The new MD5075C Track Drill includes new features that are aligned with these main customer needs: Reducing Downtime and Cost, Enhancing Productivity, and being Fully Supported. High productivity is a direct result of its best-in-class rock drill, fast and electronics free carousel rod changer, and a Cat engineered power train with a large, variable air compressor. Several technology products assist with optimum operations and equipment management. Troubleshooting is easy because MD5075C is equipped with Cat electronics that allow the use of Cat ET. Drill uptime can make or break your operation, because without drilling there can be no loading, hauling or crushing. If high mechanical availability is one of your top concerns, the MD5075C is an ideal solution thanks to its enhanced durability, improved serviceability and lower maintenance requirements.

Hole Diameter Up to 114.3 mm (4.5 in)
Hole Depth 31.2 m (102.5 ft) – Maximum Depth
Air Compressor 9.9 m3/min (350 cfm)

General Data
Hole Depth Maximum 102.5 ft
Compressor 350 ft3/min
Engine Cat C9, six (6) cylinder, electronically controlled, water-cooled, turbocharged and air-to-air after-cooled diesel engine rated at 224 kW (300 hp) at 1,800 rpm
Engine C9 224 kW (300 hp) at 1,800 rpm
Hole Diameter Range 76.2 mm-114.3 mm (3.0 in-4.5 in)
Rock Drill HPR5123 31 hp

Components ROPS/FOPS certified
Components Digital engine and drill readout system
Components Joysticks in both armrests
Updated larger monitor display: – Technology advances – Hammer adjustment from cab – Air pressure control from cab
Total glass 33 ft2

Carousel Rod Changer System
3.66 m (12 ft) Rod Changer 45 mm – 6 Rod +1 or 51 mm – 6 Rod +1
3.66 m (12 ft) Rod Changer Total hole depth 27.4 m (90 ft) with 6.1 m (20 ft) starter steel
4.27 m (14 ft) Rod Changer 45 mm – 6 Rod +1 or 51 mm – 6 Rod +1
4.27 m (14 ft) Rod Changer Total hole depth 31 m (102 ft) with 6.1 m (20 ft) starter steel

Air Compressor
Components Dual filter elements
Components Hydraulic motor driven
Components Intake check valve and receiver-separator combination tank
Screw-type compressor 9.9 m3/min @ 10.2 bar (350 ft3/min @150 psi)

Power Train
Air filter Dual element
Cat C9, six (6) cylinder, electronically controlled, water-cooled, turbocharged and air-to-air after-cooled diesel engine 224 kW @ 1,800 rpm (300 hp @ 1,800 rpm)
Fuel tank 130 gal

Rock Drill
HPR5123 hydraulic powered percussion rock drill – Blow rate 2500-2700 bpm
HPR5123 hydraulic powered percussion rock drill – Motors Dual hydraulic variable rotation motors producing 1356 N∙m (1,000 lbf-ft) torque
HPR5123 hydraulic powered percussion rock drill – Output energy @ 160 rpm 31 hp
HPR5123 hydraulic powered percussion rock drill – Percussion pressure Up to 200 bar (Up to 2,900 psi)
HPR5123 hydraulic powered percussion rock drill – Option Rock drill auto lube system option
HPR5123 hydraulic powered percussion rock drill – Rod diameter choices 45 or 51 mm (1.8 or 2.0 in)
HPR5123 hydraulic powered percussion rock drill – Weight 877 lb
Optional HPR4519 Rock Drill – Blow rate 2500-2700 bpm
Optional HPR4519 Rock Drill – Motors Dual hydraulic variable rotation motors producing 908 N∙m (670 lbf-ft) torque
Optional HPR4519 Rock Drill – Output energy @ 240 rpm 25 hp
Optional HPR4519 Rock Drill – Percussion pressure Up to 200 bar (Up to 2,900 psi)
Optional HPR4519 Rock Drill – Rod diameter 1.8 in
Optional HPR4519 Rock Drill – Weight 660 lb

Drill Assist from MD5150C
Monitoring System Minimizes overfeeding
Monitoring System Operator-selected, smooth, electrical control system for all drilling functions
Monitoring System Anti-jam
Monitoring System Anti-plug
Monitoring System Anti-plunge
Monitoring System Monitors main hydraulic system (hammer, feed, air and rotation pressure) and automatically adjusts to pre-programmed parameters

