We know that when it comes to material handling equipment, your success depends on high productivity and dependable performance. The new Cat MH3027 Material Handler is designed where harsh environments and severe duty applications of industrial, scrap recycling, waste handling and recycling operations call for safe, quality and reliable products. The MH3027 is a purpose-built material handler from the ground up. Everything about this machine is designed to do one thing well – move material.

Engine Model Cat® C7.1 ACERT™
Emissions U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV
Displacement 428 in3
Bore 4.1 in
Cylinders 6 in-line
Maximum Torque @ 1,400 rpm 621 lbf-ft
Net Power (ISO 14396) 173 hp
Stroke 5.3 in

Operating Weight 29 651 kg (65,370 lb)
Counterweight 7670 lb
Boom (long) 5556 lb
Boom (short) 4960 lb
Stick 2690 lb

Maximum Travel Speed 12.4 mph
Creeper Speed 3.1 mph
Maximum Gradeability 35% or 19 degrees

Hydraulic System
Controls Electro/hydraulic pilot controls
System Capacity 125 gal
Tank Capacity 43 gal

Swing Mechanism
Swing Torque 55000 lbf-ft
Swing Speed 7.9 rpm
Maximum Swing Pump Flow 36 gal/min
Swing System Closed loop hydrostatic system with electro-proportional controls

Dimensions (Approximate) – Cab to Platform
Shipping Height 11.77 ft
Shipping Length 37.00 ft
Tail Swing Radius 9.63 ft
Counterweight Clearance 4.72 ft
Cab Clearance – Lowered to Ground* N/A
Cab Step Height – Lowered to Ground** N/A
Cab Linkage Height – Transportation 11.12 ft
Cab Linkage Height – Raised to Top of FOGS Guard 82.5 in
Wheel Base 9.17 ft
Undercarriage Width 9.68 ft
Outrigger Width on Ground 15.40 ft
Shipping Width – Outriggers Up 10.1 ft
Undercarriage Length 18.81 ft

Ground Clearance at Lowest Point 8.7 in
Minimum Turning Radius (inside) 16.50 ft
Oscillation Axle Angle ±3 degrees

Service Refill Capabilities
Cooling System 10.3 gal
Engine Crankcase with Filter 4.9 gal
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank 6.0 gal
Fuel Tank 110 gal
Hydraulic System (including tank) 168 gal
Hydraulic Tank 43 gal

Hydraulic System: Maximum Pressure
Auxiliary Circuit: Medium Pressure – Factory Setting 2450 psi
Auxiliary Circuit: Medium Pressure – Maximum Allowable Relief Setting 2500 psi
Implement Circuit 4750 psi
Swing Circuit 5510 psi
Travel Circuit 4750 psi

Hydraulic System: Maximum Flow
Implement Circuit 96 gal/min
Swing Circuit 33.7 gal/min
Fan Circuit 8.7 gal/min

Working Ranges – Drop Nose Stick
Maximum Height 49.87 ft
Maximum Reach 44.62 ft
Maximum Depth 13.00 ft

Operating Weight (without work tool attachment) 65370 lb

Hydraulic System: Maximum Pressure
Auxiliary Circuit: High Pressure – Factory Setting 4750 psi
Auxiliary Circuit: High Pressure – Maximum Allowable Relief Setting 4750 psi

Service Refill Capabilities
Steering Axle 3.6 gal
Rear Axle 5 gal

Ground Penetration 3.5 in

Net Power (ISO 14396) (Metric) 129 kW (175.4 hp [PS])

Working Ranges – Straight Stick
Maximum Height 44.62 ft
Maximum Reach 38.99 ft
Maximum Depth 10.00 ft

Hydraulic System: Maximum Pressure
Fan Circuit 3104 psi

Hydraulic System: Maximum Flow
Operating Temperature 60-73° C (140-164° F)

Dimensions (Approximate) – Cab to Platform
Note *Factory set at 155 mm (6.1") – adjustable through the operating system to be lower or higher.
Note **Factory set at 243 mm (9.6") – dimension varies as the cab clearance adjustment changed.

