The Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader, with many work tool options, is ideal for construction, landscaping, agriculture and other applications. It delivers traditional Cat reliability and durability with excellent productivity.

Engine Model Cat C2.2
Net Flywheel Power 47 hp
Gross Power 51 hp
Gross Power SAE J1995 51 hp
Net Power SAE 1349 47 hp
Displacement 134 in3
Stroke 3.9 in
Bore 3.3 in

Operating Specifications
Rated Operating Capacity 1400 lb
Rated Operating Capacity w/Optional Counterweight 1500 lb
Tipping Load 2800 lb
Breakout Force, Tilt Cylinder 4083 lb

Operating Weight 5609 lb

Wheelbase 39 in
Length w/Bucket on Ground 127 in
Length w/o Bucket 99 in
Height to Top of Cab 77 in
Vehicle Width over Tires 60 in
Max Overall Height 146 in
Bucket Pin Height at Max Lift 112 in
Bucket Pin Height at Carry Pos. 9.3 in
Reach at Max Lift and Dump 20 in
Clearance at Max Lift and Dump 85 in
Ground Clearance 8 in
Departure Angle 26°
Bumper Overhang - Rear Axle 38 in
Maximum Dump Angle 40°
Turn Radius from Ctr - Rear 58.5 in
Turn Radius from Ctr - Coupler 47.2 in
Turn Radius from Ctr - Bucket 76.4 in
Max. Reach w/Arms-Parallel 50.4 in
Rack Back Angle at Max Height 96.7°

Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Power 30.4 hp
Hydraulic Flow Standard
Loader Hydraulic Pressure 3335 psi
Loader Hydraulic Flow 15.6 gal/min

ROPS SAE J1040 MAY94, ISO 3471:1994
FOPS SAE J1043 SEPT87, ISO 3449:1992 Level I
FOPS Level II SAE J231 JAN81, ISO 3449:1992 Level II

Power Train
Travel Speed Forward 7 mph
Travel Speed Reverse 7 mph

Service Refill Capacities
Chain box, each side 1.6 gal
Cooling System 2.6 gal
Engine Crankcase 2.6 gal
Fuel Tank 15.4 gal
Hydraulic System 14.5 gal
Hydraulic Tank 9.2 gal

Operator Station
World-class operator station provides exceptional working comfort with excellent visibility, enhanced fingertip control and optimum instrumentation.

Operator Station

Low Effort Machine Controls
Ergonomic, pilot hydraulic controls give operators precision control of the Cat Skid Steer Loader with minimal effort. The right joystick controls loader up/down and tilt control, and the left joystick controls forward and reverse travel speed plus direction. Both joysticks use an intuitive "S" control pattern. Optional deluxe joysticks now provide more auxiliary controls than before using positive-action buttons to provide precision fingertip control of many machine functions, including:
  • Proportional work tool hydraulics
  • Work tool electrical Basic and Deluxe joystick functions include:
  • Momentary auxiliary hydraulic flow

Cab Conveniences
Long hours in the Cat Skid Steer Loader are made easier by many standard conveniences, including a 12 volt DC power socket. Side, sliding windows offer protection from the elements and allow fresh air ventilation. Side windows are removable for easy cleaning. Cabs with the door option installed feature an automatic lock-out switch that prevents accidental damage by disabling the loader functions when the door is open.

High-Efficiency Climate Controls
Operating in extreme temperatures can be more comfortable with the optional cab air conditioner and heater installed. Airflow is directed through six adjustable vents. Vents make defrosting the optional front door and side windows easy. The heater and air conditioner can be ordered separately or together.

Cat Skid Steer Loader instrument panels and gauges are simple, easy to use and reliable. Bright indicator lights and audible warnings signal any critical system situation. Positive feel switches, with status lights, control most on/off functions. An engine air cleaner restriction indicator is now in the cab for easier monitoring.

Operating ease and productivity are enhanced on the Cat Skid Steer Loader with excellent visibility. The wide cab opening offers an exceptional view of the work tool. The sloped angle of the engine compartment allows excellent visibility to the rear of the machine. A standard convex rearview mirror gives the operator a panoramic view of the machine's rear and sides. For better visibility in low-light conditions, the standard forward lights are adjustable 10 degrees in any direction.

The Cat Skid Steer Loader cab is designed to make machine operation simple, productive and comfortable. Getting in and out of the cab is easy through a wide opening with three point grab irons and skid-resistant steps. Tilt cylinders are neatly located under the lift arms so not to interfere with operator access and egress. Plenty of uncluttered floor space makes stepping into the cab even easier.

