The BG555E provides all of the technology and capabilities of a large asphalt paver in a smaller, more mobile size. It excels in a wide range of applications from routine commercial jobs to highway operations.

Maximum Operating Weight 39044.0 lb
Tractor Weight 29335.0 lb
Operating Weight with Screed 35290.0 lb

Operating Specifications
Standard Paving Width 2.44-4.75 m (8-15.5 ft)
Paving Width Minimum 6.0 ft
Paving Width Maximum 20.17 ft

Gross Power 142.0 hp
Displacement 439.0 in3
Engine Model Cat C4.4 Engine with ACERT Technology

Drive System
Maximum Paving Speed 200.0 ft/min
Maximum Travel Speed 7.0 mph

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 50.0 gal

Hopper Capacity 219.0 ft3
Truck Entry Width 10.5 ft
Truck Dump Height 1.9 ft

Track Contact Length 8.1 ft
Overall height 12.5 ft
Transport height (muffler removed) 9.25 ft
Length with push roller & screed 19.0 ft

Cat® C4.4 Engine with ACERT™ Technology
ACERT™ Technology manages combustion using a combination of air management, precise fuel delivery and careful timing in order to lower emissions and meet U.S. EPA Tier 3 engine emissions requirements.

High Capacity Cooling System
The deck-mounted cooling system provides a cool environment by exhausting hot air toward the hopper, away from operators and ground personnel.

High Ambient Temperature Cooling System
The standard, high-capacity cooling system provides efficient operation in high ambient temperatures. The system design provides quiet operation that benefits the operator and the surrounding environment.

Efficient Airflow Design
The airflow design draws ambient air across the engine compartment and through the coolers. This design allows the exhaust air to exit toward the hopper in order to provide a cooler engine compartment and cooler operating environment.

Variable Speed Fan
The variable speed fan is electronically controlled and hydraulically driven to provide on-demand cooling. This on-demand operation reduces engine power demand, lowers sound levels, and increases fuel efficiency.

Operator Comforts for a Productive Environment
The dual operating stations offer the best-in-class comfort, visibility and ease of use.

Dual Operating Stations
The dual operating stations incorporate fully equipped consoles, ground speed indicators, adjustable suspension seats with cup holders, armrests, and 76 mm (3") retractable seat belts.

Operator Visibility
The dual operator's stations can be positioned in one of four different locations to provide optimum visibility. The stations can extend beyond the machine frame for good visibility when paving applications require precise control.

Tilting Consoles
The tilting consoles increase operator comfort by offering multiple positions. A 12-volt power supply located on the right console allows for the use of accessories.

Advisor Monitoring System Simplifies Operation
The left operating console includes the Advisor Display that provides many unique features to assist the operator.

Advisor Monitoring System (AMS)
The Advisor display provides access to a start-up checklist, operator preferences, engine and machine operating parameters, “Paving Calculator”, and “Paving by the Numbers.”

Mobil-trac Undercarriage Performs in All Applications
The Mobil-trac™ undercarriage provides superior durability while delivering unmatched mobility, ride, and traction in a variety of conditions.

Mobil-trac Undercarriage
The Mobil-trac undercarriage combines the flotation and traction benefits of a crawler suspension with the mobility and ride quality of a wheel-type paver. The Mobil-trac system includes a durable, high strength rubber track belt with a thick outer cover and internal layers of flexible steel cable.

Large Ground Contact Area
The Mobil-trac ground contact area is 2460 mm (97") long and 406 mm (16") wide. This large footprint provides uniform weight distribution over the entire length of the belt.

Choice of Belt Designs
The Mobil-trac system offers a tread-bar style belt or a smooth belt. Both belt styles are 62 mm (2.4") thick and provide good performance and wear characteristics, however, the smooth belt with beveled edges provides less disturbance on soft base materials.

Two Speed Planetary Drive
A fixed displacement motor drives a two-speed planetary providing quick mobility around the job site.

Independent Material Handling System Promotes Hands-Free Operation
The gateless material handling system promotes hands-free operation by providing features such as ratio control dials, and independent control of each auger and each conveyor.

Precise Mix Delivery
The material delivery system provides precise mix delivery with minimal operator monitoring. The left and right conveyors in addition to the left and right augers are controlled independently. The ability to control these four components separately eliminates the need for feeder gates.

Ratio Control
The ratio of conveyor speed to the maximum auger speed is automatically maintained through the controller when changing paving speed. This ratio control feature is helpful when paving wider or thicker on one side of the screed.

Outboard-Mounted Conveyor Drives
The conveyors have outboard-mounted motors, reducers and drive chains that maximize the tunnel area and reduce segregation.

