New Cat C-Series Wheel Skidders with ACERT™ Technology offers maximum productivity, reliability and lower owner and operating cost while meeting Tier3 emission standard regulations.

Net Flywheel Power 219.0 hp
Engine Model Cat® C7 ACERT™
Net Power - ISO 9249 219.0 hp
Net Power - SAE J1349 219.0 hp
Gross Power - SAE J1995 232.0 hp
Governed Speed at Rated Power 1800.0 RPM
Displacement 439.0 in3
Bore 5.0 in
Stroke 5.0 in
Torque Rise 9% at 1400 RPM
Max Torque @ Rated Speed 951 N-m at 1400 RPM
Derating Altitude 7900.0 ft
Air Cleaner Dry precleaner
Alternator Serpentine belt driven, brushless
Electrical System 24V Direct Electric
Battery - Quantity 2
Battery - Volts 12V
Battery - Capacity 950 CCA
Starting System Direct electric
Number of Cylinders 6
Engine Make DITAC EUI: 4 stroke cycle diesel

Wheelbase 155.1 in
Length 316.06 in
Overall width 133.7 in
Height 125.4 in
Ground Clearance 21.0 in
Boom height - max, standard 169.4 in
Top roller height (cable) 109.0 in
Axle height 33.2 in
Rear axle to pin 86.7 in
Length - overall, grapple, dual 316.0 in
Length, overall, cable 295.8 in
Decking blade lift height 54.4 in
Decking blade dig depth 17.9 in
Height - top of cab 125.4 in
Decking blade width 123.5 in
Tread width 103.2 in
Turning radius over tires 252.0 in

Est Operating Weight 42325.0 lb

Bunching Capacity 16.6 ft2
Thinning Capacity 19.0 ft2
Sorting Capacity 14.4 ft2
Bunching - Full Open Height 75.0 in
Bunching - Fully Closed Height 54.0 in
Bunching - Min. Stem Diameter 7.2 in
Bunching - Tip to Tip Height 83.0 in
Bunching - Tong Opening 127.0 in
Thinning - Tip to Tip Height 85.0 in
Thinning - Tong Opening 135.0 in
Thinning - Full Open Height 74.0 in
Thinning - Min. Stem Diameter 9.5 in
Thinning - Fully Closed Height 58.0 in

Service Refill
Fuel Tank 99.8 gal
Cooling System 15.0 gal
Differential, Final Drive - Front 13.7 gal
Differential, Final Drive - Rear 19.5 gal
Engine Oil 7.1 gal
Transmission, Torque Converter 14.2 gal
Mechanical Winch 6.5 gal
Hydraulic System - Tank 14.3 gal
Hydraulic System - Total 29.6 gal

Power Train
Travel Speed - Fwd. 1st 4.0 mph
Travel Speed - Fwd. 2nd 5.6 mph
Travel Speed - Fwd. 3rd 6.8 mph
Travel Speed - Fwd. 4th 9.5 mph
Travel Speed - Fwd. 5th 17.1 mph
Travel Speed - Rev. 1st 3.9 mph
Travel Speed - Rev. 2nd 6.5 mph
Travel Speed - Rev. 3rd 11.6 mph
Torque Converter - Type Lock-up clutch
Transmission 5 fwd / 3 rev countershaft, powershift
Steering, frame articulation +/- 45°
Brakes - Service Type Enclosed wet disc each wheel, full hydraulic
Brakes - Parking Type Spring applied, hydraulic released, Electro-hydraulic controlled
Transmission Cooler Type Plate

Hydraulic System
Circuit Type Closed center, variable flow
Pump Type Axial piston
Pump Output 50.0 gal/min
Relief Valve Setting 3045.0 psi
Reservoir Tank Capacity 14.27 gal
Steering Valve Direct link, non-follow
Steering Cylinder - Bore 3.5 in
Steering Cylinder - Stroke 17.22 in
Steering Cylinder - Rod Diameter 2.0 in
Dozer Valve Electro-hydraulic
Dozer Cylinder - Bore 4.0 in
Dozer Cylinder - Stroke 4.0 in
Dozer Cylinder - Rod Diameter 2.25 in
Grapple Valve 4 or 5 stack, pilot