Dimensions (Approximate) – Cab to Ground
Shipping Height 10.41 ft
Shipping Length 37.00 ft
Tail Swing Radius 9.63 ft
Counterweight Clearance 4.72 ft
Cab Clearance – Lowered to Ground* 6.1 in
Cab Step Height – Lowered to Ground** 9.6 in
Cab Linkage Height – Transportation 10.17 ft
Cab Linkage Height – Raised to Top of FOGS Guard N/A
Wheel Base 9.17 ft
Undercarriage Width 9.68 ft
Outrigger Width on Ground 15.40 ft
Shipping Width – Outriggers Up 10.1 ft
Undercarriage Length 18.81 ft
Note *Factory set at 155 mm (6.1") – adjustable through the operating system to be lower or higher.
Note **Factory set at 243 mm (9.6") – dimension varies as the cab clearance adjustment changed.

Key Features
Commitment from the Ground Up

Key Features

Recognizing that fuel efficiency is directly affected by hydraulic performance, the hydraulic system in the MH3027 is carefully designed to provide the work needed without wasting fuel. A high capacity hydraulic cooling system keeps operating temperatures low, resulting in longer component life, higher efficiency and lower repair cost.

Structural Integrity
You expect quality and durability. The MH3027 is purpose-built from the ground up with frame construction that utilizes continuous welds, extensive chamfering, “feathered” weld end points and radiused corners. Critical areas use high grade structural steel, and areas susceptible to side loading have pins oversized by 15%-20%, with threaded retention. To withstand extreme loads encountered in material handling applications, both the boom and the stick are built from single piece continuous top and side plates – no seams or baffles.

User-Friendly Technology
Effective operator and machine communication is critical in any job application to ensure productivity. The MH3027 features Cat Product Link™ in conjunction with a user-friendly operating system that clearly communicates machine conditions in plain language, no need to research code definitions. In addition, the in-cab monitor reports machine conditions, warnings and maintenance checks. The online VisionLink® user interface can help you effectively manage your fleet and lower operating costs. Operators can adjust machine functions, such as joystick control sensitivity through the operating system.

Lower Operating Cost
Low operating cost was one of the top priorities throughout the MH3027’s design phase. An innovative hydraulic system keeps operating temperatures low for longer component life, higher efficiency and lower repair cost. The Cat C7.1 ACERT engine is designed for maximum fuel efficiency and increased power density, while meeting Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emission standards. The combination of extending component life, optimizing fuel efficiency and an innovative hydraulic system all work together to provide the lowest possible operating cost.

More Options for Your Safety and Comfort
Introducing more options to meet your specific application needs. Decrease the risk for slips and falls with the optional “ground level entry and exit” hydraulic cab riser system. This innovative system will lower the cab to ground level for operator entry and exit. This is one of many features the MH3027 brings to improve the safety and comfort of your operations. Built for your needs, a cab to platform option is also available.

Hydraulic System and Power Train
Effective Hydraulics and Power Train – Improve Your Machine’s Performance

Hydraulic System and Power Train

Machine productivity depends on hydraulic performance. The MH3027’s hydraulic system is designed to provide power without compromising efficiency, and protect component life to keep your machine running.

Hydraulic Performance
Proper power distribution on the MH3027 allows you to run simultaneous operations without compromising performance or efficiency. A single pump system produces hydraulic power for the implements, work tools, travel and cab riser systems. A dedicated swing pump, closed loop system provides swing priority at all times, providing improved power management and performance.

Electro Hydraulic Controls
Electro hydraulic controls reduce noise and vibration. They are programmable and can be set to memory.

Reinforced Tubing
Hydraulic steel tubing provides lower maintenance, higher pressure operation, and lower hydraulic oil operating temperature by producing superior heat transfer.

Low Operating Temperatures
Running at lower operating temperatures protects component life. The MH3027’s hydraulic system is cooled through its own cooler mounted side-by-side with the engine radiator and air-to-air aftercooler (ATAAC). Mounting these cores side-by-side improves cooling efficiency and allows for easier cleaning of the cores in dirty environments. The variable speed auto-reversing fan assists in keeping the cores operating at peak efficiency and minimizing downtime for cleaning.

Fast Cycle Times
Faster cycle times increase productivity. An efficient load sensing hydraulic system supplies quick lift and implement performance while providing control regardless of boom, stick or travel demands. The dedicated closed-loop swing system ensures that swing speed is not affected by other machine functions.

Proven Power Train
True four wheel mechanical drive provides excellent maneuvering performance even on uneven terrain. Power is provided by a variable displacement hydraulic motor, with integrated hydraulic braking through a 2-speed transmission which drives the two axles. Oscillating rear housing with lock-out feature and solid rubber tires provide machine stability and traction when operating free on wheels.

