Better controllability, extended service and a more comfortable operator station increase productivity and lower operating costs.

Engine Model Mitsubishi 4M40E1
Net Power 54 hp
Gross Power 55 hp

Operating Weight 15895 lb
Operating Weight with Cab 15895 lb

Max digging depth - standard stick 13.48 ft
Max reach ground level - standard stick 20.34 ft
Center ground clearance 1.25 ft
Height over cab 8.63 ft
Length to Center of Rollers 6.96 ft
Max cutting height - long stick 25.2 ft
Max cutting height - standard stick 23.9 ft
Max digging depth - long stick 15.26 ft
Max dump height - long stick 18.24 ft
Max dump height - standard stick 16.9 ft
Max reach ground level - long stick 22.05 ft
Max vertical dig depth - long stick 13.6 ft
Max vertical dig depth - standard stick 11.9 ft
Shipping Height 8.63 ft
Shipping Length 19.91 ft
Stick length - long stick 7.25 ft
Stick length - standard stick 5.46 ft
Swing radius - rear 5.74 ft
Track Shoe Width 1.5 ft
Transport Width 90.16 ft
Width upper structure 7.51 ft

Engine Dimensions
Bore 3.7 in
Stroke 4 in
Displacement 173 in3

Travel System
Travel Speed - High 3.3 mph

MSC Comments
MSC Spec Date 10/05

Hydraulic System
Operating Pressure - Equipment 3980 psi
Digging Forces - Stick (standard) 7843.13 lb
Digging Force - Stick (long) 6895.79 lb
Digging Force - Bucket 9830 lb
Operating Pressure - Travel 4550 psi
Operating Pressure - Swing 2840 psi

Swing System
Machine Swing Speed 11 RPM

Service Refill Capacities
Cooling System 4 gal
Engine Oil 2.9 gal
Hydraulic Tank 15 gal
Fuel Tank 35.7 gal
Hydraulic System 24.8 gal

The four cylinder engine is built for power, reliability, economy and low emissions.


4M40-E1 Engine
The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) 4M40-E1 Engine offers improved thermal efficiency with low fuel consumption and reduced low engine sound levels and vibration.

Cylinder Block
The cylinder block is cast iron for improved wear resistance. The upper part is laser hardened to reduce oil consumption and internal component wear.

Heat resistant aluminum alloy pistons have a short compression height, reducing weight and improving efficiency. The piston ring set consists of three rings, which are treated for wear resistance.

Low Fuel Consumption
The 4M40-E1 engine features low fuel consumption, improved thermal efficiency and reduced friction resistance between piston and liners.

To make daily maintenance easy, the oil level gauge, oil filter, fuel filter and priming pump are located on the left side of the engine.

For durability and high reliability the surface of the crankshaft journals and pins are induction hardened to reduce wear.

A large diameter fan and full length, water-cooled engine cylinders, combined with excellent thermal efficiency, help prevent overheating, prolong engine life and ensure the ability to operate at high temperatures and under heavy loads.

Undercarriage and Blade
Durable undercarriage absorbs stresses and provides excellent stability.

Undercarriage and Blade

Proven structural manufacturing techniques assure outstanding durability and service life from these important components.

Carbody Design and Track Roller Frames
X-shaped, box-section carbody provides excellent resistance to tortional bending. Robot-welded track roller frames are press-formed, pentagonal units to deliver exceptional strength and service life.

Rollers and Idlers
Sealed and lubricated track rollers, carrier rollers and idlers provide excellent service life, keeping the machine in the field longer.

Two optional blades are available to accommodate both track widths. Cutting edges on the blades are now replaceable and reversible. With the optional blades, the 307C can doze, backfill trenches, level working space and speed site cleanup.

Segment-type Rubber Track
Available as an attachment, the segment-type rubber track is available for use in urban areas. It helps prevent damage to concrete and other road surfaces.

Grease Lubricated Track
New grease lubricated seals protect the track link and deliver long track link pin and bushing inner wear life.

Travel Motors
Automatic speed selection enables the machine to automatically change up and down from high and low speeds in a smooth, controlled manner.