Dual Function - Lift highest, retracted 110.91 in
Dual Function - Lift highest, farthest 85.16 in
Dual Function - Lift max reach 56.81 in
Dual Function - Lift lowest, retracted 39.92 in
Dual Function - Lift lowest, farthest 13.19 in
Dual Function - Loaded tire radius 33.19 in
Dual Function - Reach Highest, Retracted 65.08 in
Dual Function - Reach Lowest, Retracted 69.88 in
Dual Function - Reach Lowest, Farthest 108.74 in
Dual Function - Reach Highest, Farthest 117.24 in
Dual Function - Reach Max 122.87 in

Arch, Dual Function
CR - Lift highest, retracted 110.91 in
CR - Lift highest, farthest 85.16 in
CR - Lift maximum reach 56.81 in
CR - Lift lowest, retracted 39.92 in
CR - Lift lowest, farthest 13.19 in
CR - Loaded tire radius 33.19 in
CR - Reach highest, retracted 65.08 in
CR - Reach lowest, retracted 69.88 in
CR - Reach lowest, farthest 108.74 in
CR - Reach highest, farthest 117.24 in
CR - Reach maximum 122.87 in

Grapple, CR - Bunching
Grapple capacity 16.6 ft2
Tip to tip height 83.0 in
Tong opening 127.0 in
Full open height 75.0 in
Minimum stem diameter 7.2 in
Full closed height 54.0 in

Grapple, CR - Thinning
Grapple capacity 19.0 ft2
Tip to tip height 85.0 in
Tong opening 135.0 in
Full open height 74.0 in
Minimum stem diameter 9.5 in
Full closed height 58.0 in

Winch - Grapple Skidder
Max Line Pull - Bare Drum 39342.0 lb
Max Line Speed 132.0 ft/min
Drum Capacity 19.0mm (3/4in) 154.0 ft
Drum Capacity 22.2mm (7/8in) 97.0 ft
Drum capacity 25.4mm (1in) 91.0 ft
Drum Diameter 9.0 in
Drum Width 11.0 in

Winch - Cable Skidder
Max Line Pull - Bare Drum 45850.0 lb
Max Line Speed 360.0 ft/min
Drum Capacity 19.0mm (3/4in) 148.0 ft
Drum Capacity 22.2mm (7/8in) 105.0 ft
Drum capacity 25.4mm (1in) 82.0 ft
Drum Diameter 10.0 in
Drum Width 11.0 in

MSC Comments
Spec Date 5/06

The Cat® power train delivers top performance, power, and durability.

Cat® C7 Engine
The Cat C7 uses Caterpillar's breakthrough ACERT™ Technology to meet exhaust emission reduction standards. It features efficient air management, fuel delivery and electronic control for high productivity and exceptional service life.

Engine Design
This four-stroke engine provides efficient fuel combustion. Precise engineering and thorough testing assure durability, reliability and plenty of power. Built-in serviceability and excellent fuel economy lower operating costs.

ACERT™ Technology
Caterpillar optimizes engine performance while meeting EPA Tier 3 and European Union Stage IIIa regulations. ACERT™ Technology reduces emissions during the combustion process by using advanced technology in the air and fuel systems, in conjunction with integrated electronics. Caterpillar meets emission regulations at the combustion source rather than recycling exhaust gases.

ADEM™ A4 Control Module
Controls the fuel injector solenoids to monitor fuel injection. This system provides automatic altitude compensation, air filter restriction indication and it will not allow the engine to fire until it has oil pressure, acting as cold start protection and a form of pre-lube.

The C7 features a waste gate turbocharger that provides high boost over a wider range, improving engine response and peak torque, as well as providing outstanding low-end performance.

