When the job demands truly BIG power, the Cat 446D is ready. The most demanding backhoe loader jobs like road building and bridge work are just what the 446D is designed to do. You'll load more, lift more and dig deeper with industry leading hydraulics, high-capacity buckets and heavy-duty, job specific tools. If you have a big job to do, you need a big backhoe loader and the Cat 446D is ready when you are.

Net Power - SAE J1349 101 hp
Engine Model (Standard) Cat® 3114 DIT
Gross Power - SAE J1995 110 hp
Net Power - ISO 9249 102 hp
Gross Power - ISO 14396 110 hp
Net Power - EEC 80/1269 102 hp
Net Power (Optional) - ISO 1585 102 hp
Net Power (Optional) - EEC 80/1269 102 hp
Net Power (Optional) - DIN 70020 107 ps
Bore 4.13 in
Stroke 5 in
Displacement 268 in3
Net Torque Rise @ 1400 rpm - Standard 32.6 %
Net Peak Torque @ 1400 rpm - Standard - SAE J1349 336 lb ft

Dig Depth - Standard 16.8 ft
E-Stick Retracted 17.1 ft
E-Stick Extended 21.2 ft
Reach from Swing Pivot - Standard 21.9 ft
E-Stick Retracted 22 ft
E-Stick Extended 25.11 ft
Bucket Rotation 190 Degrees
Bucket Dig Force - Standard 16950 lb
E-Stick Retracted 16230 lb
E-Stick Extended 16230 lb
Stick Dig Force - Standard 11430 lb
E-Stick Retracted 11400 lb
E-Stick Extended 8230 lb
Stick Lift @ 2440 mm (8 ft) - Standard 7451 lb
E-Stick Retracted 7343 lb
E-Stick Extended 4836 lb
Loading Height - Standard 14.41 ft
E-Stick Retracted 14.4 ft
E-Stick Extended 16.6 ft
Loading Reach - Standard 6.9 ft
E-Stick Retracted 6.6 ft
E-Stick Extended 10.5 ft

Operating Weight - Maximum 25357 lb
Operating Weight - Nominal 19666 lb
Cab, ROPS/FOPS 670 lb
Extendible Stick (no weights) 661 lb
Air Conditioning 103 lb
Counterweights (Option 1) 1500 lb
MP Bucket 1.1 m3 (1.5 yd3) w/o Fold-Over Fork 619 lb
Counterweight 1000 lb

Bucket Capacity - General Purpose 1.5 yd3
Bucket Width - General Purpose 8 ft
Dump Height @ Max Angle - Single Tilt 8.92 ft
Dump Reach @ Max Angle - Single Tilt 2.81 ft
Dig Depth - Single Tilt 6 in
Lift Capacity @ Full Height - Single Tilt 9572 lb
Bucket Breakout Force - Single Tilt 13838 lb

Hydraulic System
Circuit Type Closed-center, load sensing
Pump Capacity (@ 2200 rpm) 47.1 gal/min
System Pressure 3550 psi
System Pressure - Backhoe 3550 psi
System Pressure - Loader 3550 psi
Pump Type Variable-flow, axial piston, load sensing, closed center system
Steering Type Ackerman
Power Steering Hydrostatic, Hand Metering Unit
4WD Cylinder - Bore 3.25 in
Stroke 11.1 in
Rod Diameter 2.125 in
Brake System Fully enclosed, oil immersed, inboard, multiple disc
Axle Oscillation 11 Degrees

Power Train
Auto-Shift (opt), Forward 1st 3.5 mph
Forward 2nd 5.5 mph
Forward 3rd 7.2 mph
Forward 4th 11.7 mph
Forward 5th 19.6 mph
Auto-Shift (opt), Reverse 1st 3.5 mph
Reverse 2nd 7.2 mph
Reverse 3rd 12.8 mph

Operating Specifications - Backhoe
Turning Circle: outside, front wheels 28.8 ft
Turning Circle: outside, widest loading bucket 37.4 ft

Axle Ratings
Front Axle, 2WD, Static 21230 lb
Front Axle, 4WD, Static 21230 lb
Dynamic 21230 lb
Rear Axle, Static 20194 lb
Dynamic 20194 lb

Service Refills
Cooling System, A/C 7.9 gal
Fuel Tank 33 gal
Engine Oil w/Filter 2.9 gal
Transmission, 2WD, Auto Shift 6.9 gal
Transmission, AWD, Auto Shift 6.9 gal
Rear Axle 8.2 gal
Front Axle, 4WD 2.5 gal
Front Axle, Planetaries 0.21 gal
Hydraulic System 41 gal
Hydraulic Tank 15.1 gal