Idler Guard
An idler guard, which is integral to the track roller frame, is standard. This guard helps maintain track alignment while traveling or working on slopes.

Track Shoes
Front Linkage
Designed-in flexibility helps bring higher production and efficiency to all jobs.

Front Linkage

Front Linkage
Front linkage variations on the 307C allow the use of two booms, two sticks, and five buckets. Using these combinations improves the general-purpose versatility of the excavator by suiting it to a diverse range of applications. The 307C SB provides further versatility to meet the needs of any job.

Linkage Bearings
New bearing technology has extended the front linkage greasing intervals for all bearings except the bucket.

High tensile strength steel is used in high-stress areas for excellent wear and shock resistance. The side plates are tapered to prevent contact of the bucket sidewalls during trenching operations. All buckets are general purpose, share a common side profile and have lifting eyes.

Operation Station
Designed for simple, easy operation, the 307C operator station allows the operator to focus on production.

Operation Station

A new seat with a two-tone color offers two types of cushions - soft and hard - for operator comfort. The reclining knob is located at the right-side of the seat for easier reclining adjustment.

Cab Exterior
The cab is newly designed and enlarged using asymmetrical steel tubing for improved resistance to fatigue and vibration. Falling Object Guard System (FOGS) may be bolted directly to the cab.

Cab Mounts
The cab shell is attached to the frame with improved viscous mounts, reducing vibration and sound.

With continuous and intermittent modes, the wiper is positioned on the right cab pillar, further improving the operator's viewing area.

Redesigned consoles for simplicity and functionality. Both consoles have attached adjustable armrests.

Automatic Climate Control
Fully automatic climate control adjusts temperature and flow and determines which air outlet is best in each situation.

New, compact monitor enhances viewing from the operator's seat while displaying a variety of easy to read and understand information.

Redesigned Interior Layout
Redesigned cab layout emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. Right-hand wall and console provide easy access to all switches, dials and controls.

Travel Controls
A large rubber-covered footrest at the side of the travel pedals allows the foot to easily grip the pedal. The travel lever stroke and force have been enhanced to improve the 307C's fine controllability, making the machine easier to operate.

Boom Swing Control Pedal
The 307C boom swing control is actuated by the foot pedal, conveniently located to the right of the travel pedal.

Hydraulic Actuation Control Lever
For easy access, the larger hydraulic actuation control lever is attached to the cab floor.

Window glass is affixed directly to the cab, eliminating window frames which interfere with the operator's viewing area. A larger right-side window also enhances viewing.

Simplified service and maintenance features save you time and money.


Extended Service Interval
307C service and maintenance intervals have been extended to reduce machine service time and increase machine availability.

Ground-level Maintenance
All daily maintenance areas are situated where they can be easily reached from ground level.

Engine Inspection
The engine can be accessed from the upper structure or from under the machine. A steel wall separates the engine and pump compartments.

Radiator and Pump Compartment
Opening the engine hood allows easy access to the engine radiator, engine oil cooler, pump and pilot filter. A reserve tank and drain cock are attached to the radiator to simplify maintenance.

Water Separator
The water separator is located in the radiator compartment for easy access from the ground.

Air Filter
The 307C features a Cat radial seal for superior cleaning efficiency.

Grease Lubricated Track
Grease lubricated seals protect the track link and deliver long track link pin and bushing inner wear life.

Fan Guard
Engine radiator fan is completely enclosed by fine wire mesh, reducing the risk of an accident.

Anti-skid punched star plate covers the top of the storage box to prevent slipping during maintenance. The plate can be removed for cleaning.

DT Electrical Connectors
307C DT electrical connectors are water and vibration resistant, which improves electrical system reliability.

Handrail and Step
Large handrails and steps assist operator in climbing on and off the machine.

Complete Customer Support
Cat dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.

Complete Customer Support

Make detailed comparisons of the machines you are considering before you buy. What are the job requirements? What production is needed? What is the true cost of lost production? Your Cat dealer can give you precise answers to these questions.

Look past initial price, look at the value the 307C offers. Consider the financing options available as well as day-to-day operating costs.

Improving operating techniques can boost your profits. Your Cat dealer has training literature and other ideas to help you increase productivity.