The C7 engine reduces costs and downtime with a 500-hour oil change interval. Extended service intervals can save thousands of dollars over the life of a machine. Machines are equipped with Caterpillar high efficiency oil filters, whose revolutionary design doubles efficiency without increasing the change interval.

Water Pump
A dual thermostat control improves coolant flow and heat dissipation, resulting in better durability.

Electronic Transfer Pump
The electric fuel transfer pump is self-priming, eliminating the need for a manual priming pump.

Reliability Features
The C7 offers maximum reliability and response thanks to a range of features:
  • Improved fuel injectors and pump
  • Leak-free design
  • Higher cylinder pressures
  • Reinforced cylinder block

Leak-Free Design
Improved joints throughout the engine reduce the chance of leaks. The oil pan seal, timing cover and block to flywheel housing incorporate a leak-free design proven in thousands of Cat on-highway truck engines in the field.

Power Train
The integrated Cat power train delivers dependable, relentless pulling power.

Five-Speed Transmission
The field proven Cat power shift countershaft transmission easily matches engine power to the load size and ground conditions. Electronic control makes fingertip controls possible, reducing operator fatigue and improving comfort.

Gear Application
Gear ratios are carefully designed to maximize productivity in specific cycle segments and under specific loads.
  • Gear 1 provides highest rimpull capability for heavy load applications.
  • Gears 2, 3 for normal loads and higher speed operations.
  • Gears 4, 5 provide excellent empty return and roading speeds.

Electronic Clutch Pressure Control
The C-Series Skidders have an additional transmission feature for added performance and operator comfort, the Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC). This unique feature provides smoother shifting and increases skidding performance by regulating and modulating the individual clutches based on current operator conditions.

Torque Converter
The large, heavy-duty torque converter maximizes the productivity of the entire drive train. The torque converter is matched to the Cat C7 engine for excellent rimpull and skidding performance. This lock-up torque converter has proven its durability over thousands of hours of punishing loads.

Improved Productivity
The torque multiplication capability of the torque converter reduces the need for the operator to continually shift the transmission to maintain good skidder performance, as is required on competitive skidders. This reduces operator effort and improves machine productivity.

Lock-up Clutch
The integral lock-up clutch allows the machine to operate in converter drive for greater rimpull, or direct drive for high efficiency hauling and faster travel speeds. Direct drive capability allows up to 15% higher travel speeds when the lock-up clutch is engaged.

Auto Lock-up
The lock-up clutch automatically engages according to ground speed and engine speed conditions. This feature is handled electronically and allows for increased travel speeds in the same gear.

Reduced Operating Costs
Torque converter direct drive capability, combined with the lock-up differential, reduces wheel slip. This minimizes rutting and soil damage in straight-ahead pulls on weaker soil. In turn, it minimizes tire wear, component stress and fuel consumption, reducing total operating costs.

Differential Locks
Normal operation is with the differential locks in both axles disengaged, meaning the all four wheels are free to drive independently. Locking a differential forces both wheels on an axle to turn in sync with each other. Both front and rear differential locks are easily engaged and disengaged with a conveniently located switch on the right hand console. Hydraulically actuated differential locks allows for on-the-go engagement or disengagement.

Axles feature a full length oil sump with splash lubrication for excellent heat rejection & long component life. The 545C has Wide Axles as standard for use in all applications from moderate to severe, or when using dual tires, wide flotation tires or chains.

Front Axle
The front axle features a pinion-mounted design and a heavy-duty housing, eliminating the need for a front axle guard.

Pivot Design
The oscillation pivot design provides industry leading ride comfort.
  • 15° oscillation absorbs minor shock loads caused by stumps and holes, and helps isolate the cab from axle movement for a smoother, more comfortable ride.
  • Front axle oscillation also provides excellent fore-aft stability for large capacity grapples and dual function arches.

Brake Components
Brake components are housed inside the axles, protecting them from dirt, dust and wet ground conditions. Inboard brakes allow for splash lubrication and cooling, are virtually maintenance free, and provide reliable brake performance in the most demanding logging applications.

State-of-the-art hydraulic system provides dependable power and maximum efficiency.