Brakes SAE J1473 and ISO 3450
Cab - ROPS SAE J394, SAE J1040, ISO 3471
Cab - Sound ANSI/SAE J1166 is 81 dB(A)
Exterior Sound SAE J88, is 76dB(A)

Front 2WD Standard Size 14.5/75-16.1
Standard Ply 10
Front 4WD Standard Size 12.5-20, R4 10 PR
Rear 4WD Standard Size 21L-24, R4 16 PR

Pilot Operated Controls
Optional pilot operated joystick controls add excavator technology and ease of operation to the 446D. Low effort controls are easy to use, reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency.

Pilot Operated Controls

Joystick Controls
Optional pilot operated joystick controls add excavator technology and ease of operation to the 446D. Low effort controls are easy to use, reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency.

Pattern Changer Valve
A standard pattern changer makes switching between backhoe and excavator control patterns as easy as moving a lever on the side of the machine.

Pilot Operated Stabilizer Controls
Provide low effort and fine modulation control. The stabilizer controls are within easy reach of the operator when operating the backhoe.

Pilot Control Pods
Located on the left and right sides, the controls can move fore and aft and three stops are available for ergonomically correct positioning.

Loader Performance
The loader delivers maximum lift and breakout forces, fast cycle times and high lift capacity.

Loader Performance

Loader Linkage
Step aboard a Cat 446D Backhoe Loader and see for yourself, hit the job with more power, superior breakout forces and smooth easy-on-the-operator hydraulics. The loader features increased lift and breakout forces for powerful performance. Loader work tools enhance machine utilization and provide versatility. Standard autoshift transmission, self-leveling and a return-to-dig system make operation easy and allow fast cycle times.

Backhoe Performance
Superior bucket rotation and forces, an excavator-style backhoe boom and an optional extendible stick combine for high productivity levels.

Backhoe Performance

High Rotation Backhoe Linkage
The new 446D backhoe linkage provides superior rotation and eliminates the need to change pin position when moving from loading trucks to vertical wall trenching.

Backhoe Boom
The excavator-style boom features box section fabrication with internal stiffeners for superior strength, balance and weight distribution. The curved design provides additional clearance over obstacles while digging a trench or truck loading. The narrow boom enhances the viewing area to the bucket and trench throughout the entire operating range.

Dig Forces
The 446D boom, stick and bucket dig forces have increased about ten percent overall.

Extendible Stick
Dig deeper and reach further with the Caterpillar extendible stick. This optional backhoe attachment replaces the standard stick and increases reach and dig depth by approximately 1.2 meters (4 feet). The extendible stick uses eight self-lubricated, non-metallic wear pads which can be shimmed or replaced.

Work Tools
A wide range of rugged Caterpillar Work Tools are available to meet the needs of your job site applications.

Work Tools

Optional Quick Coupler
For greater machine versatility, the optional hydraulic quick coupler is available from your Cat dealer and allows the operator to choose from a wide range of tools.

Backhoe Work Tools
  • Vibratory Plate Compactor
  • Heavy Duty Bucket
  • Extreme Service Bucket
  • Hydraulic Hammer

Loader Work Tools
  • General Purpose Bucket
  • Multi Purpose Bucket
  • Side Dump Bucket
  • Light Material Bucket
  • Loader Forks
  • Broom

Power Train
Cat 3114 DIT engine is designed to meet demanding 446D requirements.

Power Train

Caterpillar 3114 DIT Engine
The Cat 3114 DIT (Direct Injection Turbocharged) engine is designed to meet demanding 446D requirements. High-tech components reduce sound levels and improve fuel efficiency. Cast oil-pan provides high impact resistance and added block strength. Spin-on filters allow for quick, clean maintenance.

Power Train
Designed for strength, performance, and versatility. Easy, on-the-go shifting between all gears, two- and all-wheel drive. A single lever controls both direction and speed for improved operator efficiency.

Front Axle
Large diameter, double-acting steering cylinder resists bending and is well protected.

Heavy-Duty Main Frame
Fully welded, one-piece frame absorbs stress and minimizes shock loads to the power train.

Fully enclosed, hydraulic, multiple discs.

Caterpillar Autoshift Transmission
The 446D backhoe loader is fitted with an autoshift transmission as standard equipment. The autoshift function automatically matches gears with grade and load conditions.

Our closed-center, variable displacement, load-sensing hydraulic system provides high power where you need it, when you need it.


