M325B MH

The M325B Wheeled Material Handler is a versatile machine designed for a variety of industrial applications. It can be equipped with a variety of front linkages, attachments, and worktools to provide a highly mobile, highly productive machine for scrap, material handling, millyard, and waterfront applications.

Engine Model 3116 TA
ISO 9249 168 hp
Displacement 403 in3
SAE J1349 168 hp

Upper 20880 lb
Counterweight 16980 lb
Undercarriage 31675 lb
Two-Piece Front (with cylinders) 12500 lb

Operating Specifications
Max. Reach 50.9 ft
Hyd. Cab Riser Height 6.4 ft
Generator Set 26.8 hp
Max. Stick Height 55.6 ft
Max. Reach Below Ground 21.2 ft

High Range Max. Travel Speed 12.3 mph
Max. Drawbar Pull 32700 lb
Low Range Max. Travel Speed 3.2 mph
Gradeability 43 %

Hydraulic System
Normal 4980 psi
Heavy Lift 4980 psi
Travel Circuit 4250 psi
High Pressure 595 psi
Medium Pressure 8 psi
Swing Mechanism 2500 psi
Implement/Travel Circuit 2500 gal/min

Swing Mechanism
Swing Torque 56080 lb ft
Swing Speed 10 RPM

Service Refill Capacities
Cooling System 8.3 gal
Engine Crankcase with Filter 5.3 gal
Swing Drive 2.6 gal
Final Drive (each) 2.1 gal
Hydraulic System (including tank) 82 gal
Hydraulic Tank 46 gal

Shipping Height - Cab Tipped 12.3 ft
Operating Width - Outside of Tires 10.6 ft
Width - Outriggers Up 11.5 ft
Width - Outriggers Down 17.3 ft
Shipping Length 34.5 ft
Ground Clearance 1.2 ft
Wheel Base 10.5 ft

Caterpillar M325B Wheeled Material Handler
Tough, dependable, and loaded with performance-improving features.

M325B MH Two-piece Fronts
Caterpillar booms and sticks are built for performance and long service life. Welded box-section structures feature thick, multi-plate fabrications in high stress areas allowing structures to flex, dissipating stresses and maximizing strength. Booms and sticks are stress relieved to maximize strength and minimize structure weight.
  • The 15.5m front offers a maximum horizontal reach of 50'10" from swing center and a maximum vertical pin height of 17.0m (55'7")
  • The 13.4m front offers a maximum horizontal reach of 43'11" from swing center and a maximum vertical pin height of 15.3m (50'4")

1.9m (6'5") Cab Riser
Cat designed and built riser gets your operator to an operating height with excellent visibility for loading or unloading your processing equipment, trucks and rail cars. Access to the cab is provided by a platform which extends around the riser to allow windshield cleaning. The cab riser can also be tilted forward 90º for shipping and provides ready access to service the generator system.

Cat Material Handler hydraulic systems
Auxilliary hydraulics are specifically designed to meet your hydraulic attachment requirements. The rotate circuit provides a separate 30.0 lpm (8.0 gpm) gear pump and fully adjustable control valve, allowing configuration to meet various grapple manufacturer's flow requirements. A separate fixed displacement gear pump is used to provide the hydraulic power to run a 20 kW generator system.

The Upper Frame
The heavy-duty upper frame is specifically designed for the scrap and material handling market, the upper frame is built of higher strength material and thicker steel sections to handle the increased swing loads developed with the longer fronts and heavier counterweights used in material handling.

Special Counterweight
The M325B MH is equipped with a counterweight which is 50% heavier than the standard counterweight.

20 kW hydraulically driven generator set
This exclusive Caterpillar genset can power magnets up to 1702 mm (67") in diameter. A Caterpillar state-of-the-art electronic magnet controller and generator are linked to provide trouble-free service. The new controller completely eliminates traditional contactor maintenance and is supported and warranted through your Cat dealer.

M325B MH Wheeled Carrier
The carrier of the M325B MH has four wheel hydrostatic drive and two wheel steer. The fabricated frame has a trunnion mounted front drive steer axle and solid mount rear drive axle. A hydraulic front axle stabilizer locks in any position with plus or minus four degrees of oscillation. Front axle and parking brakes are hydraulic disc, while rear axle brakes are hydraulic drum. The two-speed powershift transmission provides a maximum drawbar pull of 14,830 kg (32,700 lb.) and a maximum travel speed of 19.8 km/hr (12.3 mph).

