The 906 Compact Wheel Loader is built to the same high standards as larger Caterpillar wheel loaders. This machine delivers Cat reliability, durability and efficient operation, even in the toughest working conditions.

Designed, built and backed by Caterpillar to deliver exceptional performance and versatility, ease of operation, serviceability and customer support.


Performance and Versatility
The strong weight-power ratios result in fast acceleration and quick directional changes for excellent performance

Ease of Operation
Operator comfort and easy operation are designed into every aspect of the cab.

Quick access and superior design make the 906 Compact Wheel Loader easy to service.

Customer Support
Caterpillar dealers offer unmatched customer support.

Work Tools
To enable maximum utilization of the compact wheel loaders, Caterpillar offers a wide range of tools for the many and varied tasks demanded by customers.

Additional Counterweight
Improved productivity, lifting capability and handling and substantially increased tipping load are delivered from the additional counterweight bolted onto the rear axle.

The standard antifreeze offers protection to temperatures down to -33F, whereas the optional antifreeze offers protection down to -58F.

Rear Hitch Tow Pin
The rear hitch tow pin offers the increased versatility for Cat Compact Wheel Loaders.

Fender Extensions
Extensions to the front fenders deflect dirt away from the machine and back to the ground when used in muddy applications.

Cab Mounted Working Lights
Four lights are mounted externally to the cab roof (2 front and 2 rear), offering additional lighting for working at dusk / night.

Rotary Beacon
A roof-mounted rotating flashing beacon offering increased visual awareness of the machine.

Operator Station
The Cat Compact Wheel Loader cab sets the industry standard for comfort, offering the most spacious cab and greatest viewing area in its size class.

Excellent Viewing
Excellent visibility in all directions -- 360 degrees panoramic view.

Low Effort Controls
Low effort pilot hydraulics and an ergonomically designed joystick with adjustable wrist rest minimize fatigue.

SAE criteria
The cab also meets ROPS criteria SAE J1040 MAY94 and ISO3741-1: 1986, and ROPS criteria SAE J231 JAN81 and ISO 3449:1992.

Design Technology
Cat Compact Wheel Loaders have been designed with the aid of virtual reality.

Sound Levels
Cat Compact Wheel Loader cabs are designed to provide users with very low interior sound levels.

Dash/Instrument Panel
The specially designed dash/instrument panel consists of 2 standard gauges, 14 action and indicator lamps, 8 rocker switch locations, a lamp test switch and a digital hour meter.

Bucket/Work Tool Controls
The Cat Compact Wheel Loaders feature pilot hydraulic controls.

Seat Belt
A 2" seat belt is standard equipment on the Cat Compact Wheel Loader, whilst the 3" belt is a legal requirement in the States of Oregon and California in the USA and in British Columbia in Canada.

Power Train
Caterpillar hystat power train delivers aggressive performance and easy operation.

3034 engine
The 3034 incorporates many of the same heavy duty features that have helped make larger Caterpillar diesel engines the standard in the industry.

The compact wheel loader has a unique cooling airflow path which provides optimum engine cooling while minimizing exterior noise levels.

Fuel Tank
The compact wheel loader fuel tank is not pressurized, decreasing system complexity and limiting the amount of fuel discharge if a leak occurs.

Two-speed closed-loop hydrostatic transmission delivers smooth transition from full rimpull to runout. Precise inching control and smooth acceleration minimize operator fatigue.

Speed Control
In order to limit maximum travel speed while maintaining high engine rpm and hydraulic speed for applications such as truck loading, a rabbit/turtle (High/Low) switch is provided.

A limited slip differential (LSD) is standard for the Cat Compact Wheel Loader front axle, and a conventional differential is standard for the rear axle.

There are 2 optiona available. The 750 CCA/100Ahr battery is standard equipment. The optional 900CCA battery option offers the extra capacity needed in cold weather.

Engine Breather
Engine Enclosure Hood
One of the benefits introduced with the compact wheel loader is the superb rear visibility provided by the newly styled engine enclosure hood.

Other Machines
Users will find the visibility to the rear of the machine significantly better with the Cat Compact Wheel Loaders than most other machines in this class.

Reaction Injection Molding
The Cat Compact Wheel Loader engine enclosure is manufactured using a state-of-the-art Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process.

Durable Material
Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) material used in the molding process is extremely durable and tough.

Stiffness/Impact Strength
The hood molding has an excellent combination of stiffness, impact strength, and low density.

Hood Understructure
The compact wheel loader understructure is molded of the same parent material, dicyclopentadiene and permanently bonded to the inside of the hood.

