The 930G is one of the most versatile wheel loaders in the world. Size, power, performance and work tool interchangeability make this machine ideal for a wide range of jobs.

Rated Net Power 149.0 hp
Model Cat® 3056E DIT ATAAC
SAE J1349 149.0 hp
ISO 9249 (1997) 150.0 hp
EEC 80/1269 150.0 hp
Max. Net Power @ 2000 rpm 159.0 hp
SAE J1349 159.0 hp
ISO 9249 (1997) 161.0 hp
EEC 80/1269 161.0 hp
Bore 3.94 in
Stroke 5.0 in
Displacement 366.0 in3

Operating Weight 28725.0 lb
Maximum Weight 29044.0 lb
Optional Counterweight 1036.17 lb

Bucket Capacities 2.1 m3 - 5.0 m3 2.6 yd3 - 6.5 yd3
Bucket Width 8.37 ft

Overall Height 16.9 ft
Wheelbase 9.2 ft
Width over tires 8.0 ft
Height to Top of ROPS/FOPS 10.5 ft
Height to Top of Exhaust Stack 10.4 ft
Height to Top of Hood 7.1 ft
Height to Center of Axle 2.1 ft
Ground Clearance 1.2 ft
Overall Length 23.6 ft
Length - Rear Axle to Bumper 6.4 ft
Center Line of Front Axle-Hitch 4.7 ft
Wheel Base Length 9.2 ft
Dump Clearance-Max Lift-45° 9.1 ft
Bucket Clearance-Max Lift/Carry 11.5 ft
Bucket Pin Height at Max Lift 12.6 ft
Overall Height - Bucket Raised 16.9 ft
Reach at Max Lift and 45° Dump 3.6 ft
Rack Back Angle at Max Lift 58.0 Degrees
Dump Angle at Max Lift 45.0 Degrees
Rack Back Angle-Ground 50.0 Degrees
Rack Back Angle at Carry 51.0 Degrees
Carry Height 1.2 ft
Digging Depth 5.0 in

Operating Specifications
Static Tipping Load (Full Turn) 18029.0 lb
Reach - full lift/45 degree dump angle 3.52 ft
Dump clearance - Full lift/45 degree dump angle 9.64 ft
Articulation Angle 40.0 Degrees
Dump clearance 9.3 ft

Loader Hydraulic System
Output at 2300 engine rpm and 6900 kPa (1000 psi) with SAE 10W oil at 65°C (150°F) 58.0 gal/min
Hydraulic Cycle Time 9.5 Seconds
Pump flow - Implement pump 58.0 gal/min
Relief Pressure - Implement pump 3755.0 psi
Maximum working pressure 3755.0 psi
Hydraulic cycle time: 9.5sec
Raise 5.0 Seconds
Dump 1.7 Seconds
Lower, empty, float down 2.8 Seconds
Total 9.5 Seconds
Bore 4.5 in
Stroke 30.6 in
Bore 6.0 in
Stroke 37.0 in

Size 17.5-25 12PR L-2
Tread Width 7.9 ft

Axle Oscillation 11.0 Degrees

Steering Articulation 40.0 Degrees
Minimum turning radius (over tire) 207.0 in
Steering angle, each direction 40.0 Degrees
Steering cylinders, two, bore 2.75 in
Hydraulic output at 2300 engine rpm and 6900 kPa (1000 psi) 17.6 gal/min
Maximum working pressure 3500.0 psi

Forward 1 4.5 mph
2 7.6 mph
3 15.0 mph
4 23.8 mph
Reverse 1 4.5 mph
2 7.6 mph
3 15.0 mph

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel tank 59.4 gal
Cooling system 10.6 gal
Crankcase 4.2 gal
Transmission 9.1 gal
Front 6.9 gal
Rear 6.6 gal
Hydraulic system (including tank) 33.0 gal
Hydraulic tank 18.5 gal

ROPS SAE J1040 MAY94, ISO 3471-1994
FOPS SAE J/ISO 3449 APR98 Level II, ISO 3449 1992 Level II

VersaLink™ Loader Linkage
Linkage design offers unparalleled versatility without compromise to performance.