Cab Packages
Several cab packages and options are available. The standard cab offers features such as an adjustable contoured seat, cushioned armbar, dual throttle controls, pilot operated joysticks, 12 volt DC power socket and optional cup holder.

High Performance Power Train
Caterpillar hystat power train delivers aggressive performance and easy operation.

High Performance Power Train

Cat Diesel Power
The heart of the Cat Skid Steer Loader power train is the Caterpillar C2.2 diesel engine. This rugged, reliable, four cylinder engine offers aggressive performance and a fast torque curve for quick response. It is also a low emission engine and is Interim Tier 4 compliant.

Dual Engine Throttle Controls
The hand and foot throttles allow the operator to match engine speed to the task. The hand throttle is ideal for jobs requiring consistent engine speed - such as cold planing, trenching or snow blowing. The foot throttle lets the operator vary engine speed and minimize fuel consumption for other tasks such as load and carry, truck loading, grading and dozing.

Anti-Stall Feature
The anti-stall system on the Cat Skid Steer Loader allows maximum power to the wheels while minimizing engine stalling. This system helps maximize productivity for experienced operators and makes it easier for novice operators to become productive.

Variable-Displacement Piston Pumps
The dual, variable-displacement, axial piston pumps are driven directly off the engine and provide hydraulic flow to the drive motors via a closed loop system. Drive motors transfer mechanical power to the wheels via two high-strength, pre-stressed chains per machine side. Chains run in an oil bath for constant lubrication and long life. Chains are adjustable through slots in the axle housings.

Drive Axles
The drive axles are forged and induction hardened for maximum life. They include a unique lip and outer seal to help prevent debris such as wire and twine from wrapping around the axle and destroying the seal. An inner seal is used for permanent lubrication of axle bearings so no daily axle service is required.

Advanced Hydraulic System
Hydraulic system has built-in reliability and provides exceptional lift, breakout and auxiliary power to work tools.

Power and Reliability
Maximum power and reliability are built into the Cat Skid Steer Loader hydraulic system. In addition to providing power to drive the wheels, this system also provides the loader lift and tilt functions, powers the auxiliary circuit to drive work tools and drives the engine cooling fan.

Hydraulic Pumps
The hydraulic pumps are driven directly off the engine for maximum hydraulic performance and reliability - no belts are used. Pumps are fixed-displacement and provide flow to the loader and auxiliary circuits at 60 L/min (15.6 gal/min) at high idle. Maximum system pressure for the loader and auxiliary circuit is 23 000 kPa and 3335 psi.

Auxiliary Hydraulics
Standard auxiliary hydraulics to power work tools is available through quick connect hydraulic couplings that are rigidly mounted to the loader arm. The Caterpillar line of high pressure XT™ ES and ToughGuard XT™ hoses as well as O-ring face seals help assure a leak-free system.

Reliability and Cleanliness
Hydraulic system reliability and cleanliness are improved by using single components in place of multiple components, such as the monoblock hydraulic valve and monoblock pumps. Fewer leak points improve reliability and result in a cleaner machine. In addition, hydraulic oil flows through a 5-micron, spin-on filter. A filter restriction indicator is located in the operator station. A 74-micron screen in the hydraulic tank prevents larger debris from entering the system and causing damage to the hydraulic components.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler
A high-efficiency, hydraulic oil cooler lets the Cat Skid Steer Loader work longer and harder in higher ambient temperatures, even when using continuous high flow work tools. The high capacity, hydraulic oil reservoir also helps keep operating temperatures lower.

The Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader heavy duty structures are engineered for years of use in extreme applications.

Main Frame
The SSL main frame consists of two fully welded, heavy duty structures, the upper frame and lower frame. Weld bosses and links are used throughout the frames and provide chafe-free attachment points for hydraulic tubes, hoses and electrical wiring harnesses to prevent damage.

Lower Main Frame
The lower frame has an internal fuel tank incorporated into the design that is protected from external damage. A removable section has been placed in the floor of the lower frame for cleaning ease. The chain boxes are positioned on either side of the frame, allowing easy access to the power train and hydraulic components.

Upper Main Frame and Lift Arms
Careful attention was given to the placement of components within the frame for favorable weight distribution. The upper frame forms the loader towers and fenders and serves as the attachment point for the rear-tilting cab and tilt-up cooling package. The loader lift arms allow for an excellent viewing area to the work tool. The lift arms also protect the tilt cylinders and associated hydraulic lines and facilitate cab access and egress. The loader arms are designed to handle heavy loads without twisting and bending.

