953C WH

The 953C WH is the machine to perform many waste handling tasks. It can also be used to compact the top layer of material which minimizes the amount of daily cover needed.

Engine Model Cat® 3126B ATAAC
Flywheel Power 128 hp

Operating Weight 36720 lb

Capacity - General Purpose Landfill 3 yd3
Capacity - Multi-Purpose Landfill 2.75 yd3
Width - General Purpose Landfill 96 in
Width - Multi-Purpose Landfill 93.3 in

Track Shoe Width - Standard 20 in
Track Shoe Width - Optional 15 in
Track Gauge 71 in
Track on Ground 92.4 in
Ground Contact Area - Standard Shoe 3565 in2
Ground Contact Area - Optional Shoe 2790 in2
Ground Pressure - Standard Shoe 10.3 psi
Ground Pressure - Optional Shoe 13.2 psi
Track Shoe Type Double Grouser, Trapezoidal Shoe

Operating Specifications
Track on Ground 92.32 in
Ground Pressure 9.54 psi
Max Travel Speed 5.7 mph

Standards Standards

Note: Note

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 62 gal
Cooling System 6.9 gal
Crankcase (with Filter) 4.8 gal
Final Drives (each) 4.1 gal
Hydraulic Tank 29.1 gal

Ripper Specifications
Type Radial
Number of Pockets 3
Overall Width/Beam 76.9 in
Penetration 11.4 in
Ripping Width 70.9 in

The excellent versatility of the 953C Waste Handler makes it well suited for performing many waste handling applications. Other uses for the 953C WH vary from soil excavation, utility applications, and material handling.

Landfill Applications
The 953C Waste Handler performs many waste handling tasks, such as:
  • Feeding waste to landfill compactors
  • Spreading
  • Shredding
  • Compacting
  • Leveling waste before daily cover

Transfer Station
This application requires a machine with maneuverability in addition to versatility. The 953C Waste Handler makes the following transfer station tasks possible:
  • Sorting
  • Shredding
  • Crushing
  • Compacting
  • Loading

Utility Applications
The 953C can work in virtually any underfoot condition (snow, mud, uncompacted fill materials, etcÂ…). It can be used to:
  • Build and maintain service roads
  • Remove snow
  • Clear land
  • Rip compacted material for excavation
  • Retrieve mired vehicles on the work site

Waste Material Handling
Due to its superior flotation and visibility the 953C can handle smoothly and efficiently
  • Separating materials for recycling
  • Moving materials to compost areas
  • Charging shredder hoppers
  • Truck loading

Construction and Demolition Material Handling
Track loaders can be used for:
  • Sorting
  • Shredding
  • Crushing
  • Compacting
  • Stockpiling
  • Loading materials

Soil Excavation/Handling
The versatility of its tools makes the 953C Track Loader excellent for:
  • Excavating
  • Carrying
  • Stockpiling
  • Spreading soil and cover material

Basic Guarding Package
Guarding helps protect critical machine components and body panels from being damaged by debris under harsh waste handling environments.

Seal Protection Guard Group
Helps protect the final drive, pivot shaft and idler seals. Minimizes costly downtime caused by wire, nylon strapping, etc., usually found in transfer stations and landfills.

Heavy-duty Swing Open Bottom Guards
  • Help protect engine and drive train from damage.
  • Provide easy access for servicing and cleanout.

Heavy-duty Hydraulic Tank Guard
  • Helps prevent costly hydraulic tank damage from debris.
  • Twice as thick as standard guarding for excellent protection.

Lift Cylinder Line Guard
Helps protect lift cylinder hoses from debris damage.

Tilt Cylinder Guards with Side Mounted Bucket Positioner
Protects cylinder, cylinder rod and hydraulic lines from falling debris. The bucket positioner is mounted to the side of the cylinder.

Final Drive Abrasion Guards
  • Fabricated from abrasion-resistant steel to protect final drive housings.
  • Helps prevent final drive failure due to wear-through in abrasive condi-tions.
  • Three-piece design enhances serviceability.

Front Idler Guard
Helps protect the yoke, link, recoil rod and idler by preventing material from entering the idler area.

Basic Waste Handler Arrangement
The basic Waste Handler arrangement inlcudes the Basic Guarding Package in addtion to the following - Heavu-duty Bottom Guards, Guarded Lights, Debris Barrier Package, Trash Radiator, Heavy-duty Front Guards, and Idler Guards.

Precleaner with Prescreener
  • Prevents trash from entering air intake.
  • Turbine-type dust ejection system extends filter life.

Swing-out Radiator Grille
  • Allows easy access for cleaning radiator.
  • Makes cooling system work more efficiently.

Debris Barrier Package
  • Rubber baffle added to front and rubber seals to rear of cab. Reduces build-up of debris in engine and power train components. Results in longer operating time between cleanouts.
  • Seals added to engine side doors to prevent entry of radiator-plugging waste.

Fender Reinforcement
  • Fenders help protect cab and sheet metal.
  • Reinforcements added to improve strength.

Recommended Options
Features for peak performance. Several additional options are recommended to assist matching your site requirements.

Trash Rack
  • Increases bucket capacity in waste
  • Helps prevent bucket spillage

Heavy-duty Hinged Windshield Screen
Protects front cab glass from debris coming over bucket. Features quick release handle for easy cleaning access.

Striker Bar
Designed to prevent debris from riding up the track and damaging the sheet metal.

Third Valve Line Guard
Protects steel hydraulic lines for Multi-Purpose Bucket from damage caused by material pushed upward between lift arms when back-dragging.

Work Tools
  • General Purpose Bucket
  • General Purpose Landfill Bucket
  • Multi-Purpose Bucket
  • Multi-Purpose Landfill Bucket
  • Ripper

The 953C WH design offers reduced maintenance, convenient access to components, easy diagnostic capabilities, as well as easy and economical component replacement possibilities. Cat dealers also provide quick parts availability.

Total Customer Support
Your Caterpillar dealer offers a wide range of services that can be set up with a Customer Support Agreement. A customized plan, from PM service to total machine maintenance, and flexible financing, allows you to optimize your return on investment.



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