VersaLink™ Loader Linkage

Linkage Design
Versatility is the key benefit of the VersaLink loader linkage. The 930G can be configured in many ways:
  • with a Quick Coupler, work tool changes are quick and easy. In this configuration, the versatility of an integrated toolcarrier and the performance of a wheel loader are combined;
  • equipped with pin-on tools, like a bucket, you get a dedicated wheel loader, with exceptional breakout force, tipping load and dump height;
  • equipped with the High Lift VersaLink loader linkage option, the 930G is ideal for special applications that require more reach and lift height.

The VersaLink loader linkage can be reconfigured from pin-on to Quick Coupler or from standard linkage to high lift linkage with a minimum of new parts required.

Outstanding Performance
The VersaLink loader linkage is designed for exceptional loader performance in a wide range of applications, offering:
  • increased breakout force to shorten cycle times and increase bucket fill factors;
  • higher dump clearance for working in "high target" situations that ordinary loaders cannot;
  • more dig depth for better excavation performance, even when equipped with larger 20.5 x 25 tires;
  • greater rackback angle for improved material retention, resulting in higher productivity;
  • greater dozing angle for improved control of material when fine grading.

Visibility to critical areas such as bucket corners and fork tips is optimized for more productive material and pallet handling. The VersaLink loader linkage geometry maximizes visibility throughout the entire production cycle.

Parallel Lift
Parallel lift simplifies working with palletized or stacked material. Operators can concentrate on material placement while the load automatically remains parallel throughout the lift range. And, like an integrated toolcarrier, the 930G can easily manipulate loads.

Exceptional Strength and Durability
The one-piece fabricated box-section design of the VersaLink loader linkage delivers unprecedented torsional loading strength. The result is high rigidity and fewer stress paths for exceptional durability.

High Lift Version
Special applications call for special equipment. The optional High Lift VersaLink loader linkage provides an additional clearance of 19 in (483 mm) and is ideal for jobs that require higher lift of lighter materials such as:
  • feedlots
  • dairies
  • waste transfer stations
  • fertilizer producers
  • miscellaneous material handling

Power, durability and design contribute to outstanding performance.


Balanced structural design and exceptional rimpull tuned to powerful implement hydraulics allow fast cycle times and higher productivity.

Optional Dual Mode Steering
The operator can choose traditional steering or select QuickSteer mode with a switch in the cab for faster, extremely low effort truck loading. This mode provides higher productivity and efficiency with less operator fatigue.

The hydraulic quick coupler and wide range of Cat Work Tools enable one machine to accomplish the tasks of many. Auxiliary hydraulics allow unparalleled versatility and interchangeability. Adjustable flow third function hydraulics provide proportional control and allow you to efficiently match power to the application. Broom performance demands are optimized to machine ground speed for minimal debris. Packaged third and fourth, as well as fifth and sixth function hydraulics expand work tool and machine capability.

Auxiliary HydraulicsApplication Specific
Industrial and Waste Handling guarding packages and multiple tire options increase machine durability and are available to meet your specific job needs.

Operator Station
Ergonomic design emphasizes comfort, visibility and easy operation.

Operator Station

The ergonomic cab provides a comfortable work environment with large windows, spacious interior room, generous storage areas and low interior sound levels.

The two-door design makes access and egress easy. Both doors open fully and lock flush against the cab for efficiency and safety. Steps leading up to the cab are wide, serrated and angled out for secure footing. Large grab handles allow safe positioning while climbing.

Large windows improve visibility in all directions. The rear window features a standard electric defroster. Sliding glass is available as an option on the doors.

Visibility to critical areas such as the bucket have been optimized. The VersaLink loader linkage geometry maximizes visibility throughout the production cycle.

