The TH580B is a highly versatile machine, designed to deliver maximum performance with traditional Cat reliability, durability and productivity in the toughest working conditions.

Operating Specifications
Rated Load Capacity 11000 lb
Maximum Lift Height 56 ft
Load at Max Height - Stabilizers Down 5500 lb
Load at Max Height - Stabilizers Up 4400 lb
Maximum Forward Reach 42 ft
Load at Max Reach - No Stabilizers 2500 lb
Load at Max Reach - Stabilizers Down 2500 lb
Load at Max Reach - Stabilizers Up 500 lb
Top Travel Speed 25 mph

Engine Model Cat® 3054E
Gross Power 120 hp
Net Power 117.5 hp
Maximum Torque 333 lb ft
Bore 4 in
Stroke 5 in
Displacement 268 in3

Operating Weight 30100 lb

Height 8.91 ft
Width 8.35 ft
Wheelbase 10.66 ft
Length to Fork Face 21.73 ft
Ground Clearance 20.51 in
Turning Radius Over Tires 13.19 ft
Length to Front of Tire 17.25 ft
Rear Overhang 4.33 ft
Height to Top of Hood 7.15 ft

Hydraulic System
Maximum System Pressure 3626 psi
Maximum Pump Flow 30 gal/min
Auxiliary Hydraulic Supply 16 gal/min
Pump Type Variable Displacement Load Sensing Axial Piston Pump

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 26 gal
Hydraulic Tank 17 gal

Transmission Speeds
Forward - 1 4 mph
Forward - 2 7 mph
Forward - 3 12 mph
Forward - 4 25 mph
Reverse - 1 4 mph
Reverse - 2 7 mph
Reverse - 3 12 mph

Boom Performance
Boom Up 26 Seconds
Boom Down 16 Seconds
Tele In 12 Seconds
Tele Out 15 Seconds
Crowd Forward (dump) 3 Seconds
Crowd Backward 3 Seconds
Combined - Up and Out 27 Seconds
Combined - Down and In 17 Seconds

Operator Station
The operator station provides comfort and protection with excellent job site visibility and convenient, logical controls.

Operator Station

Intuitive Control Layout
All day operator comfort and efficiency is ensured through our simple, logical control layout.

Easy Access
Cab entry and exit is both easy and convenient due to the well placed handholds and step.

Operator Protection
The machine provides full operator security with ROPS/FOPS protection.

A variety of seats are available, tailored to meet the requirements of the operator and applications.

Electronic Machine Information Display
Communicates essential technical data to facilitate easier machine operation.

Excellent Viewing Area
The B-Series cab has a superb viewing area due to the use of advanced virtual design techniques.

The joystick is capable of three simultaneous boom functions making machine operation easy. All functions are fully modulated.

Ease of Operation
Ease of operation was paramount in the design of the new TH580B. The single joystick with its intuitive, modulated, hydraulic functions, and the new Cat electronic machine information display are designed to maximize operator efficiency.

Ease of Operation

Joystick Control
The joystick allows three simultaneous boom functions and incorporates unique slider switches. The joystick also operates the auxiliary hydraulic function and allows the option of a second auxiliary service for the use of work tools that require more than one hydraulic service.

Hydraulic System
The Cat Electro Hydraulic system allows all three boom functions to be operated simultaneously and proportionally. This enables precise placing of loads in challenging applications. Auxiliary hydraulic functions are available on the joystick to allow operators to utilize more complex work tools. A continuous flow auxiliary hydraulic supply is available for operating tools such as brooms that require continuous flow for long periods of time.

Integrated System
The Cat integrated management system allows the engine, transmission and hydraulic systems to operate with maximum efficiency, control and productivity.

Flow Sharing
Three simultaneous hydraulic functions are achieved using a full flow sharing hydraulic valve. A load sensing, variable displacement pump allows full hydraulic power even at low revs.

Kick Down Switch
Engine revolutions can be controlled by pressing the joystick trigger, thus reducing hydraulic flow for fine controlled load replacement.

The TH580B delivers high performance to meet your specific job site needs.


Lift Height
The TH580B can effectively and quickly place bricks, roofing materials and trusses to a maximum height of 17 m (56 ft).

