proprietary electronic control module, which provides improved engine response and fuel efficiency, plus advanced diagnostics and reduced emissions. Altitude capability is increased to 3050 meters (10,000 feet) without derating. ADEM III allows full electronic integration of the engine and transmission for maximum power train efficiency.

Turbocharged, ATAAC
Turbocharging packs dense air into the cylinders for more complete combustion and lower emissions. Air-to-air aftercooling provides a separate cooling system for intake manifold air. The ATAAC system reduces smoke and emissions by providing cooler inlet air for more efficient combustion.

Constant Net Horsepower
The 950GII’s electronic engine is integrated with an on-demand cooling fan. The engine compensates for varying fan loads and provides constant net horsepower, regardless of operating conditions. A consistent level of "working" horsepower is provided and fuel consumption is reduced.

Oil Change Intervals
The engine oil change interval is increased to 500 hours (with CH-4 oil), reducing costs and downtime.

Electronic Transmission
Advanced Caterpillar power train is reliable and fuel efficient.

Electronic Transmission

Electronic Power Shift Transmission
The electronic power shift transmission with automatic shift capability is a durable planetary design built by Caterpillar. It is electronically controlled and allows full power shifts and directional changes. Fully modulated gear shifts contribute to operator comfort and increase component life.

Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC)
Senses input from both the transmission and the operator controls in the cab to modulate each individual clutch through a proportional electro-hydraulic valve. This results in smoother shifts (speed and directional). Energy is modulated into the clutches, resulting in longer clutch life.

Integrated Braking System
Integrates a downshifting and neutralizer logic into the left-hand brake pedal. IBS increases performance and productivity with an optimized transmission neutralizer and automatic downshifting. The Integrated Braking System also lowers owning and operating costs by reducing axle oil temperatures, which can extend service brake life.

Free Wheel Stator Torque Converter
The Free Wheel Stator torque converter (FWSTC) improves machine power train efficiency and contributes to improved fuel economy in certain applications. It reduces drag in the torque converter at high turbine speed/impeller speed ratios.

Electro-Hydraulic Valves
The six proportional electro-hydraulic valves pressurizing the clutches are identical and bolted on top of the transmission.

Easy Service
Daily level check is done from the ground through a well-protected sight gauge. An oil sampling valve allows quick, clean access to the transmission for S•O•SSM oil analysis.

Variable Shift Control
Transmission software which allows the operator to select three different shift patterns based on the application and operating preferences. This feature reduces fuel consumption, depending on the application. In all modes, full machine power remains available for loading.

Cooling System
New G Series II cooling package reduces radiator plugging and improves fuel efficiency.

Cooling System

Reverse Flow
Air enters through the rear grill and exits out the top opening and side hood doors. Rear air flow picks up less debris from the ground, reducing plugging.

Improved System Access
The 950G II adds a swing-out grill, hydraulic oil cooler and air conditioner condenser for easier cleaning. Side panels open to allow access to both sides of the radiator cores for cleaning. A heavy duty Airborne Debris Grill, with 4 mm perforations is available as an attachment.

On-Demand Fan
Electronically controlled, variable speed on-demand fan adjusts to meet the varying cooling requirements of the machine. Fan speed is determined by oil, coolant and inlet manifold temperatures. In cooler operating conditions, average fan speed is reduced, resulting in less fuel consumption, lower noise levels and less radiator plugging.

Unit Core Radiator
New unit core radiator with square wave shaped fins. Lower fin density (6 fins per inch) allows debris to pass through more easily.

Enviromental Machine
Caterpillar cares about the environment and continues to develop innovative solutions.

Low Exhaust Emissions
The Cat 3126B ATAAC engine used in the 950G Series II is a low emission engine designed to meet EPA Tier 2 emissions regulations. It is electronically controlled, with air-to-air aftercooling for more efficient combustion and cleaner emissions.