Variable, Convenient Travel
Machine movement is regulated through a three mode shift on the go travel system that includes a creeper mode up to 5.3 km/h (3.3 mph) and a standard mode up to 20 km/h (12.4 mph). Steering and speed are controlled through the joystick controls while forward and reverse direction is controlled through a right foot pedal.

Flow Management
Operating costs are cut with flow management technologies. Flow‑sharing compensation delivers flow on-demand for smooth, efficient operations, regardless of load. A load sensing pump generates only the flow and pressure required to meet system demands based on the work being done.

Structure and Frame
Structural Integrity

Structure and Frame

Your operators face harsh working environments that can affect the durability of your equipment. With this in mind, the MH3027 was built beyond industry standards. Structures were subjected to extensive strain gauge testing and finite element analysis to ensure build quality and durability. Not cutting any corners, structural grade steel is used in critical areas.

Built to last, the MH3027 has continuous welds along with chamfering and feathering techniques. Pins and bushings are oversized to prevent stress failures and lubricated through the automatic lubrication system to enhance component durability.

The MH3027’s frame is divided into an upper and lower portion. The upper frame houses the hydraulic cab riser, counterweight, boom, engine and hydraulic system. The upper frame attaches to the lower frame through the MH3027’s rotating axis. The lower tapered frame design is unique in the way the swing bearing is mounted directly to the main structure. Increasing rigidity and strength, while insuring the upper structure is kept clear of the material being handled. It also allows longer stabilizers to be installed for increased stability and even weight distribution.

Hydraulic Cab Riser
With the MH3027, there are two styles of hydraulic cab risers available to meet the specific demands of your application. The hydraulic cab to ground linkage option is integrated into the left front corner of the upper frame for providing the operator with a stable work platform. The cab to platform option provides the same eye level view of the work area. Less pilot hose routing due to electro hydraulic system minimizes risk for hose rupture. Less maintenance is required with greaseless bearings in the stabilizers and the cab to ground linkage.

The MH3027 is meant to be an integral part of your operations for many years to come, built strong with thick plates, radiused corners and detailed welds.

Front Structure
Durability – No Compromises

Front Structure

You know that a material handler works only as good as its front linkage is able to handle the job. The MH3027’s boom and stick are purpose built for the loads encountered in bulk material handling applications.

Careful and detailed handling of stresses ensures that the MH3027 has the durability you need for your day-to-day operation. The boom and stick top and side plates are manufactured from single plates of steel to eliminate the need for internal baffles and cross boom weld joints. Feathered welds and strengthened connections compliment the structural integrity of the front linkage.

Automatic lubrication on linkage pins and bushings extend component life, protecting your investment.

Excellent lift performance is delivered with dual boom cylinders and stick cylinders. The MH3027 comes equipped with either the drop nose stick for scrap recycling applications or a straight stick for waste and recycling applications. These front structures provide operators a large working envelope, minimizing machine travel and decreasing operation costs.

Fuel Efficient Engine
Engineered to Lower Your Operating Costs.

Fuel Efficient Engine

Engine and Emissions
The Cat C7.1 ACERT engine is designed for maximum fuel efficiency and increased power density, while meeting Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emission standards. This engine features innovative Cat electronics, fuel injection process, air-management systems, aftertreatment solution with Selective Catalytic Reduction, and a fuel efficient regeneration system. The engine utilizes a fully passive regeneration system which automatically removes soot from the Diesel Particulate Filter without interrupting your machine’s work cycle.

Efficient Systems and Components
Innovative systems intelligently lower the average working engine speeds and reduce the overall system heat loads which result in significantly improved performance and fuel efficiency.

Powerful Engine Cooling System
The MH3027’s engine cooling system adjusts to demands of work applications. Rated for a 202 kW (275 hp) engine, the debris resistant cooling system incorporates a hydraulically driven variable speed reversing fan, extending component life. Side by side coolers enable easy cleaning and reduces plugging (straight fin design).

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency with Auto Idle
The fuel saving auto idle feature reduces the engine rpm back to idle after five seconds of inactivity, decreasing fuel consumption. The auto engine shutdown feature defaults to activate and turn off the engine after 5 minutes, providing the machine is in a required safe operating mode condition.

Next Generation Fuel Systems
Advanced injection timing precisely controls the fuel injection process through a series of carefully timed microbursts, providing more control of combustion for the cleanest, most efficient fuel burn. On the MH3027 the high pressure common rail fuel systems boost performance and reduce soot for the C7.1 ACERT engine.

Cat NOx Reduction System
The Cat NOx Reduction System (NRS) captures and cools a small quantity of exhaust gas, then routes it back into the combustion chamber where it drives down combustion temperatures and reduces NOx emissions.

