The CB434D XW Tandem Vibratory Roller offers compaction performance, application versatility and operator comfort to maximize productivity while providing exceptional product quality. Based upon the industry-proven reputation of the Cat® Tandem Vibratory Rollers, the CB434D XW establishes innovative new standards for productivity and reliability in the asphalt compaction industry. Durable Cat powertrain, field-proven hydraulic systems and vibratory systems, and the world's largest and most dedicated dealer support system ensures that the CB434D XW will provide maximum productivity.

Operating Weight 16710.0 lb

Operating Specifications
Standard Compaction Width 67.0 in
Curb Clearance 28.0 in
Turning Radius Inside Drum Edge 11.17 ft
Ground Clearance 10.0 in
Static Linear Load 127.0 lb/in
Travel Speed – Maximum 7.0 mph

Gross Power 83.0 hp
Engine Model 3054C

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 35.0 gal
Water (Spray) Tank Capacity 211.0 gal

Vibratory System
Centrifugal Force per Drum – Maximum 17550.0 lb
Centrifugal Force per Drum – Minimum 6525.0 lb
Frequency 70/53 Hz (4,200/3,200 vpm)
Nominal Amplitude – High 0.024 in
Nominal Amplitude – Low 0.0090 in

Overall Length 165.0 in
Wheelbase 122.0 in
Height at Steering Wheel 89.0 in
Overall Width 73.0 in
Drum Diameter 42.0 in
Drum Width 67.0 in
Maximum Machine Height 119.0 in

Vibratory System
The pod-style vibratory system delivers optimum compactive force while offering serviceability advantages.

Vibratory System

Five Amplitude Selections
The five amplitudes with a single frequency of 53 Hz (3,200 vpm) provide efficient operation on thick or thin lift applications.

Dual Amplitude, Dual Frequency Vibratory System (Optional)
The dual amplitude, dual frequency vibratory system provides high amplitude or high frequency that is controlled from the operator's station.

Weight Locking System
A positive weight locking system ensures position of variable amplitude settings.

Automatic Matching of Eccentric Weight and Drum Rotation Direction
Automatic matching of eccentric weight and drum rotation direction improves mat quality.

Automatic Vibration Start-up and Shut-off
The vibratory system automatically starts when the propel lever is moved from neutral and stops when positioned in neutral. A manual vibratory control is also provided.

Long Bearing Life
Moving parts are separated from lubricating oil helping to keep oil clean and ensuring long bearing life. The bearing oil has a 3 year/3000 hour service interval.

Cat® 3054C Diesel Engine
The Cat® 3054C is a high-tech four cylinder engine that provides outstanding performance and reliability.

Cat® 3054C Diesel Engine

Cat 3054C Engine
The 3054C engine produces 62 kW (83 hp) of power at 2,200 rpm providing fuel efficiency.

Clean Operation
The 3054C meets U.S. EPA Tier 2 and E.U. Stage II engine emissions regulations.

Balanced Power
The Pressure Override (POR) valve balances power demand in order to provide responsiveness.

Water Spray System
The CB434D XW has a corrosion-proof water spray system and long-life components for reliable operation.

Water Spray System

Water Tank
A single high-capacity polyethylene water tank is enclosed within the machine frame. The tank design provides extended operation, a single fill point and a single drain port.

Back-up System
There is a complete back-up system controlled from the operator's station.

Spray System
The CB434D XW has constant or intermittent spray capabilities for longer operation between fill-ups. The intermittent spray is infinitely variable allowing fine-tuning for any condition. A quick-release spray bar cover protects spray from wind. An on/off spray control is provided on the propel lever to simplify operation.

Water Filtration
Triple water filtration reduces machine downtime caused by system clogs.

Two Pump System
The system has two pumps but only one pump operates at a time, doubling pump life in terms of machine hours. An auto pump control setting selects water from one pump while traveling forward and water from the other pump while traveling rearward. The system maintains even pump usage for uniform life. Manual override control is provided. The water pumps and in-line filters are conveniently grouped and located in the hitch area for easy service. The long-life water pumps are self priming and pressure regulating to provide optimum spray and flow.

On/Off Spray Control
The spray control is located on the propel lever providing simple operation.

Quick-Release Spray Bars Covers
Quick-release spray bar covers shield the spray bars and nozzles from wind and sun, allowing the spray nozzles to provide consistent coverage across the drum surface.

Freeze Protection Kit (Optional)
The freeze protection kit includes an in-line antifreeze bottle that allows the operator to pump antifreeze into the system.

Extra Wide Drums
The CB434D XW offers a wider drum for increased production and versatility.

Extra Wide Drums

Wider Drum Width
The CB434D XW incorporates a drum width of 1.7 m (67") providing increased lane coverage resulting infewer passes.

