Ease of operation, high efficiency screed plate heating systems, low maintenace screed plates and superior serviceability are combined to provide a superior screed.

Operating Specifications
Maximum Paving Width 29.53 ft
Minimum Paving Width 8.2 ft
Standard Paving Width 8.2 ft

Crown adjustment -2% - +4%
Extension packages 250-1500 mm
Heating system LPG
Maximum Tamper frequency 1600.0 RPM
Maximum Vibrator frequency 3000.0 RPM
Screed plates length 22.05 in.

Mechanical Screeds
Productivity and reliability provided in a durable package.

High Modularity Grade
maximum paving width 12 meters

Outstanding frame rigidty
The screed frame provides optimal resistance to bending and twisting forces.

The Mechanical Screed Plate Axis
can be adjusted to various camber angles between +4 % and -2 %.

An Electronic Ignition and Automatic Adjustment
An Electronic Ignition and Automatic Adjustment of the smoothing plate temperature is provided for main screed and every extension box equipped with a burner.

Optimum Thermostatic Temperature Control
Optimum thermostatic temperature control of smoothing plates with rapid temperature rise provided by double burner system.

Quick-fitting Extension
Quick-fitting extension coupling for fast paving with adjustment.

Tamper and Vibrator
Superior compaction width variable stroke tamper and vibrator.

Simple Cleaning and Adjusting Interventions
Simple cleaning and adjusting interventions

Heating System
An efficient heating system rapidly obtains the correct working temperature.

Insulated Combustion Chambers
Insulated combustion chambers guarantee a uniform distribution of heat to the smoothing plates and tamper blades.

High-energy Burners
High-energy burners installed in each screed element permit a rapid heating and maintenance of the preset working temperature.

Electronic Temperature Control
An electronic temperature control unit controls and adjusts smoothing plate temperatures independently for the main screed and mechanical extensions equipped with burners.

Tamper and Vibration System
A variable stroke high compaction tamper is fitted to main screed and all mechanical extension boxes. Hydraulic vibratory boxes are installed to main screed and to 0.75 m and 1.5 m extension boxes.

Modular Vibratory Rotating Shafts
Dedicated service doors permit rapid tamper bar height adjustment and simple inspection and lubrication of tamper shafts. Vibratory boxes in oil bath for service-free operation.

Dedicated service doors permit rapid tamper bar height adjustment and simple inspection and lubrication of tamper shafts. Vibratory boxes in oil bath for service-free operation.

Tamper and Vibration Operation
Tamper and vibration operation is synchronized with paver movement and operate automatically when the paver advances.

During paver stopping and restarting operations, the tamper and vibration follow a preset ramp in order to avoid undesirable marks on the asphalt surface.

Speed Adjustment
Tamper and vibration speed adjustment is electrically controlled and adjusted using a potentiometer.

Screeds Assist
The screed is equipped with an electrohydraulic control that enables the screed pressure to be varied on the bituminous mix according to job requirements. It is also possible to transfer part of the screed weight to the tractive axle of the machine, thus increasing its adherence to the ground.

Whenever the paver is stopped in standby (for asphalt supply, etc.) a weight relief pressure is automatically applied to keep the screed from marking the mat.



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