Load Sensing Hydraulics
A load sensing variable displacement pump and pressure compensating system continually monitor hydraulic power requirements, then provides power based on demand.

Lower Power Consumption
The variable displacement hydraulic pump draws engine power only when braking, steering, dozer or grapple actuation demands flow or pressure. This conserves engine horsepower and increases fuel efficiency.

Cooling Demands
Load sensing hydraulics provide flow only when needed, saving fuel and generating less heat, allowing the cooling system to allocate more capacity to the engine, transmission and torque converter.

Oil Cooler
The oil cooler is located above the radiator for better hydraulic oil cooling performance and to make radiator cleanout easier.

Auto-Grab Feature
Auto-Grab, engineered by Caterpillar, constantly monitors tong pressure and adjusts as needed to securely hold grapple loads while skidding. It is easily activated on demand by a switch located on the right-hand control lever.

Cat ToughGuard™ Hoses
Caterpillar® XT™-3 ToughGuard™ hoses improve hose life in the grapple, arch, boom and across the hitch. ToughGuard hoses have been very successful in reducing early hour hose failures. O-ring face seals assure rock-solid connections that maintain pressure and reduce oil leaks.

Fully hydraulic control. Meets the following standards: SAE J1511 OCT90, ISO 5010-1992.

The 545C mainframe, hitch and decking blade are designed and built to surpass the expectations of the logging industry.

Box-Section Construction
Caterpillar designed and manufactured box section structures set the industry standard for reliable, durable main frames. Extensive computer analysis and field-testing resulted in the design of the 545C skidder.

Absorbs Twistng and Shock Loads
Frames can absorb twisting and impact forces to provide a sound foundation and well-balanced system for the entire structure.

Superior Balance
Low center of mass and weight forward design create excellent skidder balance.

The 545C skidder provides the tightest turning radius for superior maneuverability while still maintaining the excellent balance required for high capacity skidding.

Caterpillar Manufacturing
The front and rear frames are robotically welded and manufactured by Caterpillar to ensure the highest level of quality and durability.

A larger and improved center section features oversized plates and bosses to disperse forces. A large double-tapered roller bearing is used on the lower hitch for reduced flexing stress and maintaining tight joints.

Hitch Pins
The wide hitch pin spread significantly reduces horizontal loading on hinge pins and pin bearings for greater durability and extended pin and bearing life. The extra room also increases hydraulic hose clearance and makes hose routing easier.

Rear frame fender options are available for both grapple and cable arrangements.

Arches and Booms
All Caterpillar arches use box-section construction, and are thoroughly tested to exceed durability requirements.

Dual-Function Arch
The 545C is available with a multiple position, dual-function arch. It accommodates large capacity grapples, well suited for large bundles of small stems, and difficult-to-reach pre-bunched stems. The dual-function arch offers variable reach, which minimizes machine maneuvering to pinpoint a load with the grapple. In addition, it offers the ability to push the skidder forward if necessary.

Cable Arch
Allows outstanding line skidding performance with a two-position adjustable height fairlead to match site conditions.

Operator Station
Easy to operate, fingertip controls, less fatigue

Operator Station

Comfortable Work Station
The work station incorporates years of cab design innovations to maximize operator comfort and productivity.

Air Suspension Seat
Standard air suspension seat swivels 30° to the right for maximum comfort, while allowing the operator to observe skidder and grapple operations to the rear.

Sealed Cab
The pressurized cab is sealed from exterior air (with windows closed) for efficient heating and cooling. Tight door and window casings also keep out dust, fumes and insects.

Air Conditioning
Standard with the enclosed, pressurized cab, air conditioning helps the operator concentrate on work rather than environmental distractions. A dedicated cab filter assures clean air.

Tough polycarbonate windows protect the operator, and are large enough for an excellent side and rear view, increasing operator confidence and productivity. Sliding glass windows protected by metal screens in both doors provide fresh air and communication outside the machine.