Gateless System
The gateless conveyors run full of mix regardless of the auger speed. When changes in conveyor speed are required, delivery of mix to the augers is immediate. By not always having to run the conveyors at full speed, component wear is significantly reduced. Running at slower speeds can also help reduce the opportunity for segregation, especially when working with larger stone mixes that have a tendency to segregate.

Independent Auger Drive
The auger drive assembly is independent of the tractor, which allows the distance between the two conveyors to be significantly reduced. Keeping the conveyors close together allows the material to flow together more easily as it discharges into the auger cavity. The tunnel and auger design eliminates voids under the chain case in order to minimize segregation.

Adjustable Auger Range
The auger assembly is hydraulically adjustable with a range up to 215 mm (8.5"). The ability to adjust the auger assembly simplifies loading and unloading from a transport vehicle. Also, when working with larger stone mixes, the augers can be adjusted to allow the mix to flow unrestricted under the auger assembly.

Generator System Provides Quiet Power
The high capacity generator provides power for the electric screed heat, auxiliary lights and job site tools.

Industrial, Single-Phase A.C. Generator
The tractor-mounted generator provides The belt-driven generator provides 25 kW at 60 to 100 Hz for the electric screed heat and the auxiliary power panel. Circuit breaker protection, internal electronic voltage regulation and a dual bearing design provide reliability.

Belt Driven
The belt-driven generator provides 25 kW at 60 to 100 Hz.

Optional Auxiliary Power Panel
The power panel provides 7 kW of power for auxiliary lighting and job site work tools. The panel includes six 120 V and one 240 V receptacle.

Serviceability Features That You’ve Come to Expect
Simplified service means more time spent paving and less time spent on maintenance.

Advisor Monitoring System (AMS)
The Advisor display lists diagnostic fault codes for machine functions making troubleshooting quick and easy.

Optional Product Link System
This optional system provides automatic machine location and hour updates that can be used to schedule service intervals, ensuring that maximum uptime and minimal repair costs are achieved.

Manual Overrides
The hydraulic pump solenoids incorporate manual overrides to assist troubleshooting procedures.

Large Access Doors and Panels
Preventative maintenance points can be accessed through the large swing open access doors and panels.

Remote Lubrication Points
Lubrication points are grouped in order to make routine service quick and easy.

Color-Coded and Numbered Electrical Wiring
Troubleshooting is efficient and simplified with the color-coded and numbered wiring.

Screeds That Deliver Quality
Cat® asphalt screeds with front-mount or rear-mount extenders provide even material flow and unparalleled stability that result in smooth, high quality mats.

AS2252C Vers-A-Mat™ Screed
The AS2252C vibratory screed features narrow front-mounted extenders. The extenders utilize 229 mm (9") wide screed plates making it a perfect fit for commercial applications by reducing the need for handwork when changing paving widths. The main screed plate is 457 mm (18") wide (measured front to back).

AS3251C Extend-A-Mat™ Screed
The AS3251C vibratory screed features hydraulically-driven, rear-mounted extenders. Heavy-duty support tubes stabilize the extenders providing even material flow for high quality results on highways and streets as well as commercial applications. The main and extender screed plates are 457 mm (18") wide (measured front to back).

Caterpillar Customer Support is Unmatched in the Industry
Caterpillar offers “Solutions and Services” and around-the-clock support that meets your everyday needs.

Project Consulting
Project consulting provides a service for improving smoothness, density, and productivity.

Technical Training
Technical training offers in-depth hands-on training to mechanics at Caterpillar training centers or customer locations.

Application Training
Paving Operations Training (POT) is a hands-on methodical approach to the process of paving. The process of “Paving by the Numbers” guides the crew when setting up to pull off the joint.

Machine Support
Parts for asphalt pavers and screeds are available at the Caterpillar Dealer parts counter. Cat Dealers also utilize a world-wide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine downtime.

Optional Equipment

Tractor Options
  • Auger and Mainframe Extensions
  • Power mainframe extensions
  • Auxiliary Power Panel
  • Decelerator Pedals
  • Friction Steering
  • Oscillating Push Rollers
  • Power Folding Hopper Apron
  • Mechanical Feeder Sensor
  • Sonic Feeder Sensor
  • Steering Guide
  • Track Plow
  • Truck Hitch
  • Umbrella
  • Uptime Kit
  • Warning Beacon
  • Washdown System (Including Ecological Version)
  • Upper tow point indicators
  • Cat Grade and Slope Controls
  • Product Link
Controls and Grade References
  • Automatic Grade and Slope Control
  • Non-Contacting Sonic Grade Sensor
  • Contacting Grade Sensor
  • Outboard Leveler, 9.15 m (30') and 12.2 m (40')
  • Inboard Leveler
  • Mobile Stringline
  • Fore ‘N Aft Leveler
  • Sonic Averaging Beam



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