Job site obstacles present challenges demanding a machine to place loads at greater distances - with a reach of 12 700 mm (42 ft), the TH580B delivers.

The TH580B offers excellent maneuverability, due to its tight turning circle and its three different steering modes. The TH580B has a 48 degree axle steering angle and no rear tail swing, allowing it to work productively and safely in confined areas.

Steering Modes
The TH580B offers three steering modes (two wheel, crab and circle steer) to allow an operator to easily position the machine. Steering modes are selected by a single three-position rocker switch. Steering position sensors are fitted as standard to all steering modes to be changed while moving.

Frame LevelStabilizers
Power Train
Cat engines, axles and transmissions give you the quality power train that you expect.

Power Train

High Torque Rise Engine
The Cat 3054E electronic engine is U.S. EPA Tier 2 compliant. While continuing to deliver maximum performance, it features improved timing, reduced smoke and exceptional service improvements. For improved sound characteristics a venturi tailpipe has been packaged inside the engine enclosure. An electronic engines delivers:
  • Improved low idle performance
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Improved cold start
  • Increased diagnostic and security capability.
The TH580B is offered with one engine configuration - 92kW (120 hp).

The TH580B has a purpose designed Cat four speed forward, three speed reverse powersyncro transmission.

The TH580B is fitted with Caterpillar planetary reduction axles. For improved machine performance in difficult conditions, a differential lock is available (front axle).

Redefine the traditional role of a telehandler with the Cat TH580B.


Quick Coupler
A hydraulic IT interface is standard on the TH580B. For optimum versatility, machines can be equipped with the hydraulic quick coupler, allowing the operator to quickly and easily change non-hydraulic work tools without leaving the cab.

Hydraulic Services
Machines are equipped with an Auxiliary Hydraulic service, allowing the use of hydraulically operated work tools. All B-Series Telehandlers are equipped with a single auxiliary hydraulic service and continuous hydraulic flow.

Work Tools
A wide range of work tools are available to meet most job site applications. Cat Telehandler Work Tools extend the versatility of the machine. Built for performance and durability, these work tools deliver high productivity, long life and excellent value. Access Platform General Purpose Bucket (1.0 m3/1.3 yd3) Fixed Carriage Rotate Carriage Sideshift Carriage Swing Carriage Wide Carriage Wide Rotate Carriage Pallet Forks Block Forks Lift Hook Truss Boom Self-tipping Hopper Contact your Cat dealer for additional work tool options.

Tow Hitch
A manual rear tow hitch is available for off-highway towing as an option.

Cost of Ownership
Specifically designed to lower your owning and operating costs.

Cost of Ownership

Ease of Access
Cost of ownership starts with ease of service. All Cat Telehandler service points are readily accessible and major components are easy to reach at ground level due to overall machine design.

Daily Maintenance
Routine daily maintenance is now reduced to checking fluid levels and a walkaround inspection.

Service Intervals
Engine oil, filter changes and routine lubrication are now only required every 500 hours.

Reduced Componentry
The combined hydraulic/transmission oil filter requires changing at 1,000 hours. With the reduction in the number of filters and extended service intervals, operating costs are the lowest in the industry.

Machine Security System
Secure your investment with the Caterpillar Machine Security System (MSS), a programmable key system that provides optimum machine security for both fleet users and single owners.
  • MSS disables machine by interacting with the machine's Electronic Control Modules (ECM)
  • Keys fit all existing Cat machines (including machines without MSS)
  • Each machine can store up to 50 key identifications
  • Each key can be configured to operate a certain range of machines or enable operation for a certain period of time

Serviceability and Customer Support
Caterpillar Dealer Services enable you to operate longer with lower costs, helped by significantly extended service intervals.

Serviceability and Customer Support

All Cat Telehandler service points, including the combined transmission/hydraulic oil filter, are readily accessible and major components are easy to reach at ground level due to the overall machine design. A cab mounted service point allows access to the fuel fill, hydraulic oil fill, washer bottle, fuse box and cab air filter for routine checks.

Make detailed comparisons before you buy. Your Cat dealer can give answers to your questions.

Look at the value that the TH580B Telehandler will offer you. Consider all the flexible financing options your Cat dealer offers as well as day-to-day operating costs.

Improving operating techniques can boost your profits. Your Cat dealer has training literature and other ideas to help increase your productivity.