Aftertreatment Technologies
To meet the additional 80% reduction in NOx emissions required by Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emission standards, one new system, the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), has been added.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
Cat engines equipped with an SCR system inject DEF into the exhaust to reduce NOx emissions. DEF is a precisely mixed solution of 32.5% high purity chemical grade urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. DEF must meet the requirements outlined in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 22241-1. ISO 22241-1 requirements are met by many brands of DEF, including those that carry the AdBlue or API certifications.

Integrated Technologies
Monitor, manage, and enhance job site operations.

Integrated Technologies

Cat Connect makes smart use of technology and services to improve your job site efficiency with equipment management, safety, and sustainability capabilities. Using the data from technology-equipped machines, you’ll get more information and insight into your equipment and operations than ever before.

Cat Connect technologies offers improvements in these key areas: Equipment Management – increase uptime and reduce operating costs. Safety – enhance job site awareness to keep your people and equipment safe.

DETECT Technologies
DETECT technologies help keep people and equipment safe by enhancing operator awareness of the work area around working equipment and by monitoring and reporting unsafe conditions, like avoidance zones.

Rear Vision Camera
The standard rear vision camera greatly enhances visibility behind the machine to help the operator work more productively. Work with greater confidence and at peak potential while keeping people and assets safe.

Optional Side Vision Camera
An additional right side vision camera is available to increase worksite visibility.

LINK Technologies
LINK technologies wirelessly connect you to your equipment, giving you valuable insight into how your machine or fleet is performing so you can make timely, fact-based decisions that can boost job site efficiency and productivity.

Product Link/VisionLink
Product Link is deeply integrated into your machine, giving you access to timely information like machine location, hours, fuel usage, idle time and event codes via the online VisionLink user interface can help you effectively manage your fleet and lower operating costs.

Operator Station
Less Fatigue and Greater Comfort

Operator Station

Operate the MH3027 with less fatigue and greater comfort. The operator station is ergonomically designed to provide a quiet, safe and comfortable work environment. Highly visible monitors, easily accessible switch consoles and operating controls reduce fatigue for your operator. With large windows and joystick controlled steering the MH3027 cab provides ideal job site visibility.

Cab Comfort
Comfortable operators make productive operators, which is why the MH3027 is equipped with our Cat cab. The interior of the cab is spacious, and controls are ergonomically located within comfortable reach for the operator. This sturdy operator station features window panes that are attached directly onto the frame eliminating the need for sills that may be visual obstacles and weak stress points. Operators will feel less fatigued after a day of work in the air-ride suspension seat with adjustable armrests.

Ground Level Access Hydraulic Riser Option
Avoid unnecessary hassles and potential injuries. Start your day walking into the cab at ground level with the optional innovative hydraulic cab riser system. The cab riser can reach a height of 5.5 m (18'0") (eye level) in approximately 8 seconds, and come back to the ground in approximately 10 seconds.

Increased Productivity and Enhanced Ergonomics with Electro Hydraulic Joystick Controls
Experience less operator fatigue with smoother, quieter electro hydraulic joystick controls that eliminate vibration. Customizable machine functions allows the machine to be fine tuned to operator preferences.

Efficient Servicing for More Productivity


Primary service points are easily accessible through convenient access doors and platforms on the sides and top of the machine. Components can be easily located with the engine and cooling system’s longitudinal layout. Access doors are hinged with supporting gas struts, ensuring that one technician can easily access all maintenance points.

Spacious Compartments
Purposefully designed, the spacious compartments allow for technicians to maneuver easily while accessing the engine, cooling system, hydraulic components and filters for maintenance and inspection.

Labeled Service Points
The guesswork has been taken out of identifying key hydraulic hoses and electrical wiring with name labels to ease maintenance.

Automatic Lubrication
Machine life is improved and operating costs are lowered by having the machine in charge of timely lubrication intervals. Upper auto-lube sends grease based on duration runtime. The machine is factory set to run grease point lubrication at regular intervals. The lower is manually lubricated from a central grease point located behind the lower control valve on the carbody frame.

Guards, Railings and Anti-Slip Surfaces
Being able to safely service machinery is a primary concern for all owners. Equipped with handrails and anti-slip surfaces, operators and technicians can safely perform inspections and maintenance.