Optional Rear View Camera System
Work area visual enhancement system utilizes a closed circuit video monitoring system. One, two or three cameras can be mounted on the machine frame. Objects can be viewed in a 7 inch color LCD monitor located in place of the right cab rear view mirror. Rear view system is compatible with heavy duty radiator guarding and waste handling packages.

Instrument Panel
The 930G instrument panel is conveniently located with easy-to-read gauges and expanded warning/indicator and diagnostic functions.

Electronic Engine Speed Control
A specific engine RPM can be set and maintained with a switch in the cab.

Steering System
The load-sensing, closed-center steering system with flow amplification matches steering response to a wide variety of applications. The adjustable steering console lifts easily out of the way. Dual suspended brake pedals function as a brake and a transmission neutralizer so the operator can maintain high engine RPM for full hydraulic flow and fast cycle times.

Low Effort Operation
Hydraulic joystick controls provide ease of lift and tilt functions. A single joystick is standard. An integrated directional control switch on the joystick provides easy operation and enhanced productivity. A two lever control is optional.

Generous storage space includes a lockable compartment, coat hook and special molded compartments designed to hold a lunchbox/cooler, cup or can. A tool box is also provided.

Standard Operator Programmable Transmission Neutralizer
Operator can select any brake pressure setting depending on the application to neutralize the transmission or select off for no neutralization. In less than 15 seconds, this system enables any operator to set up the machine exactly the way that best fits the application, greater pressure for applications up ramps and hills, lighter pressure for flat work areas like truck loading or material handling for underground utility sites.

The standard seat is available in cloth or vinyl with fully adjustable fore/aft position, seatback angle, bottom cushion height, armrest angle and suspension stiffness. Other seat options include:
  • Cat Contour Seat, fabric, with adjustable backrest and lumbar support.
  • Cat Contour Seat, fabric, electrically adjustable with air suspension.

Customize the Cab
The cab can be customized with various options such as:
  • 12V converter for powering electronics such as cellular phones, two-way radios and music systems
  • Optional rear view camera
  • Radio installation package
  • Sun visor for windshield
  • Roll-down sun screen for rear window
  • External mirror package
  • Auxiliary lighting packages

Hydraulic System
Modular system provides greater productivity, high efficiency, low effort precise control.

Precise Control
Designed by Caterpillar, the modular hydraulic system provides low effort operation and superior control.

Load-Sensing Hydraulics
The load-sensing, variable flow hydraulic system senses work demand and adjusts flow and pressure to match. This allows full hydraulic forces at any engine speed for delicate jobs in tight areas.

Auxiliary Hydraulics
The 930G auxiliary hydraulics provide unparalleled versatility. Select the configuration that best suits the application. Third function only or third and fourth package together enable the use of almost all work tools. Fifth and sixth function hydraulics are also available for responsive independent positioning of work tools with multiple hydraulic cylinders, such as snow plows with hydraulically movable snow wings.

Optional Ride Control System
The optional Ride Control System provides a comfortable ride at all speeds and improves hard bank digging. Three modes are available: auto, on and off. Auto mode is factory set to engage above 6 mph but can be adjusted to any speed. On mode should be used in load and carry applications for ride control at all speeds.

Optional Joystick with Integrated Third Function Controls
Low effort pilot hydraulics operated lift and tilt functions are combined with electrohydraulic transmission forward-neutral-reverse, transmission kick down and integrated third function auxiliary hydraulic controls. Enables operator to maintain control of loader linkage while manipulating hydromechanical tools such as top clamp buckets and forks, side dump buckets and hydraulic brooms. Two modes of operation include:
  • Standard Work Tool Mode - Provides intermittent flow to the work tool. Rolling the roller switch upward pressurizes the left side of the auxiliary system, downward activation of the roller switch pressurizes the right side. This system is ideal for top clamps or side dump buckets.
  • Continuous Flow Mode - Gradually increases auxiliary hydraulic flow to the work tool when the roller switch is held upward. A momentary downward activation of the roller switch stops the flow.
Adjust the flow rate with a control knob enabling broom speed to be matched to vehicle ground speed or maximum top clamp activation speed.