Cat 315 Undercarriage
Components Hydraulic motor-driven track assemblies with towing disconnects.
Components Spring applied disc brakes
Gradeability 35.0 Degrees
Ground clearance 15 in
Ground pressure 12 psi
Track gauge 80 in
Track oscillation ±10°
Tram maximum speed 2.5 mph
Wide triple grouser pads 15 in

Dust Collecting System
Abrasive resistant suction hose 5 in
Components Hydraulic motor powered, dry dust collecting system
Components Dust collector sized to clean holes up to 127 mm (5.0 in) in diameter
Filter area 304 ft2

Boom System
Boom dump below horizontal 27°
Boom extension 5 ft
Boom length 12.5 ft
Boom lift above horizontal 38°
Boom swing 51° L to 15° R

Cooler Package
Components Four vertical sections; compressor, engine, hydraulic and air after cooler
Components Sized for ambient capability of 52° C (125° F)
Fan assembly 42 in

Components Six way adjustable seat; forward/back, up/down and reclining

Dimensions (Approximate)
Shipping Height 11.2 ft
Shipping Length 40.4 ft
Shipping Width 8.6 ft
Shipping Weight 43000 lb

General Data
Compressor 9.9 m3/min @ 10.2 bar (350 ft3/min @ 150 psi)

Components Drill depth monitoring
Electro-hydraulic controls: – Joysticks – Bright displays – Common to MD5150C
Total operator control of: – Hammer power – Hole flushing

Best-in-class Rock Drills
More Drilling. Less Cost.

Best-in-class Rock Drills

The Cat Rock Drills are powered matched to application, simple and durable, they have long service intervals, short service hours, 25k hour life cycle and are 100% serviceable on the feed. With three times the lifespan and less than one half the parts cost of competitive rock drills, you cannot overlook the value of the Cat Rock Drill for reaching maximum uptime at low total cost of ownership.

What is the Cat Rock Drill Advantage?
Cat Rock Drills are power matched to the application for energy-efficient drilling. They are simple and durable, with extended service intervals, and service on the feed is quick. Major components are designed to last the life of the machine, and Caterpillar offers rock drills that can be serviced on-site. With triple the lifespan and less than one-half of the parts costs of competitive rock drills, you cannot overlook the value of a Cat Rock Drill for reaching maximum uptime and low costs.

Standard and Optional Choices
The MD5075C uses an HPR5123 Rock Drill, which accepts 45 or 51 mm drill steel. Alternatively, it can be equipped with an HPR4519 Rock Drill which accepts 45 mm drill steel.

Rock Drill Service Cost Advantage
Cat Rock Drills require 3.5 times less service hours per year because they are robust and require fewer service intervals. Each service takes only half of the time of other rock drills due to simplistic design with four housings and only half of the internal parts of other brands. Overall the Cat Rock Drills service cost is 60 percent less than competitive models year over year.

Durable Design
A simple design coupled with high strength materials yields exceptional durability. Having only half of the components of competitive models, there are fewer internal parts to wear. There are four major housings bolted together with high strength flanges eliminating troublesome long tie rods and the bushings are alloy for long life. Major rock drill components are designed to last the life of the machine.

Owner Serviceable
Cat Rock Drills are the only owner serviceable rock drill. That is a significant cost savings because others require downtime for round trip transportation to a clean room environment for service. With Cat Rock Drills, stocking multiple or back up rock drills is not required and all maintenance can be done in your shop and on the feed including, and up to, a major rebuild.

Automated Rock Drill Lube System – Optional
While other rock drills use oil, Cat Rock Drills use grease which is cleaner and easier to manage. The Automated Lube System keeps the rock drill greased at ideal intervals which helps to achieve peak performance, extends component life and is a tremendous time saver over manual greasing. The grease reservoir capacity is for up to eight 10-hour shifts.

Carousel Rod Changer
Electronics-free for More Uptime

Carousel Rod Changer

Fast and Electronics-free for Maximum Uptime
Cat Carousel Rod Changers are a reliable mechanical design with no sensitive electronic sensors that cause excessive downtime.

One of the largest contributors to downtime on a track drill is electronics failures on carousel rod changers. This frequently occurs because electronics system sensors are vulnerable to dust, vibration and movement. Conversely, Cat Track Drills’ carousel rod-handling system is 100 percent electronics-free. Everything is mechanical for maximum uptime and easier troubleshooting.

