Ease of operation, high efficiency screed plate heating systems, low maintenace screed plates and superior serviceability are combined to provide a superior screed.

Weight for basic Tamper and Vibrator configuration 8818.48 lb
Maximum Vibrator frequency 3400.0 RPM
Heating system LPG/Electric
Screed plates length 1.31 in.
Screed plates thickness 0.59 in.
Crown adjustment -2.5% - 4.5%
Maximum Tamper frequency 1700.0 RPM
Extension packages 250-710 mm

Operating Specifications
Maximum Paving Width 25.59 ft
Standard Paving Width 8.37 ft
Minimum Paving Width 8.37 ft

Maximum Width 8.96 ft
Height 4.99 ft

Double Width Hydraulic Power Extendible Asphalt Screed
Productivity and reliability provided in a durable package.

Production-sized screed
The AS-4251 features a standard double width paving range from 2.55 m to 5.00 m. The screed combined with Cat® asphalt pavers offers high maneuverability and advanced technology that make it an ideal piece of machinery for paving applications on medium-to-large scale sites, where maximum flexibility is required for jobs that dictate frequent changes to the paving width.

Outstanding frame rigidty
The screed frame provides optimal resistance to bending and twisting forces.

The screed configurations with tamper, vibrators, LPG or electric heating system combine the flexibility to match equipment to operator preferences or job requirements.

Common applications include highways, interstates, airports, industrial sites, large parking lots, urban and rural roads, subdivision streets and projects that require variable width paving.

Screed Plates
Screed smoothing plates deliver a high-quality mat and a long service life.

Screed plates
The screed smoothing plates are constructed of abrasion resistant Hardox 400 that resists damage and provides an enhanced service life.

Enhanced design
The design of the screed smoothing plates provides rounded edges to prevent the smoothing plates from scoring the paving material when screed width is varied.

Optimum consistency
The screed smoothing plates are 15 mm thick to enable them to be heated up quickly and uniformly without affecting durability.

Heavy-duty mounting platforms
The platforms provide rigid support for screed plates, which simplifies leveling.

End Gates
Easy-to-adjust end gates ensure a good joint with the adjacent mat.

Bolt-on design
End gate design provides optimum strength, rigidity and efficient operation. The bolt-on design allows easy end gate installation and removal.

Two configurations
The end gates may be either fixed (standard version) or hinge-mounted (optional) so that they can be turned semi-automatically to bring the outline of the asphalt paver within the 2500 mm wide limited easily and effortlessly.

Steel rollers and helical springs end gates
The end gates are held in position by steel rollers and helical springs mounted on the outside to guarantee an effective containing effect which prevents deformation by the paving material. At the same time it allows the end gates to slide easily under all working conditions.

Manual adjusters
The end gates have two independent lift manual adjusters, one acting on the front of the end gate and the other on the back. The end gate can be adjusted to a well-defined working height and may even be set at an angle.

Extensions Configuration
Maximum paving width of 7800 mm with mechanical extensions provides the maximum flexibility on job sites.

Patent pending 3rd joint design
The 3rd joint design for double extending feature promotes optimum stability and mat quality in paving operations.

Two extendable support tubes and a third frame member
Two extendable support tubes and a third frame member provide optimum support for each extension.

Visual graduated scales
A graduated scale indicates the distance that the extensions move in or out.

Tamper system
The tamper system prevents undesirable marks on the mat surface. Tamper adjustment is electrically controlled.

Hydraulically driven vibrators
Hydraulically driven vibrators located on the extensions, are synchronized with the main screed to match frequency and amplitude.

Vertical height adjustment
The adjustment allows the extension to match the main screed height.



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