Repair options guarantee the cost of repairs up front. Diagnostic programs such as Scheduled Oil Sampling and Technical Analysis help you avoid unscheduled repairs.

Repair, rebuild or replace? Your Cat dealer can help you evaluate the cost involved so you can make the right choice.

Product Support
You will find high availability of parts at our dealer parts counter. Cat dealers utilize a worldwide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine downtime. Additionally, Caterpillar offers a line of genuine remanufactured components which can help lower repair costs.

Easy Financing
Your Cat dealer can provide a financing package to meet your needs.

Standard Equipment

  • Wear pads, non-metallic
  • Lock valve on hydraulic cylinders
  • Boom angle indicator
  • Single auxiliary to the boom head
  • Alternator, 105-amp
  • Anti-restart key switch
  • Battery, maintenance-free, 12 volt, 750 CCA with disconnect
  • Horn
  • Alarm, backup
  • Electronic Control Module
  • Power sockets, 12 volt internal and external
  • Cat Electronic Technician diagnostic connection
  • Canopy, ROPS/FOPS
  • Joystick, electronic
  • Adjustable joystick wristrest
  • Low step, grab bars
  • 2-way adjustable vinyl suspension seat, 50 mm (2 in) seat belt, document pouch
  • Steering wheel spinner knob
  • Floor mat
  • Right and left side rear view mirror
  • Service door, cab air intake filter, fuel fill, hydraulic fill, level indicator, fuse panel and washer fill
  • Instrument cluster with power train and system monitor, steering alignment indicator, fuel gauge, engine oil temperature gauge, engine water temperature gauge, hydraulic transmission temperature, SMU and air filter blockage indicator
  • Cup holder
  • Fixed steering column
  • Boom lights
  • Engine, Cat 3054E (U.S. EPA Tier 2 compliant) (92 kW/120 hp)
  • Self aligned steering
  • Air cleaner, dual element and filter condition indicator
  • Thermal starting aid
  • Water separator
  • Transmission, Cat 4 forward/3 reverse Powersyncro
  • Direction change, single lever, column mounted
  • Spin-on filters: engine oil filter, hydraulic/transmission filter
  • Axles, Cat; planetary drive, full time mechanical 4-wheel drive, integrated steer cylinders protected above axles, with steer sensors
  • Steering, power assisted, enclosed oil disc brakes, front axle
  • Parking brake, dry disc with transmission disconnect
  • Stabilizers, complete with access platform sensors
  • Chassis, frame level
  • Hydraulic quick coupler
  • Anti-freeze, extended life -36° C (-34° F)
  • Cat brand 14.00-24
  • Integrated lift and tie down points
  • Padlock on power module
  • Retrieval point
  • Continuous flow hydraulics

Optional Equipment

  • Light packages: boom lights, roading lights, cab lights
  • Dual battery
  • Engine heater block, 120V/750 Watts
  • Enclosed cab
  • Air conditioning
  • Heater
  • Seats: cloth suspension, cloth air-suspension
  • Headliner
  • Sun visor
  • Screen guard
  • Additional mirror packages
  • Rear wash/wipe
  • Machine Security System (MSS)
  • Beacon, magnetic mount
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Radio ready
  • 75 mm (3 in) retractable seat belt
  • Differential lock
  • Anti-freeze, extended life -50° C (-58° F)
  • 14.00-24 SGG Goodyear
  • 14-24 Cat (Arnco ReSeal)
  • 14-24 Cat (foam fill)
  • 14-24 Cat
  • 17.5 R25 XHA Michelin
  • Fenders
  • Lockable storage drawer
  • Steering cylinder lock
  • Access platform
  • Carriage: standard, rotate, wide frame, wide frame (rotate), side-shift, swing
  • Forks: Pallet forks 50 x 100 x 1220 mm (2 in x 4 in x 48 in) Block forks 51 x 51 x 1219 mm (2 in x 2 in x 48 in) Pallet forks 51 x 102 x 1524 mm (2 in x 4 in x 60 in)
  • Buckets: General Purpose 1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3)
  • Material Handling Arm
  • Self-tipping Hopper 1.2 m3 (1.56 yd3)
  • Lifting Hook
  • Truss Boom
  • Hitch, manual rear-tow



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