Additional Features
  • Six rod carousel accepts 45 or 51 mm diameter drill steel
  • Deep multi-pass hole depth to 31.2 m (102.5 ft)
  • Unique gate design always keeps a rod in position; ready to load
  • Heavy-duty, dual rod grippers assist with rod changes and are designed to last
  • Two drill steel length options available: – 3.66 m (12 ft) drill steel rods – 4.27 m (14 ft) drill steel rods – 6.1 m (20 ft) starter rod

Drill Depth Indicator
The new drill depth indicator ensures all holes in a pattern are drilled to the planned depth to promote a better floor, reduce secondary blasting, and reduce accelerated wear on equipment which collectively improves the total cost of ownership for the customers.

Power Group
Delivers Efficiency

Power Group

Power Train
Cat track drill’s power group is designed by Caterpillar experts to get power where it’s needed as efficiently as possible. The MD5075C’s fuel-efficient C9 engine has a high-efficiency fuel filtration system with electronic priming. Ether is an option for cold weather starting. The compressor features widely variable air control and the power to meet any drilling application. The cooler is optimized for thermal management, and its side by side design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Powered by a six (6) cylinder Cat C9 engine that is electronically controlled, turbocharged, and air-to-air after-cooled producing 224 kW (300 hp) @ 1,800 rpm. Fuel conservation, and the resulting lower operating cost, is achieved with three-speed engine throttle control.

Additional engine features:
  • Pumps are direct driven by the engine through a steel flex coupling
  • Dual element air filter with indicators
  • Fuel tank 492 L (130 gal)
  • Over 12 hours fuel capacity

Hydraulic driven compressor reduces the load on the C9 engine and improves engine life
  • Abundant air provides excellent flushing power
  • Reliable rotary screw-type compressor
  • High pressure rating 163 L/sec (350 ft3/min) @ 10.2 bar (150 psi)
  • Dual-element air filters with indicators

Coolers for engine, hydraulic, compressor systems
  • 52° C (125° F) ambient temperature
  • MD5075C cooler is equipped with ATAAC side by side arrangement
  • Easy troubleshooting and cleaning of cores

Simple and efficient
  • Piston pump runs all functions in either mode – pressure compensated in drill mode and tram mode
  • In tram mode the compressor is turned off to reduce fuel consumption
  • Large hydraulic tank with greater cooling capacity and deaeration of oil (405 L or 107 gal)

Maximize Your Maneuverability


Our proven and reliable Cat 315 undercarriage is designed to tram challenging terrain. Your operator can quickly and precisely position the MD5075C thanks to its low center of gravity and high ground clearance.
  • Hydraulic motor-driven track assemblies
  • Tram maximum speed 4.0 km/h (2.5 mph)
  • Hydraulically released spring applied disc brakes
  • Excavator-type track rollers
  • Ground clearance 380 mm (15 in)
  • Ground pressure 0.82 bar (12 psi)
  • Track gauge 204 cm (80 in)
  • Wide triple grouser track pads 380 mm (15 in)
  • Oscillation ±10°
  • Robust strut design is resistant to failures
  • Easy installation and removal of shoes
  • Can be rebuilt
  • Single grouser option available

Safe and Sound


Customers like the MD5075C cab because it is pressurized to minimize sounds levels and to minimize vibration, the cab is isolator mounted while ergonomic controls reduce operator fatigue. Safety features include ROPS/FOPS, numerous shut down methods and a front window with push-out egress, providing a second exit in case of emergency.

  • Updated larger monitor display
  • Advanced operating system
  • Hammer adjustment from cab
  • Air pressure control from cab
  • Drill depth indicator and monitoring
  • Climate control system maintains a consistent temperature
  • Air is filtered to the operator
  • Defrost/defog air is supplied to windows
  • Operators seat is adjustable six ways
  • Armrests, controls and switches are ergonomic
  • Easy access to cab air filter
  • AM/FM Radio, IPOD/MP3 port
  • Communications radio ready
  • Easy to clean finishes
  • External 12V plug

Drill Assist
Electronic control system has been designed to ensure smooth rotation, solid rock contact and fast penetration in different rock conditions. It monitors pressures and automatically adjusts to pre-programmed parameters. Anti-jam, anti-plunge and anti-plug capabilities keep the track drill working efficiently and extend drill string life.