Sound Insulation
With the optional enclosed cab, ample sound insulation keeps interior sound levels low. Reduced sound levels meet operator environment regulations and significantly boost operator comfort, especially on long shifts.

Cab Mounting
The modular ROPS/FOPS cab is resiliently mounted to the skidder frame, reducing vibration for greater comfort and a quieter ride.

Machine Controls
The comfortable operator environment uses ergonomically designed and placed machine controls to reduce fatigue and increase productivity.

Column tilts and telescopes to fit any size operator. The quarter-turn steering wheel quickly and accurately controls 90 degrees of machine articulation delivering excellent maneuverability and productivity.

Transmission Controls
Transmission controls for forward, reverse and gear range are located on the steering wheel for easy fingertip control. The operator can control machine functions with minimal effort, allowing greater concentration on skidding operations. The result is higher productivity and reduced operator fatigue.

Governor Pedal
The governor pedal has been moved to the right for more clearance between the brake pedal, and for improved operator comfort.

Single-lever Grapple Control
A single four-function joystick control has top mounted switches for grapple open and close, tong rotate, and Auto-Grab System activation. The control is simple, convenient and easy to use.

Decking Blade Control
The decking blade control is located on the right side console. This location provides for precise control for various decking and clearing functions while reducing operator fatigue.

Auto-Grab Switch
The Auto-Grab system monitors and adjusts tong pressure as needed to maintain a secure grip on grapple loads.

Lock-up Torque Converter Drive
When activated by a switch on the main dashboard, the machine will automatically switch between operation in fuel efficient direct drive mode or torque converter drive for maximum rimpull in tough skidding applications.

Differential Lock Switch
Ergonomically located rocker switch allows quick engagement of differential locks when needed.

Monitoring Controls
Conveniently located and easy-to-see gauges and displays make monitoring machine systems as simple as possible.

Four gauges indicate engine coolant temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, torque converter oil temperature, engine rpm and fuel level.

Caterpillar Monitoring System
Monitors fuel, temperatures, vital electrical systems, gear speed and direction. A three-level warning system alerts the operator of potential problems.

The right hand console has a standard 12V outlet for powering auxiliary equipment. The cab is pre-wired and fitted for an entertainment radio, and a CB type 2-way radio.

FOPS (Falling Object Protection) and ROPS (Roll-Over Protection) guards offer protection to the operator and the machine.

Work Tools
Move more wood with powerful, flexible Cat grapples and winches.

Reliable, Productive Grapples
Caterpillar designed and manufactured grapples use box section construction for ultimate durability. The new tong curvature reduces the time it takes to bundle the load, and higher clamp forces deliver excellent load retention for secure hauls to the landing.

Bunching Grapples
Bunching grapples are designed for harvesting mid-to-large diameter trees, usually felled by a mechanical feller buncher. Its large tong opening is designed to gather a large number of these stems per cycle for maximum loading. It is heavier than the sorting grapple, but its large capacity holds more stems for improved production in smaller trees and large loads.

Oversized Thinning Grapples
Thinning grapples are designed for harvesting small diameter trees, usually felled by a mechanical feller buncher. Its large tong opening is designed to gather a large number of these small stems per cycle for maximum loading. Cat grapples offer large capacity for maximum performance and productivity.

Grapple Snubbers
Grapple snubber life was improved, reducing grapple swing, hydraulic hose stresses and increasing component life.

Flow Divider
The high capacity flow divider delivers reliable operation and maintains consistent tong sequencing.

Hydraulic Winch
The 545C features an electronically controlled hydraulic winch for grapple applications, replacing the mechanical winch. The hydraulic winch improves application flexibility by allowing the tractive effort to be used while winching, and eliminating the continuously rotating driveshaft. The high capacity winch has four function controls: reel-in, reel-out, brake-on, and free-spool. This winch is driven and controlled by the main implement hydraulic system.

Cable Winch
An electro-hydraulic lever controls the winch hydraulic control valve, located on the winch case. The integrated software electronically protects free-spool clutches. The C-500 mechanical winch is available on cable skidders where higher line speeds and max drum pull are important. Winch sump oil is used for hydraulic control and lubrication.