Variable Displacement Axial Pump
Variable displacement axial pump provides intuitive hydraulic flow. Closed-centered implement valves, with pressure compensation for reduced lever effort, signal hydraulic system requirements to a control valve located on the pump. This valve controls the pump to deliver the flow and pressure necessary to fulfill the implement demands.

Load-Sensing Steering
Load-sensing steering provides low effort operator control, making more power available for rimpull, breakout and lift forces.

Joystick Control
Low effort, joystick implement control improves efficiency with simultaneous lift and tilt functions.

Modular Hydraulic Control Valves
Modular hydraulic control valves add a new dimension of versatility that greatly simplifies and lowers overall cost of reconfiguring the machine for additional functions.

Tilt Cylinder
A large tilt cylinder delivers exceptional backdrag performance.

Caterpillar XT™ hoses and couplings provide rugged, reliable performance with significantly reduced risk.

Caterpillar Power Train
Rugged, dependable Cat components deliver maximum rimpull to the ground and full power to the loader hydraulics.

Caterpillar Power Train

Caterpillar Engine
The six-cylinder 3056E Direct Injection Turbocharged (DIT) engine with Air-to-Air After Cooler (ATAAC) meets worldwide emissions standards and has a proven reputation for reliability, durability and performance. Fuel injection is electronically controlled for precise timing.

Air-to-Air After Cooling
Air-to-air after cooling reduces engine emissions.

Torque Rise
The engine features a 37% torque rise for increased power during heavy-duty use.

Low cylinder pressure rise and low peak pressure provide outstanding reliability and durability.

Cooling System
Engine and cooling system are in separate compartments for clean, quiet operation and easy service.

Electronic Control Module
The Caterpillar engine control module not only controls the timing needs of the engine but also monitors critical systems to maintain optimum performance and provide engine protection.

Service Intervals
The recommended engine oil change requirement is every 500 hours of operation.

Heavy-duty design features strong gears and bearings for durable performance. Oscillating rear axle helps assure four-wheel ground contact for optimum traction and stability.

Oil-disc brakes are adjustment-free and fully enclosed.

Optional Heavy-Duty Brakes
Optional heavy-duty brakes provide additional brake discs and axle oil cooler for severe applications.

Duo-Cone® Seals
Duo-Cone Seals keep oil in and contaminants out.

Limited Slip Differentials
Optional front and rear Limited Slip Differentials provide improved traction in poor or uneven underfoot conditions.

Rugged, field-proven Caterpillar 4F/3R transmission uses heavy-duty components for durable and reliable operation. High-energy friction materials allow for better heat tolerance while thick reaction plates allow for better heat dissipation. The transmission is also designed for easy service and rebuild.

Electronic Clutch Pressure Control
The Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) manages shift torque providing exceptional smoothness.

High-contact ratio spur gears are precision ground and heat treated for quiet, durable operation.

Shifting Options
Operator can choose manual shift or two autoshift modes (full throttle or variable shift control). Full throttle selection provides maximum acceleration while variable selection increases fuel economy and improves operator comfort.

Work Tools
Increase your productivity by performing a variety of jobs with one machine.

Work Tools

With a variety of work tools offered by Caterpillar, the 930G is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Quick Coupler
Work tools can be changed quickly and easily with the machine's integral quick coupler system. A switch in the operator compartment activates a hydraulic cylinder for positive tool engagement or disengagement.

With exceptional rimpull and high breakout and lift forces, the 930G demonstrates strong performance as a bucket loading machine. A wide range of Caterpillar buckets are available including:
  • general purpose
  • penetration
  • light material
  • multi purpose
  • side dump
  • high dump
  • wood chip
  • ejector
  • top-clamp

Material Handling
Exceptional visibility and heavy-lift capabilities enable you to work quickly and efficiently as a material handler. A wide range of tools are available such as:
  • pallet forks
  • offset forks
  • log and lumber forks
  • material handling arm
  • tire loaders

Auxiliary Hydraulics
Optional third and fourth function hydraulics are available for use with work tools that require hydraulic power, such as rotary brooms, high dump and side dump buckets. Optional 5th and 6th function hydraulics are also available for snow plow and snow wing jobs.