Radial Lift Loader Linkage
The radial lift linkage is the most durably designed structure in the industry. Engineered for years of use in the most extreme applications, radial machines have proven to be the longest lasting frames in any situation. From crushing through deep cement with a hammer to breaking through hard clay, these loader arms are designed to take on the more aggressive applications with ease and maximum reach at eye level.

Rear Structures
The rear door, which now opens on the right hand side, and the upper engine enclosure is made of thick gauge steel to protect the back of the skid steer loader from impact damage and to house the taillights. The bumper is made up of fabricated sections and incorporates two conveniently located tie-down points for transporting the machine. An optional counterweight is available to add 45 kg (100 lb) to the rated operating capacity. The bumper sits slightly outward from the rear door to protect the body of the machine from dents and scratches to help increase the machine’s resale value.

E-Coat Protection
All chassis and cab components are corrosion protected using a process called electro-depositioned paint or “e-coat”. This method is used throughout the automotive industry as a way of providing superior rust prevention and long life. An acrylic topcoat is then applied before the components are assembled on the line for additional protection and durability. Hydraulic tubes and hardware are plated for long life.

Quick Coupler and Cat Work Tools
Choose from a wide variety of tools that are performance matched to the Cat Skid Steer Loader.

Quick Coupler and Cat Work Tools

Quick Coupler
Work tools can be changed quickly and easily with the Cat Skid Steer Loader's quick coupler system. The universal coupler interface features:
  • Low profile side plate designed for optimum match to work tools and minimal material packing
  • Opposing wedges ensure a tight tool fit, even after years of use
  • Rugged design and large contact area absorbs loads and minimizes stress
  • Coupler allows excellent visibility to work tools and unobstructed entry and exit to the cab The standard quick coupler features manual engagement and disengagement of work tools using two high leverage handles. An optional hydraulic quick coupler is also available and allows engagement and disengagement of work tools without the operator needing to exit the machine. Control of the coupler by use of a rocker switch inside the cab makes work tool changes quicker and easier.

Cat Work Tools
Cat Work Tools extend the versatility of the Cat Skid Steer Loaders. Designed and built for optimum performance and durability, these tools deliver high productivity, long service life and excellent value:
  • Angle Blades
  • Augers
  • Backhoes
  • Brooms
  • Buckets - Dirt - General purpose - Grapple - Light material - Multi purpose - Utility
  • Cold planers
  • Compactor, vibratory
  • Hammers
  • Landscape rakes
  • Landscape tillers
  • Material handling arm
  • Pallet forks
  • Snowblower
  • Stump grinder
  • Wheel saw

Quick access and superior design make the Cat Skid Steer Loader easy to service and maintain.


Service Access
The rear door opens 90 degrees for easy access to both sides of the in-line (lengthwise) mounted engine.

All filters are easily accessible, which makes routine service quicker and virtually spill-free.

Cooling System
The radiator, hydraulic oil cooler and grill tilt up to increase access to the cooling system during maintenance and allows easier cleaning of debris from between the grill and cooling package. The cooling fan is hydraulically-driven for quieter operation and to eliminate the service and maintenance that comes with belt driven fans.

Easy Tilting Cab
The machine cab can now be tilted rearward by an individual using a single tool. The cab is held in place by a self-latching mechanism. When the cab is tilted back, all hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, lines and fuel tank are accessible for quicker, easier service.

Electrical and Hydraulic Lines
Cleaner routing of electrical and hydraulic lines compared to former models improves reliability and simplifies service.

Maintenance Points
Maintenance points are grouped in easily accessible locations.

Cat Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOSSM)
The scheduled oil sampling valves are standard to allow regular monitoring of the engine and hydraulic oil quality.

Other Standard Service Features
The following help make servicing fast and easy:
  • Easy access to battery, air filter and single engine belt
  • Sight glasses on hydraulic tank and radiator allow quick, easy level checks
  • Air filter restriction indicators are located inside the operator station and at the air filter
  • Ecology drains simplify changing engine and hydraulic oil
  • Extended life coolant and 500-hour engine oil change intervals

Customer Support
Cat dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.

Customer Support

Machine Selection
With 10 different Cat Skid Steer Loaders to choose from, selecting the right machine is even easier when you consult your Caterpillar dealer. Your dealer helps you make detailed machine comparisons before you purchase. You can also build the machine that is right for you. Go on-line anytime to review the full range of features and options available using the Build and Quote application on your Cat dealer's website or www.cat.com.

Purchase Options
Purchase options let you look beyond the initial machine price. With your Cat dealer, you can review available financing options plus look at day-to-day operating costs. You can also look at dealer services that can be included in the cost of the machine to yield lower equipment owning and operating costs over the life of the machine.