Operating Weight
The operating weight of the CB434D XW is 7700 kg (16,979 lb) providing a centrifugal force of 78 kN (17,550 lb).

Vibratory Systems
The CB434D XW can be equippedwith the five amplitude or thedual amplitude, dual frequency vibratory systems. Both systems offer effective operation on thick or thin lift applications.

Excellent operator visibility to the work surface increases production.


Visibility to Objects
Visibility to objects 1 m (3.3') high and 1 m (3.3') in front of the machine or behind the machine. The CB434D XW design also provides excellent visibility to the drum surfaces and the drum edges.

Bumper Design
A raised bumper design allows maximum visibility and movement in forward and reverse.

Sloped Hood
The sloped hood of the CB434D XW provides excellent visibility to the rear and sides of the machine.

Vertical Folded Drum Supports
Vertical folded drum supports provide clear view of drum edge and pavement well ahead of the drum. Angled supports have high clearance for work against barriers and walls.

Control Console Platform
The control console platform has nine rotating positions and seven sliding positions that provide excellent visibility to the drum surfaces and the drum edges.

Operator's Station
The operator's station of the CB434D XW is ergonomically designed for maximum operator productivity while offering good visibility and unmatched comfort.

Operator's Station

Steering Console and Instrumentation Gauges
The steering console and instrumentation gauges are infinitely adjustable within the tilt range to the desired position of the operator. The entire console tilts for simple entrance and exit. A lockable vandal cover is provided for the console.

Propel Handle
The multifunction ergonomic propel handle simplifies operation with the following controls: propel speed, vibe on/off, water spray on/off, horn and drum offset (optional).

Control Console Platform
The control console platform has nine rotating positions and seven sliding positions that maximizes operator comfort and provides excellent visibility to the drum surfaces and the drum edges.

Operator's Seat
The operator's seat is comfortable and durable. It has adjustable fore/aft position, suspension stiffness, and flip-up arm rests with a 76 mm (3") wide retractable seat belt.

Isolated Operator's Station
The operator's station is isolated with four heavy-duty rubber mounts which reduce machine vibration to the operator.

Automatic Speed Control
A speed control dial located on the operator’s console simplifies operation by allowing the operator to preset the machine speed or impact spacing. The speed control dial allows the operator to push the propel lever to the forward or reverse positions while repeating the desired speed or impactspacing.

Centered Articulation
Centered articulation with 50% of the machine length behind the pivot and 50% forward delivers evenly balanced weight front to rear. Drums track in the same path even in turns.

Forward and Reverse
The operator can concentrate on only one drum when entering or leaving a curve resulting in the identical response for forward and reverse along any curve. This helps prevent damage to existing structures when moving away from curbs and other objects.

The CB434D XW continues to provide exceptional reliability and serviceability that customers expect from Caterpillar.


Hood Arrangement
The vertical-lift hood allows routine service when parked close to other machines and structures, providing easy ground level access to routine maintenance points.

Ground Level Servicing
Ground level servicing simplifies routine maintenance with hydraulic components designed for easy access.

The sealed-for-life hitch simplifies overall machine maintenance.

Eccentric Weight Bearings
The oil-bath lubrication of the eccentric weight bearings reduces routine maintenance to 3 year/3000 hour intervals.

Water Spray Nozzles and Filters
Water spray nozzles and filters are easily removed by hand without the need of special tools.

Water System Pumps
The water system pumps, filters and tank drain are centrally located at ground level for easy access.

Self-adjusting Scrapers
Self-adjusting scrapers are designed for even wear. The scrapers are specifically located to provide easy ground level access to replace worn out blades. The scrapers can be retracted while roading the machine.

Remote Mounted Fittings
Remote mounted fittings simplify draining hydraulic and fuel tanks.

Quick-connect Hydraulic Test Ports
Quick-connect hydraulic test ports simplify system diagnosis.

Remote Mounted Quick Start Post
A remote mounted quick start post allows for easy jump starts.

Product Link Ready
The machine is Product Link ready. The Cat Product Link System ensures maximum up-time and minimum repair costs by simplifying tracking of equipment fleets. the system provides automatic machine location and hour updates. You can purchase the system from your local Cat dealer.

Engine Access
Removable side panels on the engine compartment allows easy access to hydraulic components.

Optional Equipment

Cocoa Mats
Rotating Amber Beacon Light
Dual Amplitude Vibratory System
ROPS Cab (Custom Product)
Open Platform
Water Spray System Freeze Protection Kit
Water Distribution Mats
Roading Light Package
High Intensity Discharge Lights
Drum Covers
Off-set Hitch
Rear-facing Mirrors



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