The Cat® 903C delivers high performance with outstanding versatility. Spacious cab with joystick control keeps you comfortable throughout the work day, allowing you to get more done. Loader design delivers strength and durability with superior control.

Engine Model Cat C2.4*
Gross Power 42 hp
Net Power 40 hp
Net Power @ 2,200 rpm – SAE J1349 Rating 40 hp
Net Power @ 2,200 rpm – ISO 9249 Rating 40 hp
Net Power @ 2,200 rpm – EEC 80/1269 Rating 40 hp
Bore 3.4 in
Stroke 4.0 in
Displacement 147 in2
Note *Engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim emission standards.

Operating Weight 9150 lb

Bucket Capacities 0.6-1.0 m3 (0.8-1.3 yd3)

Travel Speed 10 mph

Hydraulic System
Main Relief 2988 psi
3rd Auxiliary Flow 14 gal/min
Hydraulic Cycle Time – Lift 4.7 seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time – Dump 0.8 seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time – Lower, Float 3.1 seconds

ROPS ISO 3471:2008
FOPS ISO 3449:2000 Level I

Service Refill Capacities
Cooling System 3 gal
Fuel Tank 11.4 gal
Hydraulic System 6.3 gal
Engine Oil 2.4 gal

Dimensions (Approximate)
Cab Height 8.2 ft
Ground Clearance 1.3 ft
Wheelbase 5.9 ft
Overall Length with Bucket 15.9 ft
Reach at Maximum Dump Height 2.9 ft
Dig Depth 8 in
Maximum Dump Height 8.0 ft
Load Over Height 9.6 ft
Hinge Pin at Maximum Height 10.6 ft
Departure Angle 30°
Overall Length with Forks 17.4 ft
Reach at Level Ground 3.7 ft
Maximum Reach 5.4 ft
Fork Depth Above Ground 2 in
Fork Height at Maximum Reach 4.7 ft
Maximum Fork Height 10.3 ft
Fork Reach at Maximum Height 2.5 ft
Turning Radius Over Bucket 13.2 ft
Turning Radius Inside Tire 5.4 ft
Width Over Bucket 5.8 ft
Tire Gauge 4.3 ft
Machine Width – 12-16.5 10PR tires 5.4 ft
Machine Width – Flotation 33-15.5 × 16.5 tires 5.6 ft
Machine Width – Flexport™ 33 × 6 × 11 tires 5.2 ft
Articulation Angle 40°
Steering Angle – Left/Right 80°
Dump Angle at Maximum Height 40°

Operating Specifications
Tire Size 33 × 15.5-16.5, 12PR
Rated Bucket Capacity 0.8 yd3
Breakout Force 5171 lb
Standard – Operating Weight 9150 lb
Standard – Rated Operating Load @ Full Turn, Bucket 1950 lb
Standard – Straight Tipping Load, Bucket 4650 lb
Standard – Full Turn Static Tipping Load, Bucket 3900 lb
Standard – Rackback, Transport Position 52°
Standard – Rated Operating Load @ Full Turn, Forks (EN 474-3:2006, Firm and Level Ground, 500 mm (20 in) Load Center) (80% of FTSTL) 2500 lb
Standard – Rated Operating Load @ Full Turn, Forks (EN 474-3:2006, Rough Terrain, 500 mm (20 in) Load Center) (60% of FTSTL) 1900 lb
With Additional Counterweight – Operating Weight 9500 lb
With Additional Counterweight – Rated Operating Load @ Full Turn, Bucket 2100 lb
With Additional Counterweight – Straight Tipping Load, Bucket 5000 lb
With Additional Counterweight – Full Turn Static Tipping Load, Bucket 4200 lb
With Additional Counterweight – Rackback, Transport Position 52°
With Additional Counterweight – Rated Operating Load @ Full Turn, Forks (EN 474-3:2006, Firm and Level Ground, 500 mm (20 in) Load Center) (80% of FTSTL) 2700 lb
With Additional Counterweight – Rated Operating Load @ Full Turn, Forks (EN 474-3:2006, Rough Terrain, 500 mm (20 in) Load Center) (60% of FTSTL) 2000 lb