Customer Support Agreements
Customer Support Agreements offer you a variety of service and maintenance options that can be customized to best fit your specific needs. These can cover the entire machine and included work tools to help protect your investment.

Machine Support
Machine support is one of your Cat dealer's primary goals. You'll find nearly all parts are available at your Cat dealer. If not, your dealer can use the Caterpillar worldwide computer network to locate the closest in-stock parts to minimize any machine downtime. Your Cat dealer can also save you money by suggesting Cat Remanufactured parts that carry the same warranty as new but with savings of 40 to 70 percent.

Service Plans
Maintenance Service Plans help you manage machine maintenance. Choose from a wide range of maintenance plans and services at the time you purchase a machine. Repair option plans guarantee the cost of repairs up front. Diagnostics programs such as Scheduled Oil Sampling, Coolant Sampling and Technical Analysis help you avoid downtime and unscheduled repairs.

Operator training by Cat dealers can improve your operator's techniques and help boost your profits. Your Cat dealer also has training videos, literature, application and equipment training courses, plus other ideas to help you maximize your machine investment.

Security Systems
Cat machine security systems help you manage your Cat Skid Steer Loader. This dealer-installed option provides control of machine access by untrained operators or unauthorized personnel. Use up to 50 unique key ID's to customize machine access to fit your needs. You can program this system to allow access only during certain hours or days.

Repair, Rebuild or Replace
The repair, rebuild or replace choices become even more evident when you consult your Caterpillar dealer. Your Cat dealer can help evaluate the costs involved so you can make the right decision every time.

Standard Equipment

  • 12 volt Electrical System
  • 65 ampere Alternator
  • Ignition Key Start/Stop Switch
  • Lights: Gauge Backlighting, Two Rear Tail Lights, Two Adjustable Front and Rear Halogen Lights, Dome Light
  • Gauges: Fuel Level, Hour Meter
  • Operator Warning System Indicators: Air Filter Restriction, Alternator Output, Armrest Raised/Operator Out of Seat, Engine Coolant Temperature, Engine Oil Pressure, Glow Plug Activation, Hydraulic Filter Restriction, Hydraulic Oil Temperature, Parking Brake Engaged
  • Vinyl Seat
  • Pull Down Ergonomic Contoured Armrest
  • Control Interlock System, when operator leaves seat or armrest raised: Hydraulic System Disables, Hydrostatic Transmission Disables, Parking Brake Engages
  • ROPS Cab, Open, Tilt Up
  • FOPS, Level 1
  • Top and Rear Windows
  • Headliner, Deluxe
  • Floor Mat
  • Interior Rear View Mirror
  • 12 volt Electric Socket
  • Horn
  • Cat C2.2 Interim Tier 4 Compliant Diesel Engine
  • Air Cleaner, Dual Element, Radial Seal
  • SOSSM Sampling Valves, Engine Oil and Hydraulic Oil
  • Filters: Spin on, Hydraulic
  • Filters: Bayonet-type, Fuel and Water Separator
  • Tilt Up Radiator/Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Muffler, Standard
  • Spring Applied, Hydraulically Released, Wet Multi Disc Parking Brakes
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Four Wheel Chain Drive
  • Engine Enclosure, Lockable
  • Extended Life Antifreeze, -36° C (-33° F)
  • Machine Tie Down Points (4)
  • Support, Lift Arm
  • Hydraulic Oil Level Sight Gauge
  • Radiator Coolant Level Sight Gauge
  • Radiator, Expansion Bottle
  • Cat ToughGuard™ Hose
  • Auxiliary, Hydraulics, Continuous Flow
  • Heavy Duty, Flat Faced Quick Disconnects
  • Split D-Ring to Route Work Tool Hoses Along Side of Left Lift Arm
  • Electrical Outlet, Beacon
  • Belly Pan Cleanout
  • Quick Coupler, Mechanical or Hydraulic
  • Seat Belt, 50 mm (2 in) or 75 mm (3)
  • Comfort Package (must select one of the following):
  • Open ROPS (C0): Static Seat
  • Open ROPS (C1): Suspension Seat, Cup Holder
  • Enclosed ROPS (C2): C1 plus Heater, Cab Door, Side Windows, Cab Debris Barrier
  • Control Package (must select one of the following):
  • Control Package 1: On/Off Auxiliary Hydraulics Basic
  • Control Package 2: Proportional Auxiliary Hydraulics Basic

Optional Equipment

Counterweight, increases rated operating capacity 45 kg (100 lb)
Beacon, Rotating
Engine Block Heater - 120V or 240V
Oil, Hydraulic, Cold Operation
Paint, Custom
Backup Alarm
Heavy Duty Battery, 850 CCA



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