Hydraulic System
The load sensing, variable flow hydraulic system senses work demand and adjusts flow and pressure to match. This allows full hydraulic forces at any engine speed for delicate jobs in tight areas.

Hydraulic Pump
Closed centered implement valves, with pressure compensation for reduced lever effort, signal hydraulic system requirements to a control valve located on the pump. This valve controls the pump to deliver the flow and pressure necessary to fulfill the implement demands.

XT-3™ ES hoses
Improved bend radius and abrasion resistance provide reliable long life in the toughest conditions. Made of four overlapping, insulated wire spiral wraps bonded together for durability, XT-3 ES (Enhanced Spiral) hoses exceed SAE certification standards. The hose routing protects them from work damage, and hose failure downtime is substantially reduced. XT-3 ES hoses combined with Caterpillar couplings and O-ring face seal fittings provide a leak-free system.

Clamps and Bushings
Metal clamps with rubber bushings are used at hose attachment points to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and increase wear life.

Operator Station
The 446D operator environment is ergonomically designed to create a comfortable work area with easy-to-use machine controls that reduce operator fatigue, increase efficiency and productivity.

Operator Station

Operator Comfort
The 446D operator station incorporates years of cab design innovations to maximize operator productivity. The optional pilot operated controls allow more legroom and a spacious work environment.

ROPS Canopy
Includes air suspension vinyl seat, tilt steering wheel, pilot operated stabilizer controls with auto-up feature, 12-volt power supply, phone clip, left-side storage space with a lockable compartment, drink holders and floor mats.

Deluxe Cab
The ultimate in operator comfort, the deluxe cab includes all standard amenities plus a deluxe, nine-way adjustable air suspension seat; pilot operated stabilizer controls with individual auto-up feature; additional system monitoring including a voltmeter and service indicators for fuel water separator, engine air cleaner and hydraulic filters.

HVAC System
The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system main components are located near the floor. New ducting to the rear improves air circulation, increases defrost capabilities and provides exceptional air flow to the operator.

Tilt Wheel
The standard tilt steering wheel allows more space for ease of access and exiting the cab. The operator can choose the most comfortable steering position.

Air-Suspension Seat
Utilizes an air adjustment mechanism for a greater operating range and more comfortable ride. By pressing a button, the seat can be tailored to support differing body weights. Adjustable seat height accommodates all operators. The Deluxe cab seat also features an adjustable back support, lumbar support, seat cushion extension, seat cushion tilt as well as vertical and angle adjustable armrests.

Operator Controls
The Cat 446D backhoe loader provides smooth, precise control, and ease-of-operation.

Machine Controls
The 446D has two choices of backhoe controls available. You can choose mechanical backhoe controls in either the Ford or Dynahoe control pattern, or pilot controls that are switchable between backhoe and excavator patterns based on operator preference with the simple, included, pattern changer.

Ride Control System
Provides a smooth ride in all applications, reduces machine loping while roading and provides better material retention during load and carry operations while greatly increasing operator comfort. A nitrogen accumulator added to the loader lift circuit cushions the system and engages with the flip of a switch.

Rear Window
The redesigned rear window features a heavier hinge structure and positive latch mechanism to hold the window in the open position.

Additional Features
Other benefits contribute to 446D efficiency and productivity.

Additional Features

Fuel Tank
Large capacity tank located on the frame's left side is lockable and includes a replaceable, bolt-on step.

Tool and Battery Box
Spacious, convenient and secure tool storage location.

Finish Protected Components
All 446D Backhoe Loaders are assembled with components already topcoat painted or plated. This new process improves the appearance of the machine while enhancing the overall quality of each component, providing 100% protective coverage.

New Work Lights
New adjustable work lights are wider spread to the corners for improved night performance.

Stabilizer Guards
Now available from the factory for cylinder protection in all applications.

Standard Secondary Steering
New steering unit provides secondary steering as standard. This back-up system allows steering control in the event of loss of power or hydraulic flow.

Customer Support
Cat dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.

Customer Support

Machine Selection
Make detailed comparisons of the machines under consideration before purchase. You can also customize the machine that is right for you. Go on-line anytime to review the full range of features and options available using the Build and Quote applications on your dealer's website or www.Cat.com.

Look at the total package. Consider the financing options available as well as day-to-day operating costs. Look at dealer services that can be included in the cost of the machine to yield lower equipment owning and operating costs.

Customer Support Agreements
Cat dealers offer a variety of product support agreements and work with customers to develop a plan that best meets specific needs. These plans can cover the entire machine, including work tools, to help protect the customer's investment.