Engine Enclosure Design
The engine enclosure is designed as a solid piece, without any line-of-sight openings into the engine compartment.

The paint protecting the Cat Compact Wheel Loader is of the highest quality.

Engine Enclosure
Two different levels of sound suppression are offered in the engine enclosure of the Cat Compact Wheel Loader. The standard enclosure is fitted with sound suppression material.

Exhaust System
This option is dependent on whether a cab or canopy has been selected. The first option includes a standard exhaust system and is mandatory when ordering a cab. The second option includes a standard exhaust plus a mesh guard around the exhaust pipe. This is a mandatory option when a canopy has been selected.

Eco Drain Valves
Eco drain valves can be fitted to help prevent spillage when draining oil. Bio-degradable oil can be used to reinforce this envirnomental protection if the eco drain valves have been selected.

Hydraulic System
Fixed displacement, combined implement/steering pump.

Control Valve
The implement valve is actuated by a closed center hydraulic pilot control valve.

Implement flow originates at the implement pump and is routed first through a steering priority valve, then through the implement valve to the tank.

Hydrostatic Charge Pump
The hydrostatic charge pump supplies flow to the pilot control valve and to a piston-type accumulator.

The accumulator supplies short-term flow for dead-engine situations.

Pilot Valve
The pilot valve is actuated by the joystick and the auxiliary hydraulic control lever in the operator compartment.

Lift & Tilt Functions
The Cat Compact Wheel Loader has standard lift and tilt functions. The hydraulically actuated QuickLock coupler is also standard.

Hydraulic Tank
The Cat Compact Wheel Loader hydraulic tank is not pressurized.

Rotationally Molded Nylon
The hydraulic tank is made from rotationally molded nylon 12.

This is an advantage over conventional sheet metal tanks.

Damage Protection
The hydraulic tank is securely located at the heart of the machine.

3rd Valve Hydraulic Lines
This enables the use of Cat Work Tools requiring auxiliary hydraulic functions.

Lift Arm Check Valve
In the event of a hydraulic failure this option will prevent the front linkage from lowering.

Hydraulic Controls
A Return to Dig option is available for the Caterpillar Compact Wheel Loader.

VersaLink Loader
The Cat Compact Wheel Loader Versa-Link Loader Linkage is a six-bar linkage with a single BoxBoom assembly, replacing the conventional slab lift arms.

VersaLink Loader

The design of the VersaLink Loader Linkage allows ideal visibility forward and to each side of the work tool.

Unobstructed Visibility
This unobstructed visibility will insure the operator a clear view of the working environment during truck loading operations, material handling, and pallet fork work.

Productive Work Environment
Similarly in dozing and clean-up operations, the operator can see the ground behind the bucket to monitor grading.

Near-parallel Lift
The VersaLink Loader Linkage provides near-parallel lift for the pallet forks similar to the IT14G

Work Tool Position
The parallel lift characteristic of the compact wheel loader VersaLink Loader Linkage keeps the angle of the work tool with respect to the groundline relatively unchanged.

Tilt Cylinder
The tilt cylinder is sized such that any load that can be lifted in a bucket or with pallet forks can also be controlled over the full working range of motion of the work tool.

Strong Breakout Force
The VersaLink Loader Linkage delivers a very strong breakout force and presents the best reach in the compact wheel loader industry.

Unique Design
The unique design of the Versa Link Loader Linkage has superior torsional characteristics when compared to the slab lift arms of competitive machines.

Pin Joints
All pin joints on the VersaLink Loader Linkage contain induction-hardened pins turning in hardened steel sleeve bearings.

QuickLock Hydraulic Coupler
The opposing hardened steel wedges of the QuickLock Hydraulic Coupler ensure that the work tool is securely attached and will not rattle.

Force Distribution
The large front surface area of the QuickLock Hydraulic Coupler provides excellent force distribution when pushing material.

Maximum Visibility Design
The QuickLock Hydraulic Coupler is designed to provide maximum visibility around each side of the quick coupler, as well as through the center.

Work Tools
Caterpillar offers a wide range of tools to extend the performance and versatility of the compact wheel loader in a wide range of applications.

List of Work ToolsWork Tools Wire Harnesses
Supplies electrical power for valves on selected work tools.

Standard Equipment
Standard equipment may vary. consult your Caterpillar dealer for specifics.

Optional Equipment

Preparation Packages
Two different packages are available for the Caterpillar Compact Wheel Loader. The first includes a battery disconnect switch, a back up alarm, interior mirrors & road lights. The second package includes all of the features as the first, as well as exterior mirrors.

Service Instructions
Service instructions for the Caterpillar Compact Wheel Loader are available in either English or French.



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