Decking Blade
The decking blade efficiently clears landings and roads, and maintains log decks. It features box section steel arms for superior strength and durability. Decking blade pusharms are mounted directly to the mainframe for excellent strength, and set lower and forward for efficient clearing of slash and debris as well as log deck maintenance. The electro-hydraulic control improves operator comfort and control of the decking blade.
  • Heat-treated bolt-on edge and maintenance-free pivot joints for outstanding durability.
  • The 545 C is available with two blade options to allow it to be customized to many different types of operating conditions:
- No Blade - for industrial applications - Extended Decking - 123.5" width with bolt-on cutting edges - for the fullest coverage of tires and high decking blade usage.

Ease of service increases productivity.

Quick-Access Engine Doors
Large, hinged engine enclosure doors make regular maintenance as easy and fast as possible. Easy access to daily service points increases the likelihood that maintenance will be done, and increases machine service life. In addition, less maintenance time means more working time and greater productivity.

Ground Level Access
Most filters and lube points are accessible from the ground without special tools. Remote lubrication points make daily attention to hard-to-reach joints easy.

Rear Frame Access
Steps and grab irons are located on the rear frame and cab for easier access to the rear frame, arch and boom.

Bolt-on Guards
Bolt-on guards offer protection to critical components, and are easily removable for servicing. Removable floor plates and side plates allow access to components under the cab.

Radial Seal Air Filters
Hand access makes them easy to change, reducing air filter maintenance times.

Extended Oil Service Intervals
A 500-hour oil change interval reduces downtime for service and lowers maintenance costs.

S•O•SSM Fluid Sampling Valves
Provides a fast, convenient way to gather uncontaminated fluid samples, which improves analysis reliability.

Pressure Taps
Conveniently located for easy access to hydraulic system pressure measurements.

Spin-on Oil Filters
Spin-on fuel and engine oil filters simplify maintenance and shorten downtime.

Electronic Transfer Pump
Deliveres the proper fue flow to the fuel system and eliminates manual priming.

Ecology Drains
All major fluid compartments (hydraulic tank, engine oil pan, radiator, axles and transmission incorporate ecology drains to make regular maintenance easier, and protect the environment from accidental oil spills.

Hitch Hoses
The grapple pilot lines, pressure line and load-sense lines are routed above the hitch and are bulkheaded for easy hose replacement and fastest service. The hitch hoses use the Cat ToughGuard™ technology and have excellent wear characteristics.

Electrical System
The 24V electrical system delivers dependable electrical power for engine cranking, additional lighting, and engine diagnostics. Wiring circuits are color coded, numbered and protected by circuit breakers.

On-Board Diagnostic Systems
The Caterpillar Monitoring System continuously checks all critical machine functions and components, and helps locate faults quickly for faster repair. Extremes are recorded, including fluid temperatures, engine speed and electrical system events.

Cleanout access doors located on both sides of the radiator help make radiator cleanout faster. The radiator features an all aluminum construction with 8 fins per inch for easy cleanout.

Matched Set Hitch Bearings
Matched set bearings come pre-assembled with the correct pre-load from the supplier to streamline the assembly process and ensure a quality hitch joint every time. No rolling torque measurement is required, so the assembly process is simplified. Matched set bearings also reduce service time in the field.

Customer Support
Cat dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.

Customer Support

Product Support
You will find nearly all parts at our dealer parts counter. Cat dealers use a worldwide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine down time. Save money with genuine Cat Reman parts. You receive the same warranty and reliability as new products at substantial cost savings.

Product Link
Product Link enables convenient monitoring of important equipment information remotely to help increase productivity and reduce owning and operating costs. This state-of-the-art satellite technology-based Product Link system enables Caterpillar dealers and customers to keep in touch with their machines. The system provides a two-way information flow between machine on-board systems and Caterpillar dealers/customers via the Cat Dealer Website and EquipmentManager. Through the subscriptions to Asset Watch (hours, location, time and geo-fence), Maintenance Watch (preventative maintenance, repair scheduling, parts ordering), and Health Watch (event and diagnostic codes, fuel consumption) the customer can manage their entire fleet.