Reduced Sound
The electronic on-demand fan automatically regulates fan speed depending on cooling requirements. The fan draws less horsepower in cooler ambient temperatures, which reduces fuel consumption. Sound levels are also reduced when the fan slows down. There is additional insulation around the engine to reduce sound levels.

Environmental Fluids
Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze with anti-foaming and anti-corrosion properties provide extended service intervals (up to 6000 hours) and requires less frequent fluid changes and disposals. Air conditioning refrigerant is CFC-free.

Fewer Leaks And Spills
Oil sampling valves and pressure test ports are included for easy service diagnostics, with less chance of spills. Filters are positioned vertically and located for easy access, allowing for removal without fluid spillage. Lubricant filters and drains are designed to avoid spills.

Ecology Drains
Standard for the engine, transmission, hydraulics, radiator and fuel. Activating the valve allows fluid to be drained into a container without spillage. Axle oil ecology drains are an attachment and allow quicker oil changes with reduced spillage.

Rebuildable Components
Many major components are designed to be rebuilt. Worn components can be remanufactured instead of thrown out.

Operator Station
The ultimate in wheel loader operator comfort and efficiency.

Operator Station

1 Steering
Low effort hand metering unit steering. Tilt steering column helps fit the wheel to the operator. Load sensing steering directs power through the steering system only when needed. When not steering, more engine power is available to generate rimpull, breakout and lift forces.

2 Excellent Visibility
The wider front window provides remarkable forward and peripheral viewing including machine wheels and bucket corners. Windshield wiper sweep area is increased. Bonded glass in the windshield eliminates frame obstructions. A larger roof cap channels water away from the windshield and also acts as a sunscreen.

3 Low Effort Controls
Pilot-assisted, hydraulic implement controls make low-effort operation possible. One lift and one return-to-dig position may be adjusted on the linkage. Joystick and F-N-R switch on lever are available as attachments.

4 950G Series II New Monitoring System
Includes gauges, 3-level warning, and tachometer/speedometer for full-time monitoring of key functions. The system alerts the operator of immediate or impending problems with engine oil pressure, parking brake, axle oil pressure, electrical system, brake oil temperature, hydraulic oil level, hydraulic filter bypass, engine inlet manifold temperature, and primary secondary steering oil pressures. LED indicators with no bulbs to replace.

5 Left Side Door
The re-designed door latch allows the operator to open the door either from ground level or when seated in the cab. Standard left and right side sliding windows. The right side has a secondary exit which also opens as a vent.

6 Dual Brake Pedals
Left pedal incorporates the Integrated Braking System and activates service brake, transmission neutralizer and downshift functions so the operator can maintain engine RPM for full hydraulic flow.

7 Generous Storage Space
New compartments for lunchbox, coolers and cups.

8 Seat Options
The standard cloth and vinyl seat adjusts 6-ways. A new Caterpillar Comfort air suspension seat (attachment) provides increased operator comfort with 6-way adjustment and automotive-style lumbar support.

9 Improved Ventilation
Increased air flow to the operator and windows. There are thirteen louvered vents with two on each door post. A larger re-circulation filter ensures better air quality for the operator.

10 Electronic Autoshift Control
Set for manual or fully automatic shifting.

11 Ride Control System Switch
Attachment that reduces fore and aft pitch for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Allows the selection of three different modes: Off - always off service. On - always in service. Auto - the system is automatically actuated when the machine travels at a speed greater than 9 km (6 mph).

12 Transmission Neutralizer Lockout Switch
Rocker switch that locks out the neutralizer. Defaults back to neutralizer "on" upon machine start up.

13 Variable Shift Control
Allows the operator to select three different shift patterns based on application and working preferences Normal, Economy and Aggressive modes. Lowers sound levels and fuel consumption and provides smoother shifts.

AM/FM cassette radio is now available as a factory installed attachment. Adjustable mounting bracket for two radios (AM/FM and CB) is also available as an attachment.

Improved Floor
Crowned floor with no threshold for easier cleaning.