Maximum Material Densities
Note Based on ISO 7546: 1983 and rated operating loads at full turn and without additional counterweight
General Purpose – Bucket Type General Purpose
General Purpose – Rated Capacity 0.8 yd3
General Purpose – Dump Height 96 in
General Purpose – Maximum Material Density 2437 lb/yd3
General Purpose – Bucket Width 70 in
Light Material – Bucket Type Light Material
Light Material – Rated Capacity 1.3 yd3
Light Material – Dump Height 91 in
Light Material – Maximum Material Density 1423 lb/yd3
Light Material – Bucket Width 74 in


  • Performance – Well balanced weight and power make the 903C suitable for tasks in agriculture, landscaping, snow, construction, and industrial segments. Optional external counterweights increase lift capacity for demanding jobs.
  • Ease of Operation – Two independent control levers for lift/tilt and auxiliary functions provide excellent bucket feel and implement modulation.
  • Power Train – Hydrostatic drive line features a 16 km/h (10 mph) travel speed. Axles are available with front and rear diff-lock.
  • Safety – Reduced engine overhang lends itself to excellent rear and corner visibility, keeping the operator safe and productive to the task at hand.
  • Serviceability – Fully opening rear hood allows easy access to engine compartment featuring side-by-side coolers and transparent fuel/water separator.
  • Work Tools – Standard Skid Steer Loader coupler and continuous auxiliary hydraulic flow enables the 903C to use a large range of Cat Skid Steer Loader hydro mechanical work tools.

Standard Equipment

  • Air cleaner, two stage with visual indicator
  • Cat C2.4, 41.8 hp (31.2 kW) engine: – Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim emission standards
  • Closed circuit breather
  • Cold start plugs
  • Electrical fuel priming pump
  • Extended life coolant protects to –37° C (–34° F)
  • Frame mounted heavy duty axles with outboard planetary reduction
  • Maintenance free, sealed for life, prop shaft and universal joints
  • Transmission, 16 km/h (10 mph)
  • 12 volt direct electric starting
  • Alternator, 70A
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Cab mounted fuse panel
  • Ignition key start/stop switch
  • Maintenance free, sealed for life, 650 CCA heavy duty battery
  • Cup holder
  • Digital service hour meter
  • Engine coolant temperature gauge
  • Fuel level gauge
  • Heavy duty, easy clean floor mat
  • Operator warning system indicators: – Parking brake applied – Hydraulic oil temperature – Engine oil pressure – Service brake pressure – Hydraulic filter bypass
  • Seat: – Static, vinyl with 51 mm (2 in) retractable seat belt
  • Two external mirrors – knock back
  • 3rd valve auxiliary hydraulics with continuous flow detent, standard flow
  • Engine enclosure – lockable
  • Guarded front headlight
  • Hydraulic oil level sight gauge
  • Lift arm safety brace
  • Loader arm float function
  • Lockable fuel filler cap
  • Manual quick coupler, skid steer loader compatible
  • Parking brake (secondary brake)
  • Quick release fuel filter/water separator
  • Reversing light
  • Self-canceling direction indicators
  • Work tool return to dig
  • Z-bar linkage

Optional Equipment

Air conditioning/heater
Alternator, 90 amp for air conditioning
Antifreeze/coolant, extended life, protects to –50° C (–58° F)
Beacon ready
Cab with ROPS/FOPS (Level 1)
Counterweight: 160 kg (350 lb)
Differential lock, front and rear axles
Eco drain, engine oil (dealer installed)
Engine block heater 120V (dealer installed)
  • Standard for use with 304 mm (12 in) tires
  • Wide for use with 393 mm (15.5 in) tires
Hydraulic auxiliary lines with quick disconnects (dealer installed)
Radio Ready or AM/FM radio
  • Mechanical suspension, vinyl with 51 mm (2 in) seat belt
  • Mechanical suspension, vinyl with 75 mm (3 in) seat belt
  • Mechanical suspension, fabric with 51 mm (2 in) seat belt
  • Mechanical suspension, fabric with 75 mm (3 in) seat belt
  • 12-16.5 10PR
  • Flotation 33-15.5 × 16.5
  • Flexport 33 × 6 × 11
Working lights, front and rear
  • For all work tool options, consult your Cat dealer.



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