Loaded with Safety Features
  • High visibility with 3.07 m2 (33 ft2) tinted safety glass windows
  • Slim structure members minimize visual obscurity
  • Skylight provides excellent visibility of the drill string
  • Mirrors and camera assist in moving the machine
  • Ground level shutdowns
  • Window wipers

Safety Through Controls
  • Dual joystick controls are ergonomic and seat-mounted
  • For heightened precision, the position and shape of the joysticks match the operator’s natural expectations
  • Auto-thread greaser is operated from within the cab
  • Operator has total control of hammer power and hole flushing

Operating System
Touch screen navigation for Drill Assist, rearview camera, tram, water, rock drill auto-lube, alerts, drilling and target depth, angle inclinator, penetration rate, machine performance, total hours, and service. The display shows constant performance monitoring of pressures, rotation and depth. Operating system is high-resolution and features simple icons for easy viewing and adjustments.

Dust Collection
Robust and Efficient

Dust Collection

The Cat HDE 900 Dust Collector is a highly capable dry dust collection system. Powered to clear holes up to 12.7 cm (5 in), the heavy duty system effectively manages rock fragments and dust. It is also easy to clean and service which adds to your uptime and overall productivity.

  • Swing out design for interior access
  • The sealed pick up pot prevents cuttings from escaping above the hole
  • Abrasive resistant dust hose is 127 mm (5 in) in diameter
  • Timed cleaning of filters is continual through reverse-pulses of air
  • Vacuum generated air flow carries the materials
  • Pivoting separator is feed mounted and separates cuttings from dust
  • Filtration area is 28 m2 (304 ft2) and separates the solid particles from the clean air
  • Mounted within the slim profile of the machine
  • Optional water injection system can be used to suppress dust and hole-collaring or mudding the top hole to create a natural seal
  • The suction fan design limits the power requirement to correspond with the application
  • Easy bottom access to filters and air valves

Protect Your Investments


Equipped with numerous safety features, Cat Track Drills are designed to provide a safe working environment for operators as well as maintenance and service technicians.

Safety Features
  • Emergency stop in the cab, at the rear of the machine and on the feed
  • Ground-level access to service points and well-organized electrical and hydraulic designs so no step ladder required
  • Spring applied, hydraulically released brakes
  • Non-slip, heavy duty steps and handles are strategically placed
  • Three points of contact at all steps

Extension Boom Reach Creates a Safe Zone
Largest in-class, the MD5075C has a 3.81 m (12.5 ft) boom, plus a 1.5 m (5 ft) boom extension. This keeps operators a total of 5.334 m (17.5 ft) away from a ledge or highwall. The boom is constructed of thick square tubing with steel plate reinforcements in key areas to add strength for supporting the feed and carousel rod changer.

Operator Training for Safety
  • Classroom style training available
  • High quality manuals for operation, maintenance, and service
  • Hands-on training with your local Cat dealer

Smart and Simple


Cost control is easier with Cat Drills simple and well-organized electrical/hydraulic arrangements, logically located components, ground level service, and operator friendly systems. MD5075C is equipped for Cat ET, Drill Assist, and has a touchscreen with fault code monitoring and built in joystick mapping for easy troubleshooting. 100% of all the rock drill service can be completed without removal from the feed. Easy maintenance greatly contributes to the low total cost of ownership.

  • Equipped for Cat Electronic Technician (ET) to troubleshoot the entire machine
  • Well organized electrical and hydraulic designs
  • Color coded valves and blocks for easy identification and troubleshooting
  • Bulk head fitting to allow for shorter run hoses
  • Hydraulic hoses labeled by diameter and length and spaced for easy wrench access
  • Two exterior rear facing lights
  • Pump for filling hydraulic tank
  • Service areas are designed with three points of contact for safety
  • The grease reservoir is easily accessible for changing coupling grease
  • New fuel location is easier to access over the former model

Fully Supported by World-class Cat Dealer Network
From helping you choose the right machine to keeping your equipment up and running, your Cat dealer provides the best in sales and service.
  • Best-in-class parts availability because Cat dealers understand the value of your uptime
  • Preventive maintenance programs are available to maximize your return on investment, achieve full equipment life cycle, and managing costs
  • Guaranteed maintenance contracts help you forecast your businesses needs and strategically plan for service and parts expenses
  • Operator training to help boost your productivity

That makes life easier.


To assist you in your operations and equipment management, we provide technology systems that aid in safety, utilization, tracking, planning as well as equipment maintenance and performance monitoring.