Machine Selection
Make detailed comparisons of the machines under consideration before purchase. Cat dealers can estimate component life, preventive maintenance cost, and the true cost of lost production.

Look past initial price. Consider the financing options available as well as day-to-day operating costs. Look at dealer services that can be included in the cost of the machine to yield lower equipment owning and operating costs over the long run.

Customer Support Agreements
Cat dealers offer a variety of product support agreements, and work with customers to develop a plan that best meets specific needs. These plans can cover the entire machine, including attachments, to help protect the customer’s investment.

Improving operating techniques can boost your profits. Your Cat dealer has videotapes, literature and other ideas to help you increase productivity, and Caterpillar offers certified operator training classes to help maximize the return on your machine investment.

Maintenance Services
Talk to your dealer about the range of available maintenance services. Repair option programs guarantee the cost of repairs up front. Diagnostic programs such as S•O•SSM Analysis and Coolant Sampling and Technical Analysis help avoid unscheduled repairs.

Repair, rebuild or replace? Your Cat dealer can help you evaluate the cost involved so you can make the right choice.

Standard Equipment

  • 24V electrical system
  • Alarm, back-up
  • Alternator, 80 amp
  • Batteries, maintenance free (2-1000 CCA)
  • Lighting system, exterior lights (4 total)
  • Main disconnect switch
  • Starter, electric, heavy duty
  • Starting and charging system
  • Diagnostic connector
  • Horn, warning
Operator Environment
  • 12V accessory power port
  • Seat, air suspension
  • Beverage holder
  • Cab, ROPS/FOPS certified
  • Computerized Monitoring System
Power Train
  • Air cleaner, 2-stage with precleaner
  • Brakes
  • Differential locks (front, rear)
  • Driveline slipjoint, lubed for life
  • Engine, Cat C7, ACERT™ Technology, ATAAC
  • Fan, blower
  • Filters, fuel/engine air, primary/secondary
  • Final drives, inboard planetary
  • Fuel transfer pump (electric)
  • Fuel tank, high capacity
  • Lock-up torque converter
  • Muffler
  • Radiator with clean-out doors
  • Steering, variable flow-modulated 1/4 turn
  • Transmission, countershaft powershift (5F/3R)
  • Universal joints, lubed for life
  • Closed center-load sensing system
  • Hitch hoses, Caterpillar ToughGuard™
  • Line filter, full flow return
  • Hydraulic oil cooler, Spin-on filters
  • Variable displacement piston pump, 50 gpm (227.3 L/min)
Other standard equipment
  • Articulation lock link
  • Axle, high performance heavy-duty
  • Debris baffles
  • Brush sweeps, front
  • Decking blade with replaceable bolt-on cutting edge
  • Ecology drains (engine, hyd tank, axles, transmission)
  • Engine enclosures, hinged
  • Guards, hinged - bottom and radiator
  • S•O•SSM sampling ports
  • Vandalism protection, lockable doors and cap locks

Optional Equipment

  • Dual function
  • Cable skidding
  • Industrial arrangement
Cab, enclosed, with window screens
  • ROPS, open
  • ROPS, enclosed with heat/AC
  • Window screens
  • Wipers, front and rear
  • Converter, high capacity 12V, 10A continuous, 15A peak
  • Jump start receptacle
Fenders, heavy duty
Grapples - Cat Continuous Rotation
  • Bunching
  • Thinning
  • Additional 8 (2 front, 2 rear, 2 per side)
Pre-cleaner, turbine
Starting aid package, cold weather
Steering, secondary
Tires and Tubes, set of four, logger (LS-2)
  • 30.5L-32, 26PR
  • 35.5L-32, 20PR
  • 35.5L-32, 26PR
  • Dual ring capable
  • Narrow overall width options
Water tank
  • Grapple
  • Cable skidding



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