The M325B MH features:
  • Steering wheel with tilt steering column
  • Independent or simultaneous outrigger controls, axle oscillation parking brake, transmission shift and high and low speed ranges.
  • Service brake and forward reverse pedal are left and right of the steering column.

Millyard Applications
Designed and built to meet diverse application needs, the M325B MH comes ready to improve your millyard's productivity.

Heel Boom Front
The Caterpillar 12.2m (40')heel boom front with bottom mounted heel cylinder is available as a dealer installed kit. This arrangement fits a wide variety of log handling and loading applications in millyards. Heel booms are especially well-suited for use with large diameter sawlogs.

30" Cab Riser
The .76m (30") cab riser option provides a lower cab riser as compared to the 1.9m (6'5") riser. This arrangement results in a cab height of 4.78m (15'8") when equipped with the optional Falling Object Guard, which is ideal for millyard applications. This riser also provides an access system from the ground on the left side of the machine and can be manually tilted forward 90° for lower shipping height.

Butt-N-Top (B-N-T) Front
The Caterpillar Butt-N-Top log loader arrangement is available as a dealer installed kit. This arrangement provides an 11.3m (37') maximum reach front which can accept the dealer-installed butt-n-top grapple. It is ideal for charging millyard endfeed conveyors where sorting butts and tops is required and off-loading logs from trucks directly into high storage decks.

Standard Equipment

Electrical Equipment
  • 50 Ampere alternator
  • Base machine light (Frame)
  • Lights, cab mounted (Two)
  • Horn
Operator Environment
  • Polycarbonate windows except laminated glass in retractable front windshield/tempered glass in removable lower windshield and sliding upper door window
  • Seat KAB 524P, suspension seat with adjustable arm rest and retractable seat belt (cloth)
  • Pre-Start monitoring system (Alert if there is a shortage of hydraulic oil, engine oil and engine coolant)
  • Pre-wired radio mounting areas with two stereo speakers (includes antennae) and one 24v to 12v converter
  • Stationary skylight
  • Windshield wiper/washers (upper/lower)
  • Air conditioner with auto climate control and defroster
  • Interior lighting
  • Neutral lever for all controls
  • Adjustable pilot operated joystick type (wrist lever) controls with integral electrical switches for operation of the grapple open close, grapple rotate and magnet lift drop
  • Toggle switch in RH console to switch between magnet and grapple operation
  • Travel control rocker pedal
  • Travel brake pedal
  • Five outrigger switches
  • Switch to select normal or turtle speed
  • Switch to select transmission hi or low range
  • Switch to activate suspension lock
  • Parking brake switch with indicator light
  • Steering column tilt and telescope adjustments
  • Includes 50% concentration with protection of -34°C (-30°F)
Hydraulic Systems
  • Fully pressurized hydraulic system
  • Aux. pump and lines to drive generator
  • Medium pressure aux. hyd. circuit for powering rotating grapples (includes pump, valve and lines)
  • High pressure grapple open close hydraulic circuit
  • CAT 3116TA Diesel engine with 24-volt electric starting and air intake heater
  • Automatic engine speed control with manual return to idle (not functional when hydraulic generator is in operation)
  • Water separator in fuel line
  • Power mode selector (2 modes)
  • Side by side radiator/oil cooler
  • Muffler
  • Four wheel hydrostatic drive
  • Two wheel steer
  • 2 Speed powershift transmission
  • Lockable front axle stabilizer
  • 4 Independent or simultaneously controlled hydraulic stabilizers with single axis float pad
Other Standard Equipment
  • Heavy duty upper frame with bottom guards
  • Door locks and caps locks and Caterpillar one key security system
  • Mirrors (Frame-right, Cab-left)
  • 16,940 lb. MH Counterweight
  • Automatic swing parking brake
  • Cat 1.9m (6'5") Cab Riser with platform
  • Fine swing control
  • Travel alarm
  • Ether and cold weather starting aids

Optional Equipment

13.4m (43'11") MH front linkage
15.5m (50'10") MH front linkage
11.3m (37') Butt-n-top front linkage
  • * Available as dealer installed kit
12.2m (40') heel boom front linkage with bottom cylinder
  • * Available as dealer installed kit
20 kW solid state generator
0.8m (30") manual tilt cab riser
Secondary Window Exit with internal and external opening provisions
Falling Object Guard
  • 20.5-R25 XMineD2
  • 23.5-R25 XHA L3
  • 16-25 Solid Tires
Caterpillar four-tine orange peel grapples
  • 1 yd.³
  • 1.5 yd.³



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