Repair option programs guarantee the cost of repairs up front. Diagnostic programs such as Scheduled Oil Sampling and Technical Analysis help you avoid unscheduled repairs.

Repair, rebuild or replace? Your Cat dealer can help you evaluate the cost involved so you can make the right choice.

Product Support
You will find nearly all parts at our dealer parts counter. Cat dealers utilize a worldwide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine down time. You will save money with remanufactured components.

Caterpillar hydraulics deliver power and control to keep material moving at high volume.


Hydraulic Cross Sensing System
Improves productivity with faster implement speeds and quicker, stronger pivot turns.

The hydraulic system offers precise control to the 307C, reducing operator fatigue and improving operator effectiveness and efficiency, which ultimately translates into enhanced performance.

Pump Flow
Pump flow decreases when controls are in neutral for reduced fuel consumption and sound.

Auxiliary Hydraulic Valve
The auxiliary hydraulic valve is standard on the 307C for use with optional hydraulic circuits.

Hydraulic Cylinder Snubbers
Hydraulic cylinder snubbers at the rod-end of boom cylinders and both ends of stick cylinders cushion shocks, reduce sound and increase cylinder life.

Component Layout
The 307C hydraulic system was designed to provide a high level of efficiency. With all major components located close together, shorter tubes and lines are needed, resulting in less friction loss in the lines and reduced pressure drops.

Stackable Valves
Up to two additional control valves can be added to the main control valve of the 307C (one on the 307C SB) to run additional tools.

Pilot System
Increased pilot hydraulic pressure provides better control to the front linkage, swing and travel operations.

Auxiliary Hydraulics
For further versatility, a dedicated hammer (single function), thumb (double function) and combined auxiliary hydraulics are offered on the 307C.

Standard Equipment

Alternator, 35-amp
Boom lowering device (accumulator)
Brake, automatic swing holding
Cab, sound supressed, includes:
  • adjustable arm rest
  • air conditioner with defroster
  • antenna
  • ash tray
  • beverage holder
  • cigar lighter
  • coat hook
  • dial-type throttle
  • floor mat
  • horn, front
  • hydraulic system neutralizing lever
  • joysticks, pilot-operated
  • KAB 528P/C seat with suspension, four way adjustable without head rest
  • lighting, interior
  • literature compartment
  • monitoring system
  • openable front window
  • radio, AM/FM stereo
  • removable lower windshield with storage bracket inside cab
  • roof hatch
  • seat belt
  • travel control levers
Door and cap locks, one key
Fully opening rear hood
Hydraulic valve port, auxiliary
  • frame, right-side
Mirror, right-hand side
One touch low idle
Pillar mounted wiper
Reverse swing damping valve
Straight travel circuit
Tool box
Track, 450 mm (18") shoes
Track guiding guards, idlers
Two-speed travel
  • main windshield wiper and washer
  • right and rear windows, polycarbonate
  • sliding door window, tempered glass
  • Windshield, two-piece:

Optional Equipment

Alarm, travel
  • 2300 mm (7'6")
  • 2400 mm (7'10")
Boom, lowering control device
Boom, power offset
Boom, one-peice
Bucket linkage
Control Pattern Changer SAE/BHL
Coolant, extended life
Cooling package, high ambient
  • Falling Objects Guard System
  • headrest for KAB 528P/C, T8P/C
  • swivel
  • front windshield
  • vandalism protection
Hydraulic arrangements, auxiliary:
  • single-function capability
  • double-function capability
  • combined single and double function capability
Hydraulic lines, auxiliary:
  • sticks
  • boom
  • boom, right
  • working, cab-mounted (2)
Morror, cab left
Power Supply, 12V 5Amp
Side cutters
Seats, suspension:
  • KAB T8P/C seat without suspension, head rest
  • KAB T1P/C vinyl seat without suspension, head rest
  • KAB 527P/C high back seat with suspension, console adjustment, head rest
Headrest for KAB 528P/C, T8P/C
Starting kit, cold weather
  • 2210 mm (7'3")
  • 1665 mm (5'6")
Track shoes
Travel pedals
Water separator, fuel line



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