Product Link™
Reduce your owning and operating costs by maximizing your utilization. Product Link achieves this through remote fleet monitoring, asset tracking, maintenance management which are reported via satellite and cellular networks. This system allows you to monitor daily fuel usage, route fuel trucks for maximum efficiency and track equipment utilization day by day, hour by hour.

Cat Monitoring System
Cat Track Drills are equipped with the Cat Monitoring System (Cat MS) which keeps watch over the health of your engine. It monitors critical engine system functions and will derate the engine to protect itself from damage if needed. When critical conditions arise, the Cat MS monitor displays warning lights and sound audible alarms.

Drill Assist
Developed to assist novice drillers, the Drill Assist system increases your overall drill production when drilling in difficult conditions. It monitors main hydraulic systems and automatically adjusts to pre-programmed parameters. It incorporates anti-jam, anti-plunge, and anti-plug and increases overall life of drill string.

Electrical System – Cat (ET) Electronic Technician
For easy troubleshooting of the entire machine, Cat Track Drills are equipped for using the Cat ET (Electronic Technician System) that is familiar to and favored by service technicians around the world.

Drill Depth Indicator
The depth indicator ensures all holes are drilled to the planned depth to promote a better floor, reduce secondary blasting, and reduce wear on equipment which collectively improves the total cost of ownership for the customers.

Automatic Lubrication System
Auto-lube for the rock drill ensures grease is delivered at set intervals and has the capacity for up to eight 10-hour shifts.

Tomorrow’s World


MD5075C Sustainability Features
  • Drill Assist automatically adjusts power to the rock condition requirements which extends the life of the drill string, bit, and major components of the drill
  • Fuel economy is achieved with an efficient U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA equivalent engine and three speed throttle control
  • Remanufactured components are available
  • Lube system is automatic, less accident prone and more efficient because operator time and attention is not required to regularly stop drilling to lubricate the rock drill
  • Major components can be rebuilt

Standard Equipment

  • Cat 315 excavator components.
  • Hydraulic, motor-driven, track assemblies with 380 mm (15 in) grousers, hydraulic cylinder controlled track oscillation, hydraulic released, spring applied, disc brakes and triple rock grousers.
  • Cat C9, six (6) cylinder, electronically controlled, water-cooled, turbocharged and air-to-air after-cooled diesel engine rated at 224 kW (300 hp) at 1,800 rpm includes ether for cold weather starting.
  • Cat C9 engine meets Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent emission standards.
  • The engine speed is automatically controlled by power demand.
  • Two (2) pressure compensated load sensing axial piston pumps, two (2) fixed displacement traction two-speed drive motors and a fixed displacement compressor drive motor.
  • Hydraulic test ports conveniently located.
  • Hydraulic motor-driven 9.9 m3/min @ 10.2 bar (350 ft3/min @ 150 psi) screw-type compressor.
  • 3.81 m (12.5 ft) telescopic boom with 1.5 m (5 ft) extension.
  • 0.91 m (3 ft) feed extension complete with drill positioner and universal feed table.
  • Hydraulic motor-driven steel channel chain feed complete with the power centralizer. The feed will accept a 6.1 m (20 ft) steel for single pass with a hose reel, which is standard.
  • 45 or 51 mm drill steel.
  • Pre-split capabilities.
  • Emergency shut down line.
  • Model HPR5123 hydraulic powered percussion drill with an energy/frequency combination that covers a wide range of applications.
  • Hydraulic motor powered variable speed rotation.
  • Certified ROPS/FOPS pressurized, fixed cab complete with heater, air conditioner, wipers, drilling lights, electronic two (2) axis angle indicator and all necessary drilling controls.
  • AM/FM Stereo with Bluetooth and USB.
  • Carousel rod changer design for 4.26 m (14 ft) drill steel.
  • Carousel will hold 6 rods.
  • With one rod in the feed the total drill string length is 31.7 m (104 ft).
  • 45 or 51 mm drill steel is standard.
  • Multiple element, hydraulic motor powered, dry dust collecting system; complete with feed mounted precleaner and power pick up pot.
  • Power coupling greaser.
  • Complete sheet metal enclosure.
  • Collaring circuit.
  • Toe hole capabilities.

Optional Equipment

HPR4519 Rock Drill in lieu of HPR5123
Rod changer conversion kit
Single bar grousers
Drill depth indication
Auto lube for rock drill
Arctic oil
Water injection system utilizing a 303 L (80 gal) pressurized tank
Carousel rod changer designed for 3.66 m (12 ft) drill steel. Carousel will hold 6 rods.



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