Special Applications
Some of the numerous specialty tools available include:
  • dozer blades
  • snow plows
  • hydraulic brooms
  • asphalt cutter
  • loader rakes

Easy access and minimal maintenance requirements provide exceptional ease of service.


Easy Access
Gull-wing engine enclosure doors with gas struts lift for exceptional access to filters and service points. Radiator and oil coolers are easily accessible for cleaning.

Simplified Routine Service
All service points are accessible from the ground level. Easily check radiator coolant, hydraulic oil and transmission oil levels with sight gauges.

Swing-out Cooling Fan
A swing-out cooling fan allows quick, easy cleaning and service of the radiator. The fan is hydraulically driven and separate from the engine compartment for exceptional low noise operation.

Optional Reversing Fan
Optional reversing capability of the fan cleans screens without interrupting machine operation.

Pressure Taps
Standard pressure taps allow quick diagnosis of the entire hydraulic system.

S•O•SSM Ports
Scheduled Oil Sampling ports are factory installed for improved access to engine, transmission and hydraulic oils. S•O•S ports make oil sampling quicker, cleaner and provide the best oil sample for analysis.

Oil Filters
Spin-on filters for engine oil, transmission oil and hydraulic oil are vertically mounted for easier servicing.

Clamps and Bushings
Metal clamps with rubber bushings are used at hose attachment points to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and increase wear life.

Self-diagnostic transmission and data link allows quick and easy troubleshooting by service personnel. Service codes are easily accessed through the gauge console.

Ground Level Access
The control valves feature convenient ground level access for easy modifications to the system.

Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze
Cat Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze allows extended operation (up to 6,000 hours) between changes.

Other Service Features
Other service features include:
  • Maintenance-free driveshaft
  • Stationary radiator and coolant hoses
  • Standard hydraulic oil cooler
  • Adjustment-free brakes
  • Adjustment-free engine fuel system
  • Grouped grease fittings
  • Positive torque hose clamps
  • Braided, color coded and numbered wiring consistent throughout Caterpillar machines

Owning & Operating Costs
Cost saving features help improve your bottom line.

Owning & Operating Costs

Low Fuel Consumption
The 3056E DIT ATAAC engine features low fuel consumption for more economical operation and meets all worldwide emissions standards. Load sensing hydraulics matches power and speed to your specific job application for high efficiency.

Heavy-Duty Power, Fast Cycle Times
High horsepower provides rugged, dependable power and faster cycle times, allowing the operator to get more work done in a day.

Extended Service Intervals
Service intervals have been extended to reduce machine service time and increase machine availability:
  • 4,000 hour hydraulic oil change (S•O•S sampling required)
  • 1,000 hour hydraulic filter change
  • 500 hour engine oil change

Smoother Transmission for Increased Productivity
A smoother shifting transmission provides a more comfortable work environment, allowing the operator to be more productive throughout the entire work shift.

Demand Fan
Demand fan changes speed to meet cooling requirements and save fuel.

Engine Derate Feature
Auto Derate monitors vital engine systems and will reduce the engine horsepower up to 50% to protect the engine.

Optional Axle Cooler
Protection for severe applications.

Equipment Management Option
Caterpillar's asset management or equipment management system called Product Link-World View, enables dealers and their customers to track equipment for hours and location, and in some cases monitor machine health. This easy-to-use system provides information flow between a machine and the user through the internet based Dealer Storefront. This information helps lower operating costs through timely service/repairs and optimized machine use.

Machine Security System Option
The Machine Security System (MSS) inhibits unauthorized machine use by immobilizing vital electrical circuits. Critical machine circuits are inhibited unless a valid key is used to start the machine.

Environmentally Responsible Design
Caterpillar machines help you build a better world and help preserve the fragile environment.

