Designed for your bulk material handling applications, Caterpillar has a range of rugged and reliable Conveyor Systems unsurpassed in performance and service life. Transport your materials reliably and efficiently with our Conveyor Systems solutions both on the surface and underground.

CEMA Standards
Transport your materials reliably and efficiently

CEMA Standards

All Cat® surface belt structure conforms to CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) guidelines. The intelligent design and manufacturing technology provide long life, high reliability and superior performance.

Carrying Assemblies
Multiple options for maximum flexibility

Carrying Assemblies

Carrying Idlers
Cat in-line carrying idlers are designed for the rugged and sometimes adverse conditions that exist in all material handling industries. Configurations include, but are not limited to, various trough angles, picking idlers, low-profile, offset, wide base, and many handling and attachment options to provide maximum flexibility for all conveyors.

Impact Idlers
Cat in-line impact idlers are ideal for loading and high-impact belt conveyor applications and conditions. Roll technology utilizing two-piece tapered roller bearings and a reliable sealing system provide excellent performance in all conditions.

Return Idlers
Cat return idlers are designed to support empty belt back to the tail. Multiple configurations and roll material options provide maximum flexibility for all conveyors.

Rubber Disc Return Idlers
Rubber disc return idlers are ideal for critical return belt conditions in conveyor applications. The utilization of rubber discs provides additional wear capacity to the idler and also protects the conveyor belting in any condition.

Steel Rolls
Multiple configurations provide the right fit

Steel Rolls

Steel Rolls - Above Ground Applications: Shell Thickness
  • 4.55 mm (0.1793 in)
  • 6.35 mm (0.25 in)

Steel Rolls - Above Ground Applications: Carrying Assembly Idler Styles
  • In-line
  • Single tube cross member

Improve roll wear life


A Perfect Choice for Your Highly Corrosive and Abrasive Operations
In addition to its steel rolls, Caterpillar also offers a highly successful range of CEMA C, D and E class rolls made of a proprietary high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) called EXALON. While steel rolls are effective in most bulk-material handling applications, some applications benefit from the use of the EXALON roll product. Applications with environments that are highly corrosive, abrasive, wet or have a tendency for material buildup on the roller are ideal for the EXALON roll and its additional features and benefits.

Extend belt life and reduce downtime


By extending belt life and reducing downtime, EXALON rolls deliver significant savings to mine operators.

Versatile, Low-Maintenance
EXALON rolls can be retrofitted to virtually any frame. Custom sizes can be ordered for special applications. EXALON heads are installed using a unique “spin-welding” method, creating a single-piece roll construction.

Tested for Quality
All Cat EXALON and steel rolls are processed through an automated assembly system, which tests and records rotational torque, total indicator run-out and axial end play.

Minimize belt friction and wear


EXALON Benefits - Longer Shell Life
EXALON rolls last two to three times longer than steel rolls in highly corrosive and/or highly abrasive environments.

EXALON Benefits - Low Maintenance
Rolls are greased for life.

EXALON Benefits - Reduced Belt Damage
The smooth PE surface minimizes belt friction and wear and acts as a slider bar in the event of a bearing seizure. The all-PE body means there are no sharp ‘pizza cutter’ edges.

EXALON Benefits - Corrosion-proof
Being made of HMWPE, the EXALON roll is not subject to corrosion.

EXALON Benefits - Sound Dampening
Reduce noise by up to 20%.

EXALON Benefits - Resistance to Material Buildup
The smooth, non-adhesive HMWPE surface resists material buildup.

EXALON Benefits - Cost-efficient
EXALON offers cost savings through extended life, reduced downtime, longer replacement intervals and reduced belt damage.

EXALON Benefits - Versatile
The entire EXALON product line can be produced to fit virtually any existing manufacturer’s top-side and return frame assemblies.

Steel Rolls
Retrofit our rolls into virtually any frame

Steel Rolls

Cat® Steel Rolls
Easily replace rolls at your operation with our retrofitable steel rolls. The Cat roll design is the result of over two years of design and engineering effort and represents new technology in idler designs. Our shaft end configuration allows you to retrofit Cat rolls into virtually any competitor’s frame with a retrofit adapter. Our end cap (bearing housing) has been redesigned for increased strength and a close fit to the deflector cap.

Rubber Disc Return Idlers and Replacement Rolls
Reliable performance in any condition

Rubber Disc Return Idlers and Replacement Rolls

Replacement Steel, EXALON, and Rubber Disc Rolls
Roll material options provide reliable performance in any conditions - wet, dry, clean, dirty, abrasive and corrosive environments.

Idler PAL
Grease stays where you need it

Idler PAL

Greased for Life
Every roll has plenty of grease for a lifetime of trouble-free operation. Our automated assembly process includes three separate, metered grease inputs. The Idler PAL bearing cavity design allows for extra lubricant capacity, which is unmatched in the industry and assures that the grease stays where you need it: in the bearing.

Idler PAL (Positive Automatic Lubrication)
  • Grease moves due to taper of rolling elements in the bearing.
  • Grease expands due to increased bearing temperatures in operation.
  • The compensator disc moves outward, compressing the wave spring.
  • When rotation stops and grease contracts, the wave spring exerts slight pressure on the compensator disc, ensuring no voids in the grease.

Electronic Quality Tracking
Accurately monitor roll life

Electronic Quality Tracking

Caterpillar is the first idler manufacturer to offer individual serialized rolls as a standard. Now you can tell when the roll was manufactured, allowing accurate monitoring of roll life. No other idler manufacturer checks each roll for rotational torque, TIR and bearing play. Plus, each roll is “test run,” ensuring complete grease distribution throughout bearings and seals.

Electronic Quality Tracking: An Industry First
Each shaft end is coded at time of assembly with:
  • Day of the year
  • Production year
  • Individual serial number (For example, a roll that has "08505" and "0035" on its end was assembled on the 85th day of 2005 and it was the 35th roll assembled that day.)
  • Automatic data recording of rotational torque, TIR (Total Indicated Runout) and bearing play of each individual roll is tied to the serial number



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