Command Control Steering
Optional Electro-Hydraulic steering and implement controls are precise and comfortable.

Command Control Steering

Command Control Steering
Is optional and features a steering wheel, with integrated transmission controls. Allows left hand steering and operation of transmission controls. Turning the Command Control steering wheel plus or minus 75 degrees from the centerpoint achieves full machine articulation. Steering stops are hydraulically cushioned. Tilt and telescoping steering column helps fit the controls to the operator. Integrated transmission controls are part of the steering design. Select forward, neutral or reverse with the three-position rocker switch. Use the thumb-operated rocker switch to manually up-shift and downshift.

Electro-Hydraulic Implement Controls
E/H controls offer low effort "finger-tip" levers and outstanding sensitivity. Operator can slide the right-hand armrest and control pod forward and back as a unit and adjust the armrest cushion up or down to find the most comfortable position.

Hydraulic Control Lockout Switch
Disables the hydraulic levers to prevent accidental engagement.

Fine Modulation Mode
Allows slower movement of the implement for precise implement control. G Series II E/H control enhancements also include a dump rate control to check bucket dump speeds.

Automatic Lift/Tilt Kickouts
Lift and tilt kickouts on Command Control machines adjust from inside the cab with two rocker switches. Kickout stops are hydraulically cushioned for greater operator comfort and less material spillage.

The Caterpillar Comfort air suspension seat is standard on Command Control machines. It features added support and 6-way adjustment.

Buckets and Ground Engaging Tools
Choose from a variety of Caterpillar buckets and Ground Engaging Tool options to match your application.

Buckets and Ground Engaging Tools

General Purpose Buckets
Perform well in a broad range of applications including excavation, stockpiling and dozing. Proven shell and tine construction. Five basic bucket sizes are available. Buckets are rebuildable.

Material Handling Buckets
Flat floor buckets designed for free-flowing material (stockpile applications). Three basic bucket sizes are available. Uses Corner Guard System bolt-on edges.

Quick Coupler Buckets
General Purpose profile, compatible with factory installed horizontal pin-lock quick coupler.

Specialty Buckets
Purpose-built Rock, Refuse and Coal buckets are available for industry specific applications.

Bolt-On Cutting Edge
Reversible, for superior strength and wear life. Standard, Heavy-duty edge, (providing 50% more wear life) or Abrasion Resistant Material (ARM) edge are available. Corner Protectors complete the system.

Bolt-On Teeth
Two-bolt corner adapter is securely attached to prevent shifting. Bolt-on two-strap center adapters. Seven tip options are available with heavy-duty retention system.

Bolt-On Teeth and Edge Segments
Standard reversible segments protect the base edge between teeth, and eliminate scalloping. Heavy-duty reversible segments (providing 50% more wear life) are also available.

Rear Wear Plates
Replaceable rear wear plates provide bucket bottom protection.

Work Tools
Add versatility to your Series II machine with a factory installed Quick Coupler and a wide range of attachments and specialty buckets offered by Caterpillar.

Work Tools

1 Quick Couplers
Provide outstanding versatility and allow one machine to perform a wide variety of tasks. Factory installed horizontal pin-lock design with steel hydraulic lines and a clean routing down the lift arms. In-cab electric actuation, with safety lock-out switch (does not require 3rd valve for coupler pin actuation). Improved coupler frame is more robust with tighter pin bore and work tool hook tolerances.

2 Coal Buckets
Flat floor for stockpile applications. Coal buckets include bolt-on cutting edges.

3 Woodchip Buckets
Are specially designed to load and carry woodchips, and other light materials. Flat floor. Bolt-on cutting edges are standard. Screens help visibility when loading.

4 Side-Dump Buckets
Permit loaders to operate in congested worksites and can also dump forward like a conventional bucket (3rd valve required).

5 Forks
Pallet forks are ideal work tools for material handling tasks. Available with a variety of tine lengths.

6 Lumber And Log Forks
Choose Millyard Fork with top clamp (3rd valve required) or Lumber and Log Fork with floating tines.