Environmentally Responsible Design

Low Fuel Consumption
As the top performer in its size class, the 930G gets more work done in less time and provides low fuel consumption with minimal impact on the environment.

Low Exhaust Emissions
The Cat 3056E DIT ATAAC is a low emission engine designed to meet current worldwide emission regulations and is Tier 2 compliant.

Quiet Operation
The engine cooling system allows the engine to be fully enclosed, allowing less engine noise to escape. With the optional sound suppression package, the 930G is even quieter.

Ozone Protection
To help protect the earth's ozone layer, the air conditioning unit uses only R-134a refrigerant which does not contain harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's).

Fewer Leaks and Spills
Engine oil, transmission and hydraulic filters are positioned vertically and are easily removed without spillage. The Cat 3056E is fitted with a Closed Circuit Breather to eliminate valve cover drips. Cat O-ring face seals, XT hose and hydraulic cylinders are all designed to help prevent fluid leaks that can weaken the machine's performance and cause harm to the environment.

Rebuildable Components
All major components are designed for rebuildability.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil
Caterpillar biodegradable hydraulic oil can be used, providing an environmentally-sound alternative to mineral-based oils.

Complete Customer Support
Caterpillar dealer services ensure a longer machine operating life with lower costs.

Complete Customer Support

Make detailed comparisons of machines before purchasing. What are the job requirements? What production is needed? What is the true cost of lost production? Your Cat dealer can give you precise answers to these questions. You can also build the machine that is right for you. Go online anytime to review the full range of features and options available using the Build & Quote application on your Cat dealer's website or www.cat.com.

Look at the total package. Consider the financing options available through your Cat dealer as well as day-to-day operating costs. Dealer support services can be included in the cost of the machine to yield lower equipment owning and operating costs over the life of the machine.

For the best operating techniques to increase productivity and your profit, turn to your Cat dealer for the latest training literature and knowledgeable staff.

Choose from a wide range of maintenance services at the time of machine purchase. Repair option programs guarantee the cost of repairs up front. Diagnostic programs such as S•O•S Oil Analysis and Technical Analysis help avoid unscheduled repairs that can cost unnecessary time and money.

Repair, rebuild or replace? Your Cat dealer can help you evaluate the cost involved to make the right choice.

Product Support
You will find nearly all parts at our dealer parts counter. Cat dealers utilize a worldwide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine downtime. Additionally, Caterpillar offers a line of genuine remanufactured components which can help lower repair costs.

For more complete information on Cat products, dealer services, and industry solutions, visit us on the web at www.cat.com. Specializing in fast, accurate and up-to-date information, the Cat web site delivers the information you need to operate your business, 24-hours a day.

