The BB651C asphalt paver is provided with steel track undercarriage. The tracks provide perfect stability, low noise level and excellent levelling performances as they reduce soil slope variation to a minimum. These tracks permit a higher transfer speed, up to 11 km/h, that cannot be obtained by normal tracks. BB651C typical applications are secondary roads, national roads, freeways, large parking lots, urbanizations. Pavings onto uneven sub-bases, where an excellent machine floating is required. Screed available: RB4650. Standard Paving Width: 2.5 m - Maximum Paving Width: 6 m.

Tractor Weight 22729.63 lb
Operating Weight (with Extend-A-Mat 8-16B Screed) 31966.99 lb
Operating Weight with Screed 31966.99 lb

Operating Specifications
Paving Width Minimum 8.2 ft
Paving Width Maximum 19.68 ft

Gross Power 94 hp
Engine Model Deutz F5L 914

Drive System
Maximum Paving Speed 104.99 ft/min
Maximum Travel Speed 2.8 mph

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 36.98 gal
Hydraulic Oil Tank 40.95 gal
Cooling System 7.93 gal

Hopper Capacity 370.8 ft3

Track Contact Length 7.68 ft
Length with push roller & Extend-a-Mat B Screed 17.91 ft
Overall height 11.65 ft
Transport width (hoppers raised) with end gates with Extend-A-Mat B Screed 8.2 ft
Transport height (muffler removed) 8.2 ft

Machine fitted with two steel tracks and rubber shoe pads. Track tension is assured by a grease piston with a shock absorbing system.

Two hydrostatic transmissions are each fitted with a variable displacement pump feeding fixed displacement axial piston motors directly splined to a two speed gearbox. Planetary final reduction gears in oil bath. An electro-hydraulic servo-control consents machine starting and stopping (for asphalt supply, etc.) with no pre-set working speed variation. Machine steering is operated by a steering wheel that controls the variable displacement pumps electric servo-controls. This system guarantees a precise speed and direction.

Screed RB 4650
Consists of two central fixed plates and two lateral mobile plates, hydraulically operated, sliding on two chromed telescopic cylindrical guides. The screed plate axis allows modifications of shapes (V W ) with different camber angles between +4.5% and -2.5%. Other adjustments allow tamper travel position to be corrected due to wear. Whenever the paver stops during work operations (for asphalt supply, etc.) the pistons lifting the screed automatically block. These pistons prevent the screed from leaving marks on the mat. The smoothing plates, made from wear resisting indeformable steel, are heated by eight LPG burners. The screed is fitted with electronic ignition and automatic adjustment of the smoothing plate temperature.

Screed Assist
The screed is equipped with an electro-hydraulic device maintaining a constant screed pressure on the bituminous mix, independently from the mix bearing capacity and the paving width. It is also possible to transfer part of the screed weight to the tracks of the machine, thus increasing machine traction.

The hydrostatic drive acts as the service brake; the safety and parking brakes are mechanical multi-disk brakes with negative hydraulic control.

Driving Position and Controls
Fitted with two sliding platforms. Each platform is equipped with an adjustable sliding seat. The console panel, fully equipped with main operating controls and warning lights, can be positioned in both driving positions consenting an excellent view from both sides.

Hopper and Feeding System
The independent movement of the two side wings is obtained by means of two hydraulic cylinders. The bottom plate of the hopper is built of abrasion-proof steel. Two conveyors, made of wear-resisting steel, are independently controlled. Two automatic stop feed devices control conveyors operation. Material conveyed to both sides is spread by two independently controlled augers. Rotation speed can be varied automatically to ensure a homogeneous distribution of material before the screed. Two ultrasonic wave detectors control proportional auger movement. Augers height can be adjusted hydraulically. A pair of auger extensions are supplied with the machine.

Electric System
24 V system with 2 batteries 100 A.h.. Complete lighting system for work and travel.

On Request
- Folding canopy - Automatic levelling devices: - Grade control - mechanical - Combined ultrasound grade control - electronic and mechanical - Digital ultrasound grade control - 5 ultrasound sensors - Slope control - Digital slope control - Long sliding ski 6 m for grade control - Auto-levelling ski 6 m for grade control - Mechanical extension 3 m for auto-levelling ski - Mechanical extension elements with tamper and auger extensions for paving widths up to 6 m - Mechanical extension elements with tamper for paving widths up to 5.15 m - Burners electronic ignition with automatic adjustment of extension boxes plate temperature for paving widths up to 6 m - Reversible augers - Rotating side screed bulkheads - Motorized camber adjustment - Emergency drive kit - Biodegradeable hydraulic oil.



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