7 Material Handling Arm
Material handling arm with adjustable lengths and load capacities for jobsite lifting needs.

Hydraulic reversible plows angle 30°, left or right. This reversing action is ideal for cleaning applications on mountain roads, airports, parking lots, plant facilities, etc.

A complete range of Work Tools are available from your Caterpillar dealer.

The 950G Series II continues Caterpillar leadership in wheel loader serviceability.


Ground Level Maintenance Points
All service points, including color-coded S•O•S sampling ports are accessible from ground level. Remote grease lines culminate in two convenient central lube banks in the right hitch area.

Sight Gauges
For the transmission oil, hydraulic oil and radiator coolant are easy to see and eliminate the risk of contaminants entering the system during daily checks.

Engine Compartment
Access is convenient through service doors and side panels that can be quickly opened.

Non-Metallic Hood
Tilts for full access to engine, cooling system and major components. An electric screw-jack, with manual backup, tilts the hood up to 70 degrees.

Ecology Drains
For engine, transmission and hydraulic oil, allow for simple and clean draining of fluids. Axle oil ecology drains are available as a factory installed attachment.

Electric Fuel Priming Pump
A new electrically actucated fuel priming pump simplifies fuel filter changes.

Engine Oil Change Intervals
Are every 500 hours with the use of CH-4 oil.

System is factory filled with Caterpillar Extended Life Coolant, which can provide up to 6,000 hours between change intervals.

Remote Pressure Taps
Are available as an attachment to make transmission diagnostics even easier.

Brake Wear Indicators
Inboard indicator allows a service technician to measure and track brake wear.

Two maintenance-free batteries are located securely in a built-in battery box in the left rear frame with a lid that is sealed to prevent moisture from entering.

Caterpillar Monitoring System (CMS)
Provides machine performance feedback along with diagnostic codes, which a service technician can use to quickly troubleshoot problems.

Product Link
Is a wireless communication system that provides two-way information flow between a machine and Caterpillar dealers and customers. Machines are fitted with a data module, wiring, and an antenna. The system up-links via satellite to the Caterpillar network and PC software. Product Link eliminates trips to obtain data, allows more effective maintenance scheduling and can identify unauthorized machine usage.

Product Link 201
Is available as a factory installed attachment and offers:
  • Service meter hour update (one per day)
  • Machine location update (four times a day)
  • Mapping and route planning features
  • DBS machine usage file integration
  • Product Watch (configurable parameters for machine location and time operation)
  • Event/diagnostic monitoring
  • E-mail/pager alerts (interfaces with DBS Robot/Alert function)

Product Link 151
Is available as a dealer installed option and offers many of the PL-201 features.

Machine Security System
A programmable system (attachment) to manage machine access and restrict unauthorized usage. Special Machine Security System keys can be programmed (using Caterpillar Electronic Technician) to deny access during specific times or days of the week.

Complete Customer Support
Cat dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.

Complete Customer Support

Machine Selection
Make detailed comparisons of the machines under consideration before purchase. Cat dealers can estimate component life, preventive maintenance cost and the true cost of lost production.

Look past initial price and consider the many financing options available as well as day-to-day operating costs. Consider the dealer services that can be included in the cost of the machine to yield lower equipment owning and operating costs over the long run.

Customer Support Agreements
Cat dealers offer a variety of product support agreements and can develop a plan that best meets specific needs. These plans can cover the entire machine, including attachments, to help protect your investment.

Parts Support
You will find nearly all parts at our dealer parts counter. Cat dealers use a worldwide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine downtime.

Improving operating techniques can boost your profits. Your Cat dealer has training videotapes, literature and other ideas to help you increase productivity.

Maintenance Services
Choose from a variety of maintenance services when purchasing your machine. Repair option programs guarantee the cost of repairs up front. Diagnostic programs such as S•O•S and Coolant Sampling and technical analysis help avoid unscheduled repairs.