Safety and Security
Your Safety Is Our Priority

Safety and Security

Ground Level Access Cab
You are safer from the risk of slips and falls with the MH3027’s ground entry and exit cab riser system (optional). In the event of a power loss, a cab riser pressure release valve located in the operator station and at ground level allows for the cab to be lowered, enabling the operator to safely exit the machine.

Ideal for operator familiarization training, cab glass cleaning, allowing safe access and exit for all.


Optional Falling Object Guard System (FOGS)
Falling and flying debris is one of the hazards of the workplace. To protect your operator, the MH3027 can come equipped with the impact-absorbing cab guard that conforms to ISO 10262:1998 safety standards. The Falling Object Guarding System consists of both a top and front guard.

High Operator Visibility
The ability to see your work area is critical to a safe working environment. The cab is purposefully designed to provide high visibility and ensure that the operator can view his work area. The cab includes a rear window that serves as an emergency exit. Joystick steering as standard negates the need for a steering wheel and column, providing a less obstructed view in front of the operator, also allowing for easier ingress and egress. In addition, a cab mounted windshield wiper improves operator visibility in wet weather conditions.

Rearview Cameras
Having line of sight to what is happening behind the machine is vital in maintaining a safe work environment, which is why a rearview camera is mounted on the counterweight. The live video transmission is fed through the HD color monitor in the cab. An optional right side camera adds greater visibility to the job site.

Stick Limiter for Safer Operations
Maintain safe working distances with the stick limiter, which prevents the work tool from coming into close proximity to the operator station. Function override controls allow for up close work.

Complete Customer Care
Commitment to Your Uptime

Complete Customer Care

Product Support
You can maximize your machine’s uptime with the Cat worldwide dealer network. You can also decrease your repair costs by utilizing Cat remanufactured components.

Customer Support Agreements
A Customer Support Agreement (CSA) is an arrangement between you and your Cat dealer that helps you lower your total cost per ton. CSAs are flexible, allowing them to be tailored to your business needs. They can range from simple Preventive Maintenance Kits to elaborate Total Cost Performance Guarantees. Having a CSA with your Cat dealer enables more time for you to do what you do best – run your business.

Machine Selection
What are your job requirements and machine attachments? What production do you need? Your Cat dealer can provide recommendations to help you make the right machine configuration decisions.

You can boost your profits by improving your operator’s techniques. Your Cat dealer has videos, literature and other ideas to help increase productivity. Caterpillar offers certified operator training to help maximize the return on your investment.

Renowned Cat Dealer Support
  • Your Cat dealer is ready to help you every step of the way. From new or used machine sales, to rental or rebuild options, your Cat dealer can provide an optimal solution to your business needs.
  • Unsurpassed worldwide parts availability, trained technicians and customer support agreements maximize your machine uptime.
  • Financing options are offered to meet a variety of customer needs.

Investing in a Better Tomorrow


Low Emissions
The C7.1 ACERT engine meets Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emission standards.

Major structures and components of the MH3027 are designed to be rebuilt, to extend the life of your machinery. The remanufactured and rebuilt parts help to reduce waste, operating cost and impact to the environment.

The combination of an efficiently designed hydraulic system and a market proven efficient engine work together on the MH3027 to provide excellent fuel economy and still deliver the power you need.

Work Tool Attachments
Move More, Make More

Work Tool Attachments

Attachment Solutions for Scrap Recycling and Waste Handling and Recycling
When productivity, reliability and stability are important, Cat Work Tools are the perfect solution for the MH3027. Choose a Cat attachment for your Cat machine for maximum performance.

Productive and Perfectly Matched
Loading and unloading is foundational to your productivity. Grapples are sized right for the MH3027. They are designed for maximum penetration into the pile. The full power of your machine is utilized to provide fast open/close times and powerful closing force. Full, 360° rotation systems allow precise placement. Together, an MH3027 and Cat grapple allow you to move volumes with minimal time and effort.

Built for Severe Material
Cat grapples are built to take on the material you move. Hydraulic components are protected from damage, yet easily accessed for routine maintenance. Areas that dig and penetrate are made of high quality, wear resistant material to keep them in working condition. Components that pivot and move are engineered to the latest standards for a long life. Cat grapples last for a positive impact to your bottom line.

Orange Peel Grapples
The perfect solution for scrap yards, recycling plants and transfer stations. These grapples are available with 4 or 5 tines, in capacity of 0.57 m3 (0.75 yd3). Several shell choices allow further customization of your grapple to the specific material you work with.