Product Support
You will find nearly all parts at our dealer parts counter. Cat dealers use a worldwide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine downtime. Save money with genuine Cat Reman parts. You receive that same warranty and reliability as new products, but with a cost savings of 40 to 70 percent.

Improving operating techniques can boost your profits. Your Cat dealer has training videos, literature and other ideas to help you increase productivity.

Maintenance Services
Choose from your dealer's range of maintenance services when you purchase your machine. Repair option programs guarantee the cost of repairs up front. Diagnostic programs such as S·O·SSM and Coolant Sampling and Technical Analysis help you avoid unscheduled repairs.

Repair, rebuild or replace? Your Cat dealer can help you evaluate the cost involved so you can make the right choice.

Standard Equipment

Air cleaner
Alarm, back-up
Alarm, audible system fault
Alternator, 90-amp, 12-volt
Axle, pendulum mount (front)
Backhoe, center pivot, excavator style
Battery, maintenance-free, (2) 750 CCA
Boom transport lock
Brace, lift cylinder
Brake, secondary parking
Brakes, oil disk, dual pedals, interlock
Bucket level indicator
Coat hook
Coolant/Antifreeze, extended life
Counterweight, (454 kg/1,000 lb)
Differential, Limited Slip
Differential lock
Dome light (cab only)
Engine, Cat 3114 DIT
Engine enclosure
Face seals, O-ring
Fan, suction and guard
Fast reversing shuttle, all gears
Filters, spin-on fuel, engine oil, transmission oil, water separator, hydraulic fluid
Flashing hazard/signal lights
Fenders, rear with cover
Floor mat
Gauges - coolant temperature, fuel level, tachometer, hour meter, torque converter oil temperature
Grill, front with bumpers
Ground line fuel fill
Hydraulic hose, XT-3 ES
Hydraulic oil cooler
Indicators - air cleaner service, brake on, engine coolant, hydraulic oil level, sight gauge, oil pressure
Instrument panel lights
Key start/stop system
Lights, working (4 front, 4 rear)
Loader, self-leveling, return-to-dig and transmission disconnect switch
Mirror, rearview
Receptacle, 12-volt, internal and external
Power steering, hydrostatic, with secondary steering
Radio installation kit
Rubber impact strips on radiator guard
Seat belt, retractable (51 mm/2 in)
Seat, air suspension with armrests
Stabilizer controls, pilot operated hydraulic
Stabilizer pads, flip-over
Starting system, thermal starting aid
Steering wheel assist knob
Storage compartment, internal
Stop and tail lights (2)
Swing transport lock
Tilt steering wheel
  • front, Laborer, 14.5/75 X 16.1 10PR
  • rear, 21L X 24 12PR
Toolbox, external, lockable
Torque converter
Throttles, hand and foot
Transmission, autoshift
Transmission neutralizer switch
Transport tie-downs
Vandalism protection, rotating console
Warning horn, rear, electric

Optional Equipment

Air Conditioning....47/103
Attachments, backhoe
  • Heavy Duty Buckets
  • Extreme Service Buckets
Attachments, front loader
  • General-purpose buckets:
  • Multi-purpose bucket........890/1,962
Axle, front:
  • All-wheel drive with driveshaft guard.....232/512
Backhoe controls:
  • Pilot hydraulic joystick controls with pattern changer.....27/60
  • Mechanical Backhoe Controls.....5/12
Cab Deluxe....304/670
  • Cab, Deluxe includes deluxe seat, auto-up stabilizers, voltmeter, and system monitors for plugged engine air filter, hydraulic filter and fuel/water separator.
Coolant, additional protection (-50º C/-58º F).....0/0
Counterweight, 682 kg/1500 lb.......227/500
Cutting edge, bolt-on:
  • Two piece..........70/154
Guard: stabilizer, rock...30/65
Hydraulic valves, backhoe:
  • Auxiliary valve....8/18
Hydraulic valves, loader:
  • 3rd valve for GP, MP or Quick Coupler....27/60
Hydraulic lines:
  • Auxiliary, 2-way lines (to boom)....10/22
  • Universal, 1-way lines (to stick)....57/126
Radio installation kit...3/7
Ride Control...25/55
Rotating beacon....5/11
  • Fixed mounted
  • Magnetic mounted
Seat belt, 75 mm/3 in....0/0
Starting aid, ether....1/2
Stick, extendible....300/660
Teeth, loader bucket..45/99
  • AWD:
Vandalism protection:.....1/2
  • Gauge cover
  • Padlocks
  • Hood lock



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