Component Replacement
Repair, rebuild or replace? Caterpillar offers a line of genuine remanufactured components, which can help lower repair costs. Your Cat dealer will help you evaluate the cost involved so you can make the right choice.

For more complete information on Cat products, dealer services, and industry solutions, visit us on the web at www.Cat.com.

Standard Equipment

  • Alarm, back-up
  • Alternator (70-amp, brushless)
  • Batteries, maintenance-free (2) 950CCA
  • Ignition key, start/stop switch
  • Lighting system, halogen (6 total)
  • Main disconnect switch
  • Starter, electric, heavy-duty
  • Starting and charging system (24-volt)
Operator Environment
  • Bucket/Work Tool function lockout
  • Cab, pressurized and sound suppressed
  • Cigar lighter and ashtray
  • Coat hooks (2) with straps
  • Computerized Monitoring System
  • Controls, lift and tilt function
  • Heater and defroster
  • Horn, electric (steering wheel mounted)
  • Lunchbox, beverage holders, personal tray
  • Mirrors, rearview (internally mounted)
  • Seat, KAB (cloth) mechanical suspension
  • Seatbelt, retractable, 76 mm (3 in) wide
  • Steering column, adjustable, tilt (telescope on CCS)
  • Wet-arm, wipers/washers (front and rear)
  • Window, sliding (left and right side)
Power Train
  • Brakes, full hydraulic enclosed wet-disc
  • Engine, Cat 3126B diesel with ATAAC
  • Fan, radiator, hydraulically driven, variable speed
  • Filters, fuel/engine air, primary/secondary
  • Fuel priming pump (electric)
  • Fuel/water separator
  • Muffler, sound suppressed
  • Precleaner, engine air intake
  • Radiator, unit core (6 fins per inch) with ATAAC
  • Starting aid (air inlet heater)
  • Switch, transmission neutralizer lockout
  • Torque converter (free wheel stator)
  • Transmission, automatic planetary power shift (4F/4R)
  • Variable Shift Control (VSC)
Other Standard Equipment
  • Automatic bucket positioner
  • Counterweight
  • Doors, service access (locking)
  • Ecology drains (engine, transmission and hydraulic oil)
  • Fenders, steel front and rear
  • Hitch, drawbar with pin
  • Hood, non-metallic power tilting
  • Kickout, lift and tilt (CCS only), automatic
  • Linkage, Z-bar, cast crosstube/tilt lever
  • Product Link Ready
  • Sampling valves (engine, transmission, and hydraulic oil)
  • Sight Gauges:
  • Vandalism protection caplocks
  • Couplings, Caterpillar O-ring face seals
  • Diagnostic pressure taps
  • Hoses, Cat XT™
  • Hydraulic oil cooler (swing-out)
  • Steering, load sensing
  • Premixed 50% concentration of Extended Life Coolant with freeze protection to -34° C (-29° F).

Optional Equipment

Air conditioner
Axle ecology drain
Axle oil cooler
Baffle, lift cylinders
Buckets and Work Tools
Bucket Ground Engaging Tools - see dealer
Counterweight, auxilary
Differentials. limited slip (front or rear), No-SPIN
  • (rear axle only)
Fender extensions, front and rear
Forestry arrangement
Fenders, narrow
Fenders, roading
Grill, airborne debris
Guard, power train
Heater, engine coolant (120V or 240V)
High lift arrangement
Hydraulic arrangement, three-valve
Joystick control
Lights, directional
Lights, roading
Lighting, auxilary (4)
Mirrors, rearview, external
Open canopy
Payload Control System
Precleaner, turbine
Precleaner, turbine/trash
Product Link 201
Quick coupler
Radio, AM/FM, cassette
Radio, mounting brackets
Remote pressure taps
Ride control system, two-and three-valve
Seat, air suspension (SW only)
Security system
Starting aid receptacle
Steering. secondary
Switch, lift lever F-N-R
Visor, front
Waste Handling arrangement



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