Demolition and Sorting Grapples
Demolition and Sorting grapples are a key work tool for salvage, recycling, and waste operations. Customers will see reduced labor time, transportation costs, and landfill fees. The 360 degree rotation provides better load control as compared to fixed grapples. Rotation allows the grapple to handle and move material without moving the machine which assures less wear and tear on the undercarriage, and helps protect your customer’s machine investment.

Contact your local Cat dealer to learn more about the specific grapple choices available in your region.

Optional 15 kW Cat Generator with Solid State Controller
If your work tool or application needs additional power for operation, the MH3027 can come equipped with an optional 15 kW solid state generator. Experience enhanced sorting ability through the proprietary solid state generator control. The genset is capable of producing enough power to operate a 1.4-1.7 m (57-66") diameter magnet. The optional solid state genset would be housed in the upper frame for ease of maintenance without obstructing other machine components.

With the operator friendly material sorting control enables the machine operator to turn the magnet current on and off at quick intervals without initiating the actual “drop” or “reverse current” cycle of the magnet which completely and quickly cleans the material off of the magnet during normal production handling.

This proprietary generator system is designed, sold and serviced by Caterpillar and Cat dealers worldwide.

Standard Equipment

  • 24V, 95 amp alternator
  • Battery disconnect switch (ground level access)
  • Circuit breakers
  • Lock out tag out disconnect
  • Cat data link with capability to use Electronic Technician
  • Engine emergency shutdown switch (ground level access)
  • Two 12V, 1,000 CCA batteries
  • Jumpstart receptacle (ground level access)
  • Rear vision camera
  • Signaling/warning horn
  • Travel alarm (both forward and reverse) – ability to disable
  • Cab to ground movement alarm
  • Electro hydraulic controls
  • Cab emergency lowering valve (in-cab and ground level) ball valve
  • Boom and stick and stabilizer load lock valve
  • Individual stabilizer controls
  • Single main implement hydraulic pump
  • Dedicated hydraulic swing pump
  • Hydraulic swivel with electric slip ring
  • Automatic swing brake
  • Cat Advanced HYDO™ 10 hydraulic oil
  • Auto lube for upper
  • Greaseless bearings for cab riser
  • Centralized manual lube for lower
  • Cooling arrangement – auto reversing
  • AM/FM radio with USB/Bluetooth/J1939
  • Heated air suspension seat with headrest, three point operator restraint with retractable 76 mm (3") seat belt
  • Right and left machine function keypads
  • Skylight with sunshade
  • Travel control pedal
  • Bi-level air-conditioner, heater and defroster
  • Positive filtered ventilation
  • Rear window – removable from outside or inside of cab and serves as an alternate exit
  • Machine control display monitor
  • Camera display for rearview camera (capable of two camera installation)
  • Engine start switch
  • Ground access hydraulic cab riser system
  • Hydraulic lock out and control lever
  • 129 kW (173 hp) at 1,850 rpm Cat C7.1 ACERT diesel engine meets Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emission standards
  • 2300 m (7,546 ft) altitude capability with no de-rate
  • Fuel filter with fuel water separator with water level sensor
  • Two stage engine air cleaner with built-in high efficiency cyclone precleaner, primary and safety elements with dust indicator
  • Side-by-side cooling system with radiator, charge air cooler and hydraulic oil cooler in single plane
  • Variable speed hydraulic fan drive
  • Auto engine idling mode
  • Auto engine shutdown mode
  • Cat emissions module with diesel exhaust fluid system
  • Ether intake manifold port
  • Accommodates up to B20 biofuel
  • Two speed travel
  • Four simultaneously controlled stabilizer legs
  • Lockable oscillating rear axle
  • Hydraulic warm up valve
  • Hydraulic tank and fuel tank caps – lock ready
  • S·O·SSM quick sampling valves for engine oil, coolant and hydraulic oil
  • Upper ladder and handrails for access/egress to platform
  • Cab positioning system (cab to lower position display)
  • Cat Product Link (PLE641)
  • Rearview camera
  • Tires, solid rubber super single
  • Cab work tool avoidance
  • 15.9 m (52 ft) front boom and stick

Optional Equipment

14.4 m (47 ft 4 in) front boom and stick
LED stick lights
LED cab lights, no guard
LED cab lights
Tires, solid rubber dual
Right side camera
Cat Advanced Bio HYDO 10 oil
Guards, front
Guards, falling objects
15 kW generator
120V AC hydraulic tank heater (Tier 4 only)
Auxiliary keypad for customer installed electrical components
Ether start aid attachment (Field Installed)
Reflective film – cab (Field Installed)



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