Standard Equipment

  • Alternator, 80-amp
  • Alarm, back-up
  • Batteries, maintenance-free, 950 CCA, (2)
  • Directional signals (front & rear)
  • Starting and charging system, 24V
  • Halogen work lights (front & rear)
  • Ignition key start/stop switch
  • Roading lights
  • Starting aid, thermal
  • Switch, battery disconnect
  • Cab, ROPS (sound suppressed and pressurized)
  • Gauges: - Engine coolant temperature - Hydraulic oil temperature - Torque converter oil temperature - Fuel level gauge - Speedometer - Digital tachometer - Digital hour meter/odometer - Transmission oil
  • Warning indicators: - Primary steering malfunction - Electrical system voltage low - Coolant temperature - Engine oil pressure low - Parking brake applied - Brake charge pressure low - Transmission oil temperature - Transmission oil filter bypass - Hydraulic oil filter bypass
  • Adjustable tilt steering column
  • Coat hook
  • Ground level door release
  • Heater/defroster
  • Horn, steering wheel mounted (electric)
  • Hydraulic control lever lockout
  • Interior light
  • Interior and exterior auxiliary power sockets
  • Lighter
  • Lunch box storage with cup holder
  • Pilot hydraulic implement controls
  • Rear window defroster, electric
  • Rear view mirrors (2 inside)
  • Seat, adjustable suspension, armrest (fabric or vinyl)
  • Seat belt, 75 mm (3 in), retractable
  • Tinted safety glass, front
  • Tool box
  • Two door cab, fixed glass
  • Wet arm wiper/washer (front & rear), front intermittent
  • Engine, Caterpillar 3056E DIT ATAAC - Low emission diesel engine - Turbocharged - After cooled - Closed Circuit Breather (CCB) - Electronically controlled engine
  • Air cleaner, dry type
  • Axle seal guards
  • Brakes, enclosed wet-disc full hydraulic
  • Differentials, conventional (front/rear)
  • Driveshaft, lubed for life
  • Engine fuel priming pump
  • Engine speed control
  • Fuel/water separator
  • Muffler
  • Radiator, unit serviceable
  • S•O•S oil sampling port, engine oil
  • S•O•S oil sampling port, transmission oil
  • Torque converter
  • Transmission, 4F/3R, autoshift, single lever control with F/N/R and kickdown button
  • Transmission neutralizer; operator programmable
  • Hydraulic diagnostic connectors
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Hydraulic control, 2-valve, 1-lever with F/N/R
  • Load-sensing steering system
  • S•O•Ssm oil sampling port, hydraulic oil
  • Antenna, for radio
  • Antifreeze/coolant, extended-life protects to -36°C (-33°F)
  • Automatic bucket positioner/fork positioner
  • Brakes, secondary and parking
  • Counterweight
  • Engine enclosure, lockable
  • Fenders, front
  • Hitch, recovery
  • Loader linkage, VersaLink
  • Lift kickout, automatic
  • Machine Security System ready
  • Product Link- World View ready
  • Remote grease lines
  • Steering stops, cushioned
  • Swing-out, hydraulically driven demand fan
  • Vandalism protection, lockable service points
  • Visual indicators: - air cleaner service - coolant level - hydraulic oil - transmission oil

Optional Equipment

Air conditioner (R-134a refrigerant)
Alternator, 95-amp
Antifreeze/coolant, extended-life, protects to -50°C (-58°F)
Beacon light, rotating, magnetic-mount
Brakes, heavy duty (with rear axle oil cooler)
Buckets/ground engaging tools
Canopy, ROPS
Counterweight, additional 470 kg (1,036 lb)
Differential, Limited Slip, front axle and/or rear axle
Differential, NoSpin, rear axle only
Dust bowl precleaner
Electrical accessories package (12V converter, accessory plug outlet, wiring)
Fan, reversing
Fenders, roading, rear
Fenders, steel
Guards: - Crankcase - Driveshaft, front - Power train - Waste guarding package
Hydraulic control, two lever (lift/tilt)
Hydraulic control auxiliary; third and fourth, fifth and sixth valve
Hydraulic oil cooler, heavy-duty
Flood lights, auxiliary, cab-mounted
Linkage, high lift
Load check valves (dealer installed)
Machine Security System
Material handling arm
Mirrors, external (two)
Pallet forks, carriage
Product Link- World View
Quick Coupler, Caterpillar
Quick Coupler, wide
Radiator, wide fin spacing, 5.5 fpi
Radio packages:
  • Radio prep installation, 12V, includes speakers, cable, mounting bracket, hardware, converter and accessory plug. Radio not included.
  • Radio, AM/FM
  • Radio, AM/FM with CD player
Rear-view camera system
Ride Control System
Seats: - Cat Contour Seat, fabric, with adjustable backrest and lumbar support. - Cat Contour Seat, fabric, electrically adjustable with air suspension.
Sliding door windows (left and right)
Sound suppression package
Starting aid, engine coolant heater, 120V
Steering: - Secondary - Dual Mode
Sun screen, rear
Sun visor, front
Tires: - Bias ply, 17.5 - 25 and 20.5 - 25 - Radial, 17.5 - R25, 20